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What does Healthy by Nature really mean?

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Obviously Healthy by Nature (HBN) is the name of this website, my radio show and newsletter. It is also the belief system that is the basis of my books and lectures. It is easy to toss that phrase around, but what does Healthy by Nature really mean? As we head into a new year it seems like a good time to clarify that. Just as the name implies, I believe that we are designed by nature to be healthy; to have abundant energy; to enjoy a cheery outlook; and to live a long and productive life.

Hmm…Then why are so many Americans sick, tired and out of sorts? It seems to be because we are out of balance and have lost track of simple rules in our “instruction manual”. The “prime directive” (yes, I know that is a Star Trek reference, but I don’t know the Star Wars equivalent) is to give the body sufficient amounts of everything it needs for optimum function and avoid burdening it with things that can gum up the works.

Staying well by obeying the laws of nature may sound simple but it is by no means easy. The finer details of those rules are often lost in an increasingly complex world. The goal of my work is to show how the tiny decisions and little steps we make every day can be tweaked to lead us to a lifetime of vitality.

Giant leaps to perfection are not required. We can start where we are now and go at a comfortable pace…as long as the direction is toward optimum health. Also, since each person’s genetics, history, environment and chemistry are unique; I usually aim to offer several options instead of one-size-fits all plans.

However, some factors are universally harmful. For example:

  • No one’s health improves because of smoking, dehydration or sleep deprivation.
  • I’ve never found anyone who was deficient in high fructose corn syrup, mercury or pesticide residues.

Likewise there are positive factors that seem to help everyone. For instance:

  • We all seem to benefit from eating vegetables.
  • Improved digestion seems to make everything work better.

The body is so miraculous that I believe as long as a person can fog a mirror it is never too late to access the power of balance. In fact, I know people who returned to a full healthy life out of hospice.

To review, here is my philosophy about physical complaints and disease:

  • Symptoms are really a blessing because they direct our attention to an imbalance that we can fix.
  • These days we hear a lot about genes that increase the risk for disease. What we don’t hear enough about is how good nutrition can keep bad genes safely dormant.
  • Our conventional system of medicine is the best in the world in a crisis, but it ranks poorly in dealing with chronic disease. Part of the reason for that is the healthcare system too often functions as though it believes diseases are drug deficiencies. Of course, medications save lives, but they should not be taken lightly. Some people can tolerate their side effects, but for others they generate the need for even more drugs or worse.
  • In contrast, restoring balance with natural methods usually offers fringe benefits–i. e. while we work on one thing and two other things clear up.
  • It just makes sense if possible to use the least toxic and noninvasive approaches first and save the heavy artillery of drugs and surgery for emergencies.

We are supposed to give “informed consent” when consuming medical services. However, it is the natural options that are often not mentioned. In all the HBN efforts our intention is to give folks options to help them feel great, hopefully prevent disease or at the very least become better prepared patients.

Happy New Year!

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