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Natural medicine for children

Healthy by Nature is very excited about a new project. We would really appreciate (and need) your help—even if nothing more than to simply view a short entertaining video (where among other things you’ll see that I should have had a stylist to fix the back of my hair).  I was inspired by a mom, […]

calcium, D & diet guidelines

Some important research hits the front page, but many times it doesn’t or does so with unhelpful spin. For example, in this case calcium, D & diet guidelines.  Research shows that persons over age 60 decline mentally three times faster if they have low levels of Vitamin D. Study LINK. Assuring adequate levels of vitamin […]

Thermography compared to mammograms

In last week’s blog I talked about fall colors and October pink. This week I want to talk about the red, yellow, green and blue colors of typical thermography prints as shown in the picture. Thermography is simply the measurement of heat. The body generates heat in varying amounts depending on the health and activities […]

Breast cancer options

In many parts of the country the leaves are beginning to turn red and gold, but in a matter of days, the entire country will suddenly turn pink. No question about it—Breast Cancer Awareness month is a true marvel of brand marketing. (In doing research for this blog I even came across a porn website […]

New blood pressure study

You have likely heard about SPRINT (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial ), a new blood pressure study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Researchers studied what happened to the health of persons over age 50 when their blood pressure was managed at a much lower level (systolic at 120 mm Hg) than previously thought […]

Coffee healthful or not?

Like so many other subjects in health, coffee is not just black or white (and I don’t mean without or with cream). There is good news, bad news and shades of gray. (Maybe not 50 shades, but a lot.) The GOOD news. We seem to love the taste, smell, energy lift and attitude adjustment from […]

Internal Sunscreen

I’m not going to rehash the usual sun protection advice because everyone knows about sunscreen. However, given that Coppertone didn’t come on the scene until 1944, have you ever wondered how humans managed to stay alive before that? After all, they were outdoors hunting, farming, building houses, hanging laundry and such. The answer seems to […]

Cell phones and health

We have become pretty dependent on fancy cell phones because their ever expanding list of features gives us good reason to be. But, there are questions about cell phones and health. They can even benefit our health in some ways. For example, there are good references like the Cures A-Z app. (You can also visit […]

Insomnia remedies

A reader asked me for ideas about sleep and that reminded me I had never written a blog on that topic. We know that people who routinely get fewer than 7 hours sleep are subject to increase risk for a variety of unpleasant health issues, but sleeping pills may not be the best answer. Read […]

Find cancer early. Test treatments

Find cancer early. Test treatments–good news. During last week’s radio show we visited with Jenny Hrbacek RN, author of Cancer Free! Are You Sure? and Gus Kotsanis, MD about the very early detection of cancer, its re-occurrence and integrative treatments. I highly recommend that everyone read Jenny’s book. It contains valuable information about all aspects […]

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