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You should throw a party for your gut buddies

My mom used to remind me that “statistics don’t lie, but statisticians do”. Keep that in mind while trying to better understand the dire proclamations we hear about deaths attributed to the flu. As it turns out the government agency in charge of keeping track (the Centers for Disease Control) doesn’t really know.  By their own admission, they use mathematical models to come up with their best guess. The numbers are greatly inflated because if a person was assumed to have had the flu (i.e. many aren’t tested) and they die, they are counted as a flu fatality (well, maybe not if they are hit by a bus). If they died from heart disease, a kidney condition or lung cancer that they already had, theirs is counted as a “flu death”. Likewise, with pneumonia and sepsis discussed below.

If you do not get the flu or one of the conditions below, you may have your intestinal bacteria to thank. (Hence the party). We know that 75% or more of our immune function is in the intestinal tract, so our probiotic bacteria are logically involved. In my book, The Probiotic Cure, I list a number of studies that show how, with good intestinal microbe balance, your risk of contracting an upper respiratory disease (like the flu) is dramatically reduced. A new review of studies showed that the use of supplemental probiotics could save Canadians millions of dollars each year by preventing respiratory infections. This link is to an article about the study and this one to the study itself.

  • Pneumonia. This seems to be the most common cause of death directly related to influenza. However, during the flu season, it may not matter if the person’s pneumonia was caused by bacteria or fungus and not a virus—it is still likely to be classified a flu death. In my first book, Natural Alternatives to Nexium & Other Acid Blockers I show that people are much more likely to catch pneumonia if they take heartburn drugs…even if given in the hospital. On the other hand, folks taking probiotics are much less likely to have heartburn to begin with.
  • Sepsis. This condition kills more than 258,000 Americans a year and only a tiny fraction of those are related to the flu. With sepsis the immune system gets so overwhelmed that it releases more protective chemicals than the body can handle. Sepsis can be caused by pneumonia, so again the gut bacteria connection above. Sepsis can also be caused by infections in the GI tract and blood stream. It is fairly obvious how probiotics would help prevent a generic “gastrointestinal infection”. New research goes further stating that supplemental probiotics can prevent sepsis in infants. Article and Study.

We know that if the bacteria in the gut are out of whack (e.g. after a course of antibiotics), the lining of the intestinal tract can become “leaky”. Then pathogenic bacteria can enter the blood stream. Sounds like a way to acquire a blood infection doesn’t it?

Our good gut bacteria also protect us from other diseases; improve our mood; help manage our weight; and even improve our appearance. The list of benefits is very long. So, about that party…what would they like? Well, the good bacteria HATE typical party food such as cake, Doritos and alcohol. They would love a nice salad and a fibrous vegetable. They would appreciate some fermented foods. I give mine a daily boost from Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. (It is made from dozens of fermented foods).

Media ignores a natural cancer breakthrough

I couldn’t resist the irony of the photo above. Plastic bottles like these are made with the hormone-disrupting plasticizer, BPA or its equally worrisome cousin, BPS. Animal studies have linked those chemicals to cancer. Therefore, using them in breast cancer fundraising is akin to selling donuts to raise money for diabetes! The media has no trouble promoting the party line of regular cancer treatments, but either doesn’t notice or is afraid to mention nutrition even if it alters the course of cancer. Thank goodness Bill Sardi noticed the studies and is brave enough to tell us about them.

Science has long proclaimed that toxins (like those from pesticides and smoking) are “associated with” cancer. It is much less clear exactly how they do so. Researchers are quite clear that dietary sugar fuels cancer’s growth. They also believe that a breakdown in connective tissue may allow it to spread to other tissues. Bill Sardi explains this more fully in his articles to which I will link shortly.

Mr. Sardi also helps us understand that all cells must have the mineral calcium to function. If normal cells are damaged (e.g. from toxins, radiation or some such), they release calcium to surrounding cells. Some neighboring cells absorb that extra calcium which then spurs them to become cancerous. (Extra amounts of calcium in a cell is one way a scientist knows it is cancerous.)

So, it stands to reason, if we can somehow disrupt the way a cancer cell manages its calcium, we can cause it to die. Pharmaceutical companies have tried to create drugs to either stop the flow of calcium inside the cancer cell or to flood the cell with calcium. So far, they have not succeeded in finding something effective for which they can charge 10’s of thousands of dollars per treatment. However, Bill Sardi found research into a natural method of disrupting cancer cells’ calcium metabolism using combination of inexpensive supplements.* Note, this procedure, although in quantities routinely taken for other purposes, is not for offered as prevention, but rather to fight back after a diagnosis. Obviously, we will never hear about the natural approach from the drug companies (or the government experts that they control). Fortunately, Mr. Sardi’s article gives the scientific backing and a lot of supplemental information. Anyone with cancer should read the whole article (and maybe more than once). Link to his simpler article here, What Initiates Cancer? For those who want more detail, he also wrote this article. (For general cancer information, you can also read my articles in the Library such as this one on Cancer Prevention and Treatment.)

* To help anyone in a hurry to start, I copied this from Bill Sardi’s longer article: Calcium (1200-1500 mg/day), Selenium (100-200 mcg/day), Vitamin D3 (8000-10,000 IU/day), IP6 rice bran extract (800+ mg/day), Peppermint oil for menthol (optional). He advised to “take these dietary supplements daily on an empty stomach if possible to induce cancer cell death via overwhelming release of calcium within tumor cells.  Healthy cells will not be harmed.” You should tell if you feel better and at your next checkup you can get verification that things are headed in the right direction. (I should remind you that he is NOT selling anything. He is merely sending people to health food stores for any good brand of these specific individual supplements.) Usually I recommend lots of magnesium for prevention of trouble, but since it keeps balance with calcium, maybe just during this treatment it might make sense not to go out of your way to take more than what is in your multi.

I trust his expertise and sincerity. For my general good health I personally take his Molecular Multi and Longevinex.

Is the flu shot hysteria based on hard science?

The influenza news reports would have us believe that the sky is falling. There is no question that the flu can be nasty to endure and can be dangerous. This flu “season” may be more deadly than usual in part because the dominant strain, H3N2, is strong. Of course, no one wants the flu, but the question is this: to what extent does the vaccine keep us from getting it. The media gives no hint that this is even a legitimate question! The points below show that it is not a black and white issue.

  • It is alleged that, on average, 36,000 Americans die annually from the flu. However, most all fatalities attributed to the flu are really from other problems such as pneumonia, secondary infections and dehydration. Clearly, the type of care given the flu patient is critically important. Most who succumb are elderly; are suffering with chronic diseases; and are already in fragile health. Those folks have damaged immune systems and therefore may be the least likely to respond to even the stronger vaccines given to them. (They are also more likely to suffer side effects of the shots.) Similarly, infants do not yet have fully operational immune systems and therefore cannot properly fight the disease or react as hoped to the flu vaccine. Sometimes apparently healthy young adults die from the flu, but for the rest of that story, see the next bullet point.
  • Obviously, not everyone who is exposed to the flu gets sick and others have only a mild case. Those “lucky” ones have stronger immune systems. So, when it is said that a “healthy” person died of the flu, unseen factors are being ignored. For example, vitamin D is exceedingly important for immune function and yet we never hear if victims’ blood levels were adequate. Maybe they are low in zinc which is also critical to immunity. Since up to 75% of immune function is in the gut, we can guess that many of these people didn’t have good strong intestinal probiotic protection. Or perhaps they have lowered their immune function by eating a lot of sugar or failed to get enough sleep.
  • Many health experts are rightly concerned about unintended effects of some of the additives in the vaccines such as mercury, formaldehyde, antibiotics and MSG.
  • Hearing the experts push the shots, we would assume that the science supporting safety and efficacy is unequivocal. However, this article, The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines, summarizes a review of 75 studies over 40 years. It concludes that there is not convincing evidence for the flu vaccine regarding “children under 2, healthy adults, the elderly, and healthcare workers who care for the elderly”. Gee, that covers a lot of ground and includes the populations warned most strongly to get immunized! Of even more concern are 4 studies showing that in Canada during the 2008-2009 season, persons who had been immunized were 1.5-2.5 times more likely to need medical attention for the flu.
  • I have had a little trouble with the logic in one official justification for the flu shot. As part of making us feel like criminals if we don’t get the shot, they talk about “herd immunity”. The story goes that the vaccine might not keep YOU from getting the flu, but if most people get the shot, maybe there won’t be an epidemic. [Wait, if it doesn’t work for most people, how would it…?] Then I saw an article on a shocking new study. It concluded that persons who develop symptoms and had received the flu vaccine the previous two years, spread the flu 6 times faster than those who had not gotten the shots! Yikes! Turns out there were more viruses in the air they exhaled.
  • Each year, manufacturers must basically guess which strain of virus to include in the vaccine for the next season. The protection varies yearly from 10% to 50% effectiveness. This year’s drug effectiveness has been pegged variously at 17%. It was not targeted to H3N2 which also can mutate into different forms.
  • Oddly, the vaccine seems less effective this time for baby boomers. One TV doctor speculated that the boomer’s immune systems had “imprinted on” [become fixated on] strains of flu that they had experienced earlier in life. Therefore, their immune systems didn’t have the flexibility to recognize and attack the H3N2. [Or, was it that their immune systems were fixated on the strains used in previous vaccines?]
  • In an interview on our show, Russell Blaylock, MD, explained how excitoxins added to flu vaccines overstimulate brain immune cells and lead to dementia.

It is not appropriate for me to tell you to avoid the flu shot. I will just say that I’ve never had one and “luckily” I have never had the flu. I do enthusiastically recommend:

  • Keep your immune system in fighting form by making sure that you take plenty of vitamin D (8,000 to 10,000 IU for most adults according to new research); get sufficient zinc daily (e.g. at least the 30 mg of a good form like what is in Molecular Multi): take a garlic pill daily with your biggest meal to ward off viruses; keep your tummy immunity nourished with Ohhira’s Probiotics; stay away from sugar and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Read my article on what to do and not to do if you feel sick. (Most importantly, do not take antibiotics for conditions caused by viruses.) Be prepared by shopping ahead of time for the items listed in my article, Colds and Flu Remedy Kit. Bill Sardi reminds us that “everyone should have a bottle of zinc lozenges (ideally acetate form) handy as they have been proven to dramatically shorten a bout with the flu or a common cold.” 
  • Consider Homeoprophylaxis (also known as “HP”) a safe, non-toxic and proven alternative to vaccinations. 

Good luck figuring out what is right for you. But, please don’t assume there isn’t fake news regarding health. It is promoted by the drug industry, the medical establishment they have influenced and follow the leader media that do not dig deep enough into the science.



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