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December 29th Patient advocate and author, Julia Schopick, discusses her book, Honest Medicine. In it she writes about effective, safe and low cost remedies for auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chron’s as well as for other serious conditions such as liver disease, epilepsy and non-healing wounds. Sadly, these remedies are ignored by conventional medicine. There is more info on her website and in this video. 122912.mp3
December 22nd Nutrition expert and author, Bill Sardi, focused on Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in persons over age 55. Resveratrol and other red wine molecules have been credited with many amazing whole body health benefits, but as far as I know, only the product Longevinex has reversed Macular Degeneration (usually considered incurable). We also discussed a huge controversy generated after network TV covered that Longevinex news. Bill Sardi formulated Longevinex with the exact safe dose of high quality resveratrol and other balancing nutrients. (FYI Longevinex is offering some very motivating year-end deals on quantities. NO, I’m not on commission for that or any product I mentioned in this newsletter. I just happen to love Longevinex.)  122212.mp3
December 15th Dr. Kyl Smith, author and one of our favorite guests, talks about the connection between stress and testosterone. (That hormone is important to women as well as men) He explains how supplementing Phosphatidyl Serine can help right imbalances. His terrific book on brain health is Brighter Mind 121512.mp3
December 8th Canadian naturopathic consultant, Dr. Daniel J. Crisafi PhD, MH, joined us to discuss timely topics: influenza, vaccines and building our immune response naturally. In the second half, our special guest interviewer was our producer and periodic co-host, Andy Hopkins. He talked about holiday digestive issues with Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author…wait for it…wait for it…Martie Whittekin.  120812.mp3
December 1st Dr. Darcy Brunk tells us what his patients do to look younger. In the second half my guest Jarrow Rogovin, the founder of Jarrow Formulas, is also a fearless fighter for fairness and health freedom. He wants to talk about government regulation. He did NOT pull punches. 120112.mp3
November 24th Jonathan Wright, MD one of my heroes, is a legend in nutritional and alternative medicine circles. He has been teaching doctors and innovating for decades. We discussed the use of blood thinners and his book Maximize Your Vitality & Potency…for men over 40 112412.mp3
November 17th Dr. Parris Kidd and I picked up where we left off last time talking about the balancing act between calcium and magnesium. Right at the end our discussion about bone health, I said I’d repeat the name of the form of calcium supplied in Doctor’s Best Calcium Bone Maker Complexmicrocrystalline hydroxyapatite. It is a freeze-dried bone meal from New Zealand and is the exact form from which our bones are made. The complex also provides many other nutrients required to make bone including the most generous amount of vitamin D I’ve seen in any bone product (1,800 IU). It also contains vitamin K, which helps get calcium into the bones and keeps it from building up in arteries. We talked about Best Brain Magnesium and High Absorption Chelated Magnesium. As you may know by now, I’m a big fan of magnesium and these are two great sources. In Andy’s segment he talked about diabetes with nutritionist Muna Abu Awad from the Natural Grocers in Richardson. 111712.mp3
November 10th Nutritionist Rob Martin joins us to talk about the effect of issues like low testosterone and high stress hormones as well as what to do about them. Also Mary Ellen Dorey discusses how aromatherapy can put us in a romantic mood or even help us heal. She will also offer unique gift ideas. 111012.mp3
November 3rd I asked Gus Kotsanis, MD to explain if chemotherapy actually cures cancer and which cancers actually respond positively to chemo. We also talk about the role of natural treatments. He answered a question about thyroid. At the end, Andy and I had fun brainstorming about what to do with leftover Halloween Candy. 110312.mp3
October 27th We talked with US Congressman / Dentist Paul Gosar of AZ about government’s role in solving our health care crisis.  Dr. Thomas Lenahan of Cornerstone Wellness in Plano explained the tool he uses for relieving everything from Arthritis, Bursitis and Sciatica to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ and Golf-Related Pain. (Turned out his magic tool is an Avazzia micro-current pain device.) I also asked him about Restless Leg Syndrome. 102712.mp3
October 20th Barry Estabrook from Politics of the Plate guest stared. He is the author of Tomatoland.Here is the activist group he discussed where you can learn what to do to help: Coalition of Immokalee Workers 102012.mp3
October 13th Alfred Johnson, DO was in the studio. Because it is October I asked him about the use of thermography as compared to mammography and about hyperbaric oxygen for head trauma. 101312.mp3
October 6th The legendary Nicholas Gonzalez, MD has been investigating nutritional approaches to cancer and other degenerative diseases since 1981, and has been in practice in New York since 1987. His team uses individualized aggressive nutritional protocols to work with many types of cancer, and with other illnesses such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue. We discussed his highly regarded book, What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer. His other book is One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley. 100612.mp3
Sept 29th Dr. Brian Nimphius explained why he is so excited about a micro-current device, Avazzia, that he uses it for nearly every patient. Dr. Nimphius is not only a well-respected chiropractor but also a fellow radio host (LINK). The book Judy Gray, MS discussed (with a forward by one of my heroes, Doris Rapp, MD) was Kids Need Care–
Nutritional, Natural Remedies, and Life-Guidance.
Her company (North American Herb and Spice) goes to unbelievable lengths to harvest the best oregano from which to make their famous oregano oil. Oregano may be best known for helping to eliminate yeast overgrowth (even for chronic sinus trouble), but it is also a great pain reliever, is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
Sept 22th This was one of those shows I lover wherein a famous doctor just answers your questions. Dr. Constantine Kotsanis discussed How Oxygen and pH Affect Your Health and Athletic Performance, but also listeners called in on other topics. 092212.mp3
Sept 15th Mary Ellen Dorey discussed using aromatherapy to help with the effects of weather transitions, detoxification and the immune system. Dr. Andrew Shepherd covered back-to-school, e.g. scoliosis / heavy backpacks; the importance of proper bicycle helmets; school-related immune challenges as well as stress and time management for parents. 091512.mp3
Sept 8th LINK to Archive. Warning. There are a few minutes of no program at the beginning of this archive. That’s because of a technical difficulty when we did the broadcast live from the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Dallas. We interviewed several exhibitors and Karen Falbo from Natural Grocers who had great ideas on avoiding gluten. My co-host for the day was Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, Betty Murray. 090812.mp3
Sept 1st A food ingredient that you most likely eat every day might be causing you big trouble. And that trouble could be more than symptoms you might suspect such as heartburn, gas, or irritable bowel. Surprisingly, this food can also cause fatigue, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, osteoporosis, infertility, lupus, skin problems and much more. Dr. Tom O’Bryan talks about gluten, the cause of 55 diseases, testing and the solution. My special co-host for the day is Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, Betty Murray 090112.mp3
August 25th LINK to Archive. Dr. Parris Kidd talked about a special form of magnesium to improve brain cell communication. It is quite interesting! Also, Dr. Nancy Appleton returned to talk about her new book, Killer Colas. 082512.mp3
August 18th LINK to Archive. EGAD! Of all times for this to happen, the North Texas KWRD transmitter went down and no one could hear this special show on 100.7FM. You can listen to the archive and hopefully we’ll announce this week a rebroadcast time. Kat James, the award-winning author of “The Truth about Beauty” and renowned “beauty from within” transformation expert talked what our brains and gut have to do with how we look. I also followed up on our June 23 interview on how she helps her clients quickly deal with food sensitivities. Then Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor, discussed the pros and cons of cities spraying pesticides to control the mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus. (LINK) This show marks 15 years on the air! Producers Andy Hopkins and Darlene Brents came into the studio to help me celebrate. 081812.mp3
August 11th Even the birds and bees do it…We talked about Dr. Laurie Steelsmith’s new book, Great Sex Naturally. 081112.mp3
August 4th  LINK to Archive. I invited pharmacist/author Suzy Cohen to tell us the truth about the negative publicity on supplements. She is expert on the effects of supplements and drugs, as well as their interactions. One of her books is: Drug Muggers. 080412.mp3
July 28th  LINK to Archive. Bill Sardi talked about the wonder that is reservatrol and how many brands are using too little or too much. I talked about my favorite, Longevinex. It has the right kind, in the right dose and with the other ingredients to make it function in amazing ways. If you are a customer of, you might also check with them about it. 072812.mp3
July 21 LINK to Archive. We interviewed veterinarian Dr. Stanley Wolfe (see a video of him- LINK), Pain Management Specialist, Helen Smith (1.214.385.8020 or email and chiropractor, Darcy Brunk, DC. We discussed how they use micro-current devices in their various practices. Energy medicine is a safe, effective and low cost tool for healing and for reducing pain. It should have a much bigger role in health care. Here is a video on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. LINK 072112.mp3
July 14th LINK to Archive. John Woodward, MD and Hugh Woodward discuss the battle constantly going on inside us between the forces that build us up (anabolic) and those that tear us down (catabolic) and how DHEA helps us win. Give the coupon code martie to save. We also had open lines with show favorite, Rich Snyder, DO, author of What You Must Know about Kidney Disease: A Practical Guide to Using Conventional and Complementary Treatments.


July 7th Something for everyone…Kari Allen is a former drug rep with an inspiring (LINK to archive.) Kari Allen is a former drug rep with an inspiring health story. (Today she is the inn keeper at Towering Oaks Resort.)  Mary Ellen Dorey is an expert in the interesting field of aromatherapy. Her company: LINK. Rick Winstel is a professional personal trainer. He told us the value of strength training, common mistakes people make in the gym and what listeners can do at home without joining a gym. He made this great offer: He will give Dallas-area listeners 4 free training sessions at Just Fitness in Plano (NW corner of Coit and Spring Creek). Call him at 469-213-9221. Even without taking advantage of that, the gym will give you 30 days free membership. Use their great equipment and attend Zumba classes or whatever you like. Just tell them you heard about it on Martie’s show. 070712.mp3
June 30th

I was excited to talk with Mary T. Newport, MD about her book, Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? She also had some interesting ideas about coconut oil. Link to her articles.

June 23rd  Pharmacist, radio host and author, Dr. Ross Pelton will tell us how to avoid the discomforts of travel. (No, he can’t do anything about ticket prices.) I invited health coach, author and beauty expert, Kat James to let us in on some secrets from her health transformation retreats…like how she helps participants calm food sensitivities in a matter of days. Oops, I think I forgot to give the special. It was supposed to be: Get a FREE copy of Dr. Fred Pescatore’s book, “Boost Your Health with Bacteria”, with your order of 2 (two) boxes of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics or Propolis.  Call 1.866.999.3006 today for this limited time offer. 062312.mp3
June 16th We discussed how to avoid hazards and the many ways people creatively find to die prematurely. Michael Largo is the author of darkly comical, Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die. We also talked with Derek Mellencamp about how to assure that your drinking water is not contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.LINK. 061612.mp3
June 9th Two herbal experts and Dr. Paula Strait joined us to discuss how most common underarm deodorants interfere with one of our body’s important detoxification pathways and possibly increase the risk of cancer.  On the lighter side we investigate another type that actually promotes detoxification.  Even more interesting, these herbalists have discovered how to use the same principles to reduce belly fat…yes from the outside. To purchase, visit: or call toll free 1-866-999-3006. 060912.mp3
June 2nd Richard Walker, Jr. MD discussed his book, African-American Healthy: Tapping into the Remarkable Power of Vitamin D3. Then Dr. Parris Kidd helped us understand how to support our master detoxifying enzyme, glutathione using NAC and supporting nutrients. Nature’s Best NAC Detox Regulators was the product featured. 060212.mp3
May 26th Trauma (either physical or emotional) can create lifelong adverse effects on health and well-being. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as experienced by the military is a dramatic example. The memories of trauma are locked in the right brain. However, talk therapy communicates with the left brain. My guest, Jerry Mungadze, PhD pioneered innovative techniques to communicate with the right brain and thereby speed healing. His life story is also fascinating. 052612.mp3
May 19th I revisit Vitamin B12 with nurse/author, Sally Pacholok because I still have questions. (I promise to rehearse the pronunciation of her name. Last time I said it 6 different ways.) Instead of writing about it here, to follow up on my discussion last week with Doug Kaufmann about fungus/yeast, I decided to bring on Certified Nutritionist Gayle Pruitt because she gives people practical help with the problem every day. 051912.mp3
May 12th Oh boy! Widely popular national TV personality, author, fungus expert and long-time friend, Doug Kaufmann will be on the show live this time so that he can answer your questions. Then I speak with author Diana Denholm about her book, The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook: Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband…Caring for Yourself. 051212.mp3
May 5th Popular guest Stuart Tomc discusses “Are fatty foods addictive-like cocaine? What can help?” 050512.mp3
April 28th We talk about looking younger at any age and avoiding dangerous procedures. Dallas area practitioner, Dr. Darcy Brunk, discusses the use of micro-currents to improve the appearance and health of the skin and to lift and tighten facial features. Then Valerie Hall, CNHP covers the foods and supplements that contribute to our good looks (and health). 042812.mp3
April 21st I talk to Dr. Jeffrey Burke (naturopath and herbalist) about which form of minerals are best absorbed and about a way to take vitamins in fizzy form. Then, producer Andy Hopkins turns things around and interviews me. 042112.mp3
April 14th One of the country’s favorite integrative practitioners, Constantine Kotsanis, MD will be in our studio. I’ve asked him to give us an encouraging case study and to answer your questions about cancer treatment. Annie Brandt will join us by phone. Her story (a 10-year cancer survivor and Executive Director of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation) is fascinating. Please make note of the organizations’ impressive annual conference April 27-28 being held in Dallas. Professionals can earn Continuing Medical Education credits. (Note to consumers: to find info lectures open to you, look in the first paragraph in the purple block. The admission for the consumer sessions is just $25 for the morning or the afternoon although the website may still list earlier higher prices.) Unfortunately, statistics say that we all know someone with cancer. Please let those you know to listen to this show. Here is a directory of broadcast stations. 041412.mp3
April 7th We’ll have open lines for your calls with Dr. Andrew Shepherd…after I get us started by asking what common correctable mistakes people make that cause structural problems. Nutrition Educator, Bruce Topping, makes a return visit to discuss the important role of protein. Protein Calculator 040712.mp3
March 31st We will be broadcasting live from Natural HealthFest 2012 at Plano Centre in Plano, tX. I have an exciting lineup of exhibitors each of whom will be asked to offer some wisdom for those who cannot attend the event as well as giving us a preview of what they will offer attendees. 033112.mp3
March 24th  Last week we “went to school” on energy medicine and allergies. This week there will be some useful content but, a whole lot of fun too. My first guest, David DeLorenzo, President of Vetscience, tells us about safer pet treats. Then we talk to Kenneth Wightman, ND about fructose. My friend, Doug Kaufmann, author and host of the popular TV show, Know the Cause will raise eyebrows with unconventional ideas about the cause of common diseases. Doug wrote The Fungus Link, Cooking your Way to Health and Eating your Way to Health. Our very special entertainment celebrity guest is Burton Gilliam. Andy is a fan and will help with that interview. Read about Burton on the home page of the Natural HealthFest Website. 032412.mp3
March 17th Jerald Tennant, MD gives me a fascinating lesson in how pH and illness are related to the voltage of our cells. He wrote: Healing is Voltage: The Handbook and Healing is Voltage: Healing Eye Diseases (Dr. Tennant will give a talk on voltage at Natural HealthFest at 1:00. He is also on our 9:00 Keynote Panel.) Then I talk with Alfred Johnson, DO about allergies, food sensitivities and environmental medicine. (He is also on our 9:00 Keynote Panel and giving a talk at 10:30, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment-Acute and Chronic Disease). 031712.mp3
March 10th  Suzy Cohen, R.Ph., “America’s Pharmacist” explains how drugs deplete and sabotage nutrients as well as the health consequences. She wrote “The 24-Hour Pharmacist,” and “Drug Muggers.” (She will autograph that book at Natural HealthFest courtesy of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.) MS Cohen has been a guest on Dr. Oz, The View, The Doctors, Good Morning America and, the crowning achievement of her career, our show (KIDDING!). Her book, “Diabetes without Drugs” is the topic of her Keynote lecture at the event.) The ever dynamic Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet also joins us. We discuss fermented foods and learn something interesting about Kombucha. 031012.mp3
March 3rd We’ll talk with nutrition educator, Stuart Tomc, about the 4 nutritional advances most likely to end heart disease in America. Follow this link for more information on omega-3’s and a deal on testing. LINK 030312.mp3
February 25th Our topic will be Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses which is also the title of a book by our guest, Sally Pacholok, RN. Sally has gathered some powerful information about the signs of B12 deficiency and how routine testing misleads us. (I suspect I’ll be taking notes.) 022512.mp3
February 18th I know the show is G-rated, but we are going to talk about sex. I’ll ask Hugh Woodward about this interesting article in The Atlantic. Another guest, Dr. Cass Ingram is always interesting. He is the author of a number of books, including Natural Cures for Diabetes: Reverse Diabetes Quickly through the Power of Natural Cures. We’ll talk about that and the role of fungus in long term diseases. 021812.mp3
February 11th Constantine Kotsanis, MD will be in the studio to talk about innovative approaches to cancer treatment. Annie Brandt will join us by phone from Austin, TX. She is a 10-year cancer survivor and Executive Director of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation. 021112.mp3
February 4th

We discuss the hidden causes of diabetes, obesity and heart disease with one of my favorite guests, James B. LaValle, RPh, ND, CCN, MS. I also talk to an expert on drinking water about tap water, fluoride and how to buy a truly clean bottle of water, made from rain water. David McMahon from Cardiol brings us news about a commonly used medication that increases the risk of diabetes.

January 28th Doctor of Natural Medicine, John Hache, is a pioneering expert in the use of micro-current therapy for health. This area of energy medicine is fascinating and holds so much promise, not only for relief of pain and symptoms, but actual correction of problems. Non-toxic, non-invasive, highly effective and easily personalized, it offers a pleasant contrast to the scary headlines about drug side effects and lethal medical errors to which standard treatments are subject. Devices by Dallas company Avazzia are widely valued by integrative practitioners and some of them are even available for home use.  012812.mp3
January 21st Harvey Diamond, author of a number of books, including the NY Times Best Seller, Fit for Life, discusses his latest, Eat for Life. The new book covers the role of enzymes in health, longevity and weight loss. (Info on Slender GR. Source to purchase.)  I’ll also ask Harvey to tell us about his moving life story. First up, Andrew Shepherd and I talk about how one part of the body affects the other parts. 012112.mp3
January 14th Alfred Johnson, DO will explain thermography. (I use this imaging method as an alternative to mammograms because it involves no radiation.) We’ll also talk about hyperbaric oxygen. (I’ve heard some pretty remarkable stories about using this technology to help people recover from the effects of strokes.) Then Parris Kidd, PhD, enlightens us on the benefits of SAMe for brain, joints, liver and much more. 011412.mp3
January 7th We’ll have our quarterly discussion of omega-3 fats. There is a growing international consensus about how much we need. I will try to control myself and not take us off-topic by bringing up the dozens of studies I’ve seen come by just since we last focused on fish oil. 010712.mp3


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