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Let me first make a distinction because the term “drug” is a little too broad for my taste. When the body needs more of a substance it normally makes like insulin or progesterone, it may be by prescription, but I think of it as a supplement. When I speak of drugs or pharmaceuticals, I mean new chemical entities that have not been on the planet before. The body has had no experience with them and they typically force the body to do something it may or may be inclined to do.

It is a certainly a blessing that we have modern medicines available in times of health crisis because they save lives. Unfortunately, they are also used where there is no proven necessity, when there are less toxic alternatives, often in doses that are too high and in combinations that have never been tested (polypharmacy). As author pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, has taught us in her book, Drug Muggers, not only are these chemicals potentially toxic in their own right, virtually all of them interfere with our nutrients. The resulting deficiencies are a major cause of side effects. Acid blocking heartburn drugs are a great example. They are over-prescribed, used for longer than has been proven safe and interfere with absorption of several nutrients including critically important vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Drug advertising on television and magazines makes it seem normal to take drugs for every possible complaint. (It is beyond me how people can listen to the potentially lethal side effects and still request these meds from their doctors.) Antibiotics have been overused not only where they are not appropriate for humans, such as in the case of illness caused by viruses, but also for agricultural purposes. Now, we might be in trouble when a life-threatening illness strikes, because many bacteria have become immune to their effects because of the over exposure.

Of course, I’m not saying to stop your medications without discussing the matter with your doctor, but please consider finding natural alternatives when possible.

Natural remedies are often accused of not being proven. That is due in part to lack of funding comparable to that available to drug companies but also because nutrients work together in teams and indirectly as well as directly. That doesn’t make them well suited to the one molecule/one effect research model used for drugs. There is also seems to be no government system set up to “approve” nutraceuticals as there is for pharmaceuticals. On the side of common sense, if a substance or practice has been valued for centuries based on observations and there is at least some scientific evidence that it might help, what is the harm in using it? It is true that natural remedies are almost all not only safe but, because they support the body as a whole, also provide fringe benefits instead of side effects.

Payola clouds judgment?
Lawsuits claim drug companies illegally paid doctors to push their drugs.
Dollars for docs data.

STATS: Author and popular TV host Doug Kaufmann called my attention to a Mayo Clinic report that contained these sobering statistics:

• Seventy percent (7 out of 10) Americans take at least one prescription drug.
• More than half take 2 drugs.
• 20% take five or more.
• The most commonly used class is antibiotics
• Anti-depressants follow closely (Doug Kaufmann is also the reason for this video about fungus as one cause of depression and how at least one person got off of anti-depressants by solving the real problem.)
• Opioid pain killers are number three.
• 11% of Americans take cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Surely it was not the original plan that we would all need drugs to survive. This is a scary situation not only because of the side effects of pharmaceuticals and the fact that multiple drugs are not tested together, but also because they typically only calm the symptom or alter a test result rather than actually cure the underlying problem and save lives.

Vaccine blog post.

Vaccine alternative – homeoprophylaxis radio show.

Drug Company Fraud. It is well-documented that the government typically enjoys a cozy relationship with drug companies. However, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline took so many highly visible liberties that the regulators were forced to reassert their authority by giving them a public spanking. A Time Magazine Healthline article describes it this way: “In the largest settlement involving a pharmaceutical company, the U.S. Justice Department announced on July 2 that GlaxoSmithKline LLC will pay $3 billion in fines and plead guilty to marketing drugs for unapproved uses and failing to report drug safety information to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” All though this fine sounds big, given the tens of billions of dollars the drug company made on those drugs over the 10 years before called to task, even that record-setting amount is little more than an affordable cost of doing business.

Lawsuit says drug money influences doctors

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Supplement your Prescription by Hyla Cass, MD
Drug Muggers by Pharmacist Suzy Cohen
A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions by Alan Gaby, MD

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Psychiatric Drugs – Dramatic videos (Note: Because the watchdog organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights does wonderful work protecting us from psychiatric abuses and provides accurate and life-saving information, it does not concern me that the group was originally co-founded by Scientologists. I encourage viewers not to throw the baby out with the bath water.)
Useful reference for bad drugs and devices. Also, if you have been harmed, you can see what has been done by other consumers. Note: it is sponsored by a law firm and lists drug lawsuits. 

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