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Regeneration with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

If you did not hear the show August 5, 2017, I highly recommend that you listen to it. You will hear astonishing recovery stories from a debilitating back problem, bone on bone knees, Parkinson’s, kidney failure and even stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Since stem cells target any area with damage and inflammation, regeneration of shoulder problems, elbow problems and meniscus tears have become routine. There are answers to more questions in my May 2, 2019 post.

Stem cell therapy uses the same power that created the body to restore it and foster regeneration. Stem cells are a mind-blowing miracle of life. These generic cells seek out areas of the body that are inflamed or damaged and then become whatever type of specialized cell is needed at that location. They also stimulate other cells to do the right thing. The stem cells discussed here are from human umbilical cords with which there are no ethical concerns. (We are actually making a health-enhancing use of what would otherwise be medical waste.) I will talk about less desirable stem cell sources below.

When we are born, we are endowed with an enormous number of stem cells. That is because they are needed to flood the baby’s body, building tissues and organs of all types. Unfortunately, as we age, we have fewer of these cells and therefore have a harder time rebounding from stresses and injury. By the time we are teenagers, we have only 10% as many stem cells as we did originally. By the time we are age 50, we only have ¼ as many as a teen. And on it goes.

Our own stem cells can be extracted with types of surgery (into blood marrow or liposuction). In addition to the well known surgical risks, the cells from those sources are relatively scarce. I also wonder if our aged stem cells haven’t accumulated damage like our other cells  and might be less vigorous. That is why the preferred approach is where doctors inject brand new stem cells.

Is this some wacky new idea? Far from it. If you search “stem cells” on, the website returns over 330,000 scientific articles. (The research started in the early 1900’s.) To narrow it down, search for “stem cells kidney” and you will still see about 7,000 articles. This shows how excited scientists are about stem cells, however, I think that the most exciting for me are the success stories like the ones discussed on my radio interviews…especially the one listed at the top.

It is a real breakthrough that a system (very much like a blood bank) has been developed to collect, safety-screen, protect and distribute umbilical cord blood. It is a byproduct of that system a source has been created for the umbilical cords themselves. That is the richest source of stem cells in terms of numbers, but they are also the most vibrant and therefore offer maximum regeneration power. There is no concern about rejection, allergy or introduction of DNA from others. From what I’ve found, Infinity cells have the highest level of quality control.

As one of my listeners/readers, you can receive a no-pressure, no charge consultation to find out if your health problem might be helped with regenerative medicine using Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy. That consultation and often free x-rays as well have a value of $250, but there is no charge—if you tell them Martie (or Healthy by Nature) sent you. Call Dr. Darcy Brunk’s office at 972.303.0683. They can also tell you if there is a doctor in your area (Doctors interested in offering this method can also call the same number.)

Nature is a fabulous healer, but sometimes we ought to give her a hand.

Half-truths in the news about sleep, gluten & vaccines


Longtime radio celebrity, Paul Harvey, used to give part of a story and then take a break. When he came back he’d give “…the rest of the story”.  These days this happens in the news, but with an unfortunate twist…often they do not give the rest of the story. Omitting important facts can be as misleading as lying. Three cases in point:

  • We often hear that the sweet spot with sleep is 7-9 hours. The negative effects of sleep deprivation are well documented. However, when the “experts” say that over 9 hours of sleep is associated with this or that problem, they should say why. It isn’t likely that sleep itself is the problem. The trouble is in why a person sleeps that long. Do they have a problem like sleep apnea, an under-functioning thyroid, anemia or depression? Digging ever deeper, that health problem is likely to also be a symptom. The root cause of health issues is typically a lack of something the body needs (e.g. poor nutrition) or an overload of something it can’t handle (e.g. toxins of one kind or another).
  • The media loves to point out that only 1% of the population suffers from celiac disease and therefore needs to avoid gluten in foods. (Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye.) The more generous sources mention that up to 6% of Americans may have gluten sensitivity. They imply that anyone else who limits gluten is a gullible fad-follower. My first issue with these proclamations is that both celiac and gluten sensitivity are greatly under-diagnosed. There are many ways we can have a negative reaction. Secondly, gluten generates a substance called zonulin that is known to contribute to leaky gut which might affect a much higher percentage. Then there is the fact that most Americans just plain eat too much starchy carbohydrate. I mean, there is some reason that so many people feel much better after giving up those grains. They may enjoy the end of rashes, GI trouble, headaches and other symptoms. The least these wizards should do is to counsel eating of whole grains which benefit our gut bacteria. Fermenting grains seems to make grains more tolerable.
  • Maybe the biggest “rest of the story” omissions are regarding the vaccination debate. Medical and media leaders are so righteously dug into their dogma that it can be credibility suicide to even hint that the jury is still out. Let the mocking begin if a person dares suggest that there may be worrisome toxins (e.g. mercury) in the immunizations …or that certain classifications of kids (e.g. African American boys…or those who are mineral deficient) might be more vulnerable…or that we now may be giving too many shots, too early. The discussion is shut down long before anyone can mention that homeopathic immunization may work even better and without the side effects.

It seems unnecessary to say this, but here goes anyway…don’t believe that you are always getting the whole story in the news. Keep an open mind and dig a little?

Popularity versus quality in a multivitamin


Centrum Silver is the top-selling multivitamin brand in the US. That is not very surprising because the company has a gigantic advertising budget and has succeeded in securing shelf space in every major retailer making it very easy to get. While I understand why even very smart people have been persuaded to take Centrum, I don’t recommend it. Below are some of the reasons that also applies to most of the mass market vitamins:

  1. Small amounts of nutrients. Centrum compares its contents (and not very favorably) to the government recommended daily intake levels (DV). Those federal guidelines may protect the average person from third-world type deficiency diseases, but they do not promote optimum function or meet the unique needs of an individual. For example, I consider 60 mg of vitamin C to be a joke. Most studies show that 500 mg is a more rational minimum and some folks need multiples of that amount. The DV suggestions for minerals are a little closer to realistic. But, the 70mg guideline for selenium is way short of 100-200mg that is a more beneficial dose. (Selenium is important for thyroid function, cancer protection and a lot more.) Centrum contains a mere 19 mg of selenium. Centrum also contains more blue dye than it does crucial vitamin B12.
  2. Cheap forms of nutrients. Speaking of selenium, Centrum uses the inorganic form sodium selenate which is more toxic, less soluble and less beneficial than other forms such as an amino acid chelate or Methylselenocysteine. The calcium and magnesium are basically just ground rocks. The B-vitamins are not in the active forms. The vitamin E is synthetic rather than the more active natural form.
  3. Label trickery. The multivitamin brags that it contains Lutein for eye health. At first, the 250 mcg provided might sound like a lot. However, that is micrograms and is only a little over 1% of the effective dose shown in the studies—18,000 mcg (18 milligrams)! The same principle applies to their talk of Lycopene for heart health. Centrum contains 300 mcg of Lycopene, but to claim a heart benefit, it should have 8,000 (8 mg)!
  4. Toxins? Some ingredients worry me. For one thing, it uses nickel as a supplement. On the nutrition tests used in clinics, I always found nickel listed with the toxic elements. Deficiencies are so rare and the side effects of an excess so alarming that most nutritionists believe nickel should only be consumed in food. These 3 ingredients are sources of aluminum: Blue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake, and Yellow 6 Lake.
  5. Unnecessary non-nutritive junk. Natural vitamins that I prefer do NOT contain the following stuff listed in the ingredients of Centrum Silver: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Modified Corn Starch, Corn Starch, Maltodextrin, BHT (preservative), Crospovidone (polyvinyl N-pyrrolidone), Gelatin, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Hypromellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (a semi-synthetic polymer), Polydextrose (a synthetic polymer of glucose), Pregelatinized Corn Starch, Silicon Dioxide (the major component of sand), Sodium Ascorbate (preservative), Sodium Metavanadate (can cause GI discomfort), Talc, and Titanium Dioxide (a pigment powder used in paint)
  6. Centrum is owned by a drug company. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s doesn’t have a great incentive to produce a wonderful multivitamin. Their bottom line profit will be even bigger if people get sick because they did not get the nutrition they needed.
  7. Centrum’s website doesn’t make it easy to see what is in the product. I finally gave up and went to the website of a responsible retailer who lists the contents and ingredients of products it sells.
  8. Taking Centrum gives people a false sense of security. Having been duped into thinking that they are doing themselves a favor by buying it, consumers miss out on the opportunity to benefit from a high quality therapeutic product. Worse yet, a few probably think that Centrum is a substitute for eating healthful food! (Hah! Even a great multi isn’t that good.)

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