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Avoid Roundup Toxicity

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On last week’s show Howard Garrett and I only scratched the surface in talking about the problems with the weed killer Roundup®. So, I wanted to review here for those who might not have heard the program and give a little more information to those who did.

What is it? Roundup® is the world’s most widely used weed killer (herbicide). It is used in private yards and in municipal spaces, but the biggest concern is its use in industrial farming. The active ingredient is glyphosate which Monsanto claims (of course) is relatively safe. Accumulating science says otherwise. Also, the supposedly inactive ingredients can make the product up to 1,000 times more toxic. Too often safety testing of each ingredient is done separately, not in the combinations in which they are actually used as glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH). Scientific article.

Why is it used? Chemical giant Monsanto has a really good thing going for their profits. They not only developed the weed killer, they also genetically modified (GMO) food crops to resist its effects. They sold farmers on the idea of planting their GMO corn, soy, beet, cottonseed and canola and then it seems bully them into continuing. Only time will reveal the long-term effects of having spliced in foreign genes to the plants that we eat, but several countries have banned GMO foods.  Monsanto also makes sales by encouraging farmers to dry plants out for harvesting by spraying Roundup® on non-GMO crops like wheat, barley, oats, canola, flax, peas, lentils, soybeans, dry beans and sugar cane.

What is the problem? In addition to any concerns about the GMO foods with which it is paired, Roundup® is becoming a global problem in its own right.

  • Consumers. The World Health Organization has declared that it probably causes cancer in humans. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes that it contributes to 3 dozen or more health problems such as Alzheimer’s, anorexia, autism, cancers, cystic fibrosis, IBS, infertility and Parkinson’s disease. It now appears that it encourages the growth of fungi that produce poisonous mycotoxins on crops. You cannot cook those away. New research indicates it may foster breast cancer growth in amounts as small as parts per trillion. Glyphosate is used in over 750 products and the government does not routinely test for residues on food. Roundup® also poisons the friendly bacteria in our systems. Considering the huge and varied number of jobs these little teammates do for us, that is a huge concern.
  • Farmers. It is detected in the blood and urine of workers on farms that use it, adding to their toxic burden from the use of pesticides. To quote a study looking into cardiovascular health risks, “Millions of farmers suffer poisoning and death in developing countries, and occupational exposures and suicide make GBH toxicity a worldwide concern.”
  • Environment. Just as overuse of antibiotics creates antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, Roundup® creates super-weeds. An even bigger problem is that it kills the beneficial microbes in the soil, which in turn has effects all the way up the food chain. Humans need a great diversity of good bacteria and this practice along with modern farming practices is greatly reducing variety.
  • For more details, read this article by Howard.

What can a person do to avoid Roundup toxicity?

  • Use natural ways to control weeds. There are many options on Howard’s website: (He helps us avoid toxic chemicals with natural ways to do most jobs around the house.)
  • Buy organic when you can because those foods will not have been grown using Roundup® or other hazardous chemicals.
  • Look for foods (especially those made with corn and soy) that carry the NON-GMO Project Verified seal because seems likelnon-GMOy that the farmer would have little or no reason to use Roundup®.  
  • Support organizations like the Environmental Working Group that fight for cleaner food and more transparency.
  • Monsanto has so much money and clout that it can lobby very effectively, influence regulators and spin news to their advantage. However, the laws governing poisons are made by legislators. They care most about being re-elected, so make friends with your state and federal law-makers and thereby feel more comfortable talking with them (or writing them) when legislation is pending. There are many bills around that demand that GMO foods are at least labeled as such.

Female Libido Drug and views on other news


In-depth reporting without inherent bias and sensational overtones seems to become rarer by the day. I’d like to provoke a little alternative thinking on the proposed female libido drug and views on other news:

•    Proposed approval of a libido drug for women. The FDA is debating whether or not to approve a new drug to improve sex drive in women. The drug flibanserin supposedly re-balances neurotransmitters to boost those that cause arousal. (The improvement is modest.) While there are certain conditions where such pharmaceutical help might be appropriate, most cases of reduced sex drive is due to the body’s innate prioritizing of its needs—health before reproduction. A woman may need more sleep, relaxation, minerals, B-vitamins, good fats, protein, stomach acid, fiber, probiotics or hormones. Unfortunately, simply overruling the body’s natural inclination won’t solve the underlying problem. And then there are the drug’s side effects.

•    Study shows that too much (over 8 hours) or too little (5 hours) sleep increases the risk of stroke. Some reports might leave us feeling that the sleep itself was the problem. E.g. if we usually sleep 9 hours, maybe we should start setting the alarm to get up after 8 hours. However, I think that the real issue is why a person needs the extra sleep because that cause may be the real culprit in the stroke risk. For example, perhaps some folks have sleep apnea and therefore don’t rest well. Sleep apnea itself increases the risk for stroke. On the flip side, too little sleep is indeed a health problem. But, simply taking a sleeping pill may not address the cause of the sleeplessness. That cause may be an independent risk for stroke. For example, what if a person isn’t sleeping because they are anxious due to a deficiency of magnesium? Low magnesium is also a risk factor for stroke and many other health problems. A sleeping pill doesn’t fix the magnesium deficiency.

•    San Francisco may require sugary-drink warnings. Requiring a label warning on soft drinks stating that they may contribute to obesity, diabetes and other diseases isn’t itself a bad thing—because it is true. However, an unintended consequence of the move might be to cause more people to switch to diet sodas…and those may be worse. Be sure to listen to my upcoming 6/20 interview with Dr. Janet Hull on the subject of artificial sweeteners.

•    Egg rationing and price increases. Because an epidemic of bird flu has decimated chicken flocks, the USDA has given approval to import eggs from the Netherlands for at least commercial use. Hopefully, the shortage may not last long because chickens can be replaced pretty quickly. I just want to point out that even if because of the shortage the price of a dozen organic eggs hits $5, they are still one of the best nutritional bargains in the grocery store. Two eggs (for 83 cents at $5 per carton) can provide a meal with excellent protein (12 grams) as well as important fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, choline for the brain and antioxidants for the eyes among others. For what it is worth, they are also low in calories (just 70 per egg) and are quite satisfying. Confused about what type to buy or about the little cholesterol in them? Click here to read my blog on that topic.

Takeaway: It is probably safer if we don’t automatically accept health news (or any kind of news for that matter) at face value, but rather apply common sense and ask if we’re really looking at root causes and long-term effects.(In case you wondered where you had seen that guy in the photo, it is comedian Will Ferrell playing a blowhard egomaniac broadcaster in the comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.)

Detoxify with a Far Infrared Sauna

POLLUTON - WEBPremature aging, pain, fatigue and serious diseases are at the least worsened by certain effects of modern living. The far infrared sauna (FIR) is a wonderful tool for reversing much of that damage. It is also recommended for helping with a host of health issues–everything from Asthma and Fibromyalgia to Cardovascular health and Weight Loss. When you read the ways it affects the body it will be easy to see why that list is very long indeed. Listen to my interview on sauna.

TOXINS. Our health is being gradually eroded by 80,000 or more toxic (even cancer-causing) chemicals such as mercury, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents that contaminate our air, food and water. Shockingly few of those chemicals have been tested for our safety and none have been tested in the ever-changing combinations in which they occur. Hormone-disrupting plasticizers lurk in food packaging, body care products, medical supplies and even cash register receipts. Although a well-nourished healthy body can disarm normal metabolic waste products, unfortunately, our cells, organs, joints, muscles, brains and precious internal army of beneficial bacteria were simply not designed to handle a continual diet of chemical soup.

POWERFUL DETOX HELP. The far infrared sauna helps the body safely deal with these toxins. It activates cells to release them from storage and eliminate them via sweat through the skin. FIR is more effective than regular sweat at removing the stubborn plasticizers that we accumulate.  It is also a great help in getting rid of heavy metals and organophosphate agricultural chemicals.
     Detoxification helps REDUCE:

● Chronic Pain  ●  Fatigue  ●  Inflammation
● Body Fat  ●  Disease Risk  ●  Premature Aging

A KEY MISSING HEALTH FACTOR. Our modern ways have also reduced many benefits of a more primitive existence. Unlike our ancestors, we are less active and do not daily experience the relaxing and healing effects of being out in nature. In an effort to avoid skin cancer, most of us also miss the benefits of frequent sun exposure. As you probably know, our skin makes vitamin D when touched by ultra violet rays in sunlight. However, there is a less well-publicized component of sunshine. It is not visible and will not give you a tan, but is truly the light of life—far infrared wave lengths. That is the type of energy that makes plants flourish and penetrates soil encouraging turtle eggs to hatch. FIR is also the healing energy that radiates from massage therapists’ hands. Poor health results when cells do not have sufficient energy to carry out their normal work. The FIR supplies these healing rays deep into the body.
      Far Infrared Wavelengths BOOST:

●  Blood Circulation    ●  Lymphatic Drainage
●  Cellular Energy    ●  Metabolism
●  Oxygenation    ●  Immune Function
●  Healing Speed    ●  Recovery Time
●  Skin health    ●  Relaxation (even muscle cramps)

Sherry Rogers, MD, brilliant author (frequent guest on our radio show) said: “Studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of cancers. Furthermore, as the first generation of man exposed to such an unprecedented plethora of daily chemicals, we have learned that stored or un-detoxified chemicals can mimic any disease. ‘Incurable’ chronic diseases that were thought to have no known cause often disappear once toxic chemicals are gone. Since the far infrared sauna is the safest, most efficacious and economical way of depurating stored toxins, this makes it a household necessity.”

HOW DO I USE THE SAUNA? Detoxify with a Far Infrared Sauna by relaxing on a comfortable chair inside a lightweight reflecting enclosure for a few minutes while special compact units bath you in far infrared energy waves. The temperature is soothing and comfortable—not at all like the searing eye-ball-stewing saunas at the gym. The energy penetrates deep into your tissues, energizing cells and encouraging them to do their regular work and expel stored toxins. The Relax FIR Sauna creates a type of sweat that is more dense and oily than sweat from exercise. That is because it is carrying wastes and toxins—not just water and electrolytes. Sessions last only minutes, but your hands and head are outside so that you can read if you like.

WHY SPECIFICALLY RELAX BRAND?  Don’t be fooled by cheap lookalikes on the internet. The reflective enclosures may look similar, but that is where the similarity ends. The magic comes from the generators and some so-called “bargain” models create very little actual far infrared energy. In contrast, the Relax ceramic semi-conductor chips program wavelength and temperature to filter out all NON-healing waves so that your body can fully absorb the deep-penetratingunit web desirable 4-14 micron energy without having to defend against other rays. In fact, thisgenerator web sauna is the only portable infrared sauna that uses the technology certified by the FDA as a medical device. See my choice under Products.

Heat to generate sweat isn’t the only factor. The light (not visible) is also an important effect. Relax sauna has silver in the lining to reflect the light to all parts of the body. This does not happen with wooden saunas or cheap imitators. 

Our sauna is also FAST—it heats up in just 20 seconds, not in 10-30 minutes as is the case with most saunas. The Relax FIR Sauna is compact, collapsible and portable. It generates 100% of the purest, cleanest, most intensely soothing far infrared light of any that we have encountered and uses only 1500 watts of electricity (comparable to a hair dryer).

IT IS MORE THAN SAFE: Relax Sauna carries both CE and GS approval certificates. Far infrared detoxification protects your kidneys by sending poisons out in sweat rather than in blood that must be filtered by our delicate kidneys. Although the sauna improves skin health by improving circulation, opening the pores and encouraging the body to sweat out wastes and toxins, it does not burn. Of course, just as would be the case with exercise or sun exposure, persons with serious medical conditions or on strong medications should consult their physicians.

DURABLE VALUE: Although the Relax FIR Sauna is portable it will last from 10-15 years. If you only use the sauna for 5 years before you retire to the beach or something better comes along, with our discount it costs about 50 cents a day to improve the health and vitality of your whole family! I’m no tax attorney, but I believe if your doctor is enlightened and writes a prescription for a sauna it may be deductible as a medical expense.

A GREAT VALUE AND HEALTH INVESTMENT: (Please remember if doing a web search—comparing this sauna to others may be comparing apples to rotten oranges. We have arranged with Phil Wilson at Relax Saunas to give you a $100 discount if you use the code HBN or tell him that you heard about it on Martie’s radio show. Also click here to read about the FIR Table Lamp option and a special discount code for it.

HBN no longer has a store, but Phil or Jana at Momentum Health will take good care of you. Remember to tell them that Martie sent you for a discount. Call 626.200.8454.


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