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Smelling your way to Health

Scientists in England believe that something in the odor of rotten eggs and noxious human toots may protect the important little powerhouses of our cells (mitochondria) from damage. That in turn would protect us from a variety of degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure to name just one. Time article and the Study. The beneficial smell is liberated from sulfur-containing foods like eggs, broccoli and garlic by our good bacteria. So, protect mitochondria by eating health foods and taking probiotics.

Reasons You Should Exercise

Of course we should exercise. Duh! There are at least 16 reasons to do. Just walking 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace can do miracles for mood, bone strength, memory, energy, cravings and much more. Appreciating these powerful facts might motivate us to move briskly (not just moseying about the mall) during the holidays when there are so many excuses not avoid exercise. I also offer a few tips for making it a habit. We better not wait until January. Read full article here.

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