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Sherry Rogers, MD on thyroid, glaucoma, pancreatic cancer and more

My radio show last week with Sherry Rogers, MD was so dense with information that I listened to it again in the archives. These are my notes. First, was our discussion of the thyroid and at the end I list caller questions and her answers. (After the program, Dr. Rogers said to mention our show for a great discount on books and her newsletter. Last time it was 20%.)

Dr. Rogers began by mentioning that billionaire, Oprah, went to many doctors trying to feel better and stop her heart palpitations. It turns out that the problem was under-active thyroid. An integrative, functional medicine or naturopathic doctor would have discovered the cause much sooner.

A great number of people will continue to be Fat, Fatigued or Forgetful (or even worse) they don’t normalize their thyroid function. Below are 9 factors that are getting in the way. (Details and literature references in the last couple years of her newsletter.)

  1. Commercial testing labs use standards of “normal” that are 25 years old and were not based on healthy people. She says the goals should be “TSH” under 2 and “Free T3” over 3.5.
  2. Most docs prescribe synthetic thyroid, Synthroid or the generic levothyroxin. Those only contain T4, the storage form of thyroid hormone. More effective thyroid drugs contain both T3 and T4. Most people feel much better on them and additional blood tests will convince the doctor that they are doing the job.
  3. Even the best medical centers do not run a test for red blood cell selenium. The conversion of T4 to the active T3 is by way of an enzyme that depends on selenium.
  4. Even the best thyroid hormone will not work if you don’t have good cell membranes. Repairing those membranes requires phosphatidyl choline, all 8 forms of natural vitamin E and cod liver oil.
  5. Plastics in foods, environment, home and furnishing materials and even in medical tubing damage the thyroid-binding globulins that carry thyroid hormone around the body.
  6. If there is a yeast overgrowth in the gut (e.g. Candida), we make antibodies (immune attackers) against the thyroid and the brain!
  7. The increasing levels of toxicants that we are exposed to like heavy metals (e.g. mercury from corn syrup) and GMO foods not only create leaky gut (that heads us toward autoimmune disease) but are also known as “endocrine disruptors” because they damage glands like the thyroid.
  8. It has also been shown that you can’t heal thyroid without adequate vitamin D. Also, if vitamin D levels are low, there is higher likelihood of autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr. Rogers noted that it is no surprise that studies using a dose of 400 IU which is even less than the silly RDA of 800 IU. Vitamin D at that level doesn’t show benefit because it is barely enough to protect against rickets. The researchers also didn’t check blood levels. Our vitamin D blood levels should be between 60 and 100 ng/mL. The healthiest people Dr. Rogers sees have levels between 80 and 90. (The dangers of believing what you read on the internet. WebMd says “A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency. Hah! I think that means you are staring death in the face!) To get to healthful levels usually takes supplementation of 7,000 IU per day or more. (If it is more convenient, you can do 10,000 on weekdays.) Bile and pancreatic enzymes are required to absorb vitamin D. The body needs vitamin K2, magnesium and other nutrients to tolerate high blood levels of D. (Are you beginning to see why I recommend starting with a great multivitamin?)
  9. Healthy cell membranes are the key to wellness. For example, receptors on our cells for Vitamin D and thyroid are the same. Too often they are not working because their fats are not balanced. They suffer from being too high in omega-6 (vegetable oils), omega-9 (e.g. olive, safflower, canola) and plasticizers, but are desperately low in omega-3 (e.g. fish oil and flax oil). Note that the 6’s and 9’s knock out the 3’s, so you can’t just add fish oil on top of an excess for those others. Rogers recommends cod liver oil in glass. Phosphatidyl choline is also required. She says use non-GMO because GMO’s cause autoimmune disease. Also required is vitamin E, but with all 8 forms as is found in Jarrow’s FamilE.


Antibiotics vs. Probiotics. Dr. Rogers listed scary side effects of Z-pak and praised probiotics.

Glaucoma – She said the eye is not draining properly. She advised to strengthen blood vessels that line the eye canals (and in the process those everywhere in the body). Improve with sulfur, molybdenum, sunshine, and the oil change discussed above.

Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Rogers noted that cancer cells have a protein coating that prevents our immune cells from detecting and destroying them. Enzymes that would digest that coating are made in the pancreas. However, when it is the pancreas itself that is sick, there is an obvious problem. Supplementing with high doses of pancreatic enzymes is key. Learn more in her book, Wellness Against All Odds. And then read her books on the macrobiotic diet.

Oral Chelation to clean arteries– She said those are great because we are all so toxic. The oral or rectal versions of chelation avoid exposure to the plastics from intravenous tubes. Read Detoxify or Die. And to attack the problem from both ends, read about a rectal suppository version in the Blood Pressure Hoax. She likes the far infrared sauna for this and other reasons.

Calcium supplements are given in some studies. Dr. Rogers says that is stupid because aging is calcification of arteries, kidneys, etc. (If for some reason you need to take calcium, be sure to get magnesium and vitamin K2.)

T.H.I.N.K. Dr. Rogers said that if you are told you need a treatment you don’t want to take, the answer to your problem can probably be found in the acronym, T.H.I.N.K. What that means is reviewed in my blog reviewing her December interview. Listen to that interview or any other show in our archives.

Science shmience — “Evidence-based” medicine’s dirty secrets

This irony is a bitter pill. (Pardon the too-easy pun). Dietary supplements are routinely bashed as “unproven”.  No amount of epidemiological (population) evidence; hundreds of studies or thousands of consumer reports (testimonials) can convince the critics. What the medical experts claim to need is called by the reassuring name “evidence-based medicine”. That jargon means show studies that have proven that such and such (nearly always a drug) is safe and effective. Okay. Sounds good…assuming that the studies are unbiased and thorough. As it turns out that is not a safe assumption!

We’ve known for a long time that the pharmaceutical industry had too much influence with the Food and Drug Administration and Congress. (There are more than twice as many drug lobbyists as elected officials.) And, well, there is also a problem with state legislatures and state medical regulators. Oh, and then there are doctor’s offices. (Have you ever seen a vitamin C rep bringing lunch for the medical staff or delivering a commission check?) But, at least the studies are science and therefore good, right?

The quotes below are from a wonderful article about corruption in the conduct and publication of studies:

Examples of the issues:

  • A review paper in the NEJM found that the osteoporosis bisphosphonate drugs (e.g. Boniva) were only rarely associated with fractures. That is not the case and it is scandalous that this “article” was published as scientific fact rather than labeled an advertorial. It should have been a clue that among the article’s sources were doctors that were paid big consulting fees by the drug companies and that three of the authors were full time employees.
  • More than ½ of the editors of medical journals have been shown to be on the take from drug companies. As states in the article, “Each editor of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology received, on average $475,072 personally and another $119,407 for ‘research’. With 35 editors, that’s about $15 million in bribes to doctors. No wonder the JACC loves drugs and devices.”
  • Studies done by industry have been documented to have positive results much more frequently than those completed by independent parties. Oh, by the way, over 60% of drug studies are done by the manufacturer. Think they might have a bias?
  • Almost 1/3 of trials showing no benefit of drugs are abandoned. (Perhaps to fudge the study guidelines for a better showing.) Even completed studies, if unfavorable, are not likely to be published. (The companies hide them even from their buddies at the journals.)
  • Until 2000 when the government applied restrictions, companies would do a bunch of studies without saying what they were even looking for. When they found something that seemed to work, then they’d announce the goal. According to article quoted herein, “Prior to 2000, 57% of trials showed a positive result. After 2000, a paltry 8% showed good results.”

Talk about fake news! To us mere mortals and even to dedicated doctors, the drugs appear to be much more beneficial than they are. Ignoring the fact that there is a con game running, anyone skeptical of the “science” is mercilessly belittled.

Whom do we blame? Well, the problem is NOT the drug industry. Their sole job is to serve their stockholders. That means they should make their products look good and sell them by whatever means is necessary. They are not public servants. As further evidence, I cite a CNBC article. It quotes Wall Street as callously advising that it is not a good business model for companies to develop a drug if it cures a disease permanently. What they love are drugs like statins that people can be instructed to take the rest of their lives.

So, if it not the drug companies, who is at fault? Universities, government and the medical journals must root out the corruption. (But who will do that since they are all on the take?) Doctors need to be legally prevented from earning commissions on drug sales. (Again, who can do that who isn’t compromised by the same corrupt system?) As consumers, we can significantly reduce the problem by finding natural non-pharmaceutical ways to prevent and reverse disease. By not using the system, we can drain its life blood–money!

Quotes for the week

“Follow the money” from the movie All the President’s Men

“Show me the money” from the movie Jerry Maguire


Will the FDA consider nutrition for disease prevention?

Those of us in the nutrition and natural medicine fields believe that we can be healthy if we give the body the all nutrients it needs for optimum function and don’t upset our systems with chemicals and other things it can’t handle. Probably most people who haven’t had the common sense beaten out of them can understand that principle. However, the US Food and Drug administration has long held an obvious love of pharmaceuticals despite their often-dangerous side effects. They also show consistent bias against claiming any benefits from foods or supplements. (Below I recount my personal one on one experience with that agency in a congressional hearing.)

That history in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that current FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, MD, recently stressed the importance of improvements in nutrition as a key way to fight the rising burden of chronic disease. [Source article.] In the speech this month, he stated that improvements in diet would lessen the burden of chronic diseases, especially diabetes, heart disease and cancer even more dramatically than any medical discovery could. He said that, for example, 20% of deaths from heart disease can be attributed to diet. He advocates helping people make better food choices by improving health claims and labeling. He also wants to update what can be considered “healthy”.

Fingers crossed that they get it right this time. In the past, the FDA pushed carbohydrates and bashed all kinds of fat. For example, they told KIND snack bars that they couldn’t call them “healthy” because they contained too much fat. Fortunately, the agency relented because the fat was from nuts. Hooray!  And kudos for Gottlieb’s efforts to limit sugar and smoking. On the other hand, FDA has come down too aggressively on salt. At least Dr. Gottlieb mentioned the need for balancing salt with potassium. He wants to educate on the “nutrient density” of food which is a new and welcome thought. Dr. Gottlieb is known to be at least open to dietary supplements. Forgive my reluctance to get very excited, given that the pharmaceutical industry has such a big hold on the agency. Healing people with natural products is bad for their business.

PERSONAL NOTE: I was once in the unusual position of debating then FDA Commissioner David Kessler, MD. It was during a private hearing of the Appropriations Committee of the US House of Representatives. At the time, I was President of the trade association representing the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of the natural foods industry. Then Congressman (now Senate Minority Whip) Richard Durbin presided as I argued that dietary supplements should be allowed to disclose the scientific evidence that supports the benefits of dietary supplements. Dr. Kessler and two dozen of his top FDA officials argued that there wasn’t convincing science on nutrition…never mind that I brought as evidence several banker boxes of studies just on garlic.

We reportedly won the day. That was probably because I spoke to the Congressmen in plain English about their constituents’ needs and interests. In contrast, the FDA used science-speak and obscure legal technicalities. They did not attempt to hide their comfort with drugs and strong bias against supplements.

Dr. Kessler was a guest on my radio show in 2009. To keep the show focused on his book about overeating, I thought better of reminding him about that debate. (He was not happy that day.) I also resisted the urge to blast him for having mocked DHA in his book. He apparently didn’t know what it was. DHA (along with EPA) is a components of fish oil that is absolutely critical for the development of children’s eyes and brain. For goodness sakes Dr. Kessler is a pediatrician! Unfortunately, the vast majority of medical schools don’t yet teach nutrition.

Bill Sardi Tackles Tough Topics

On last Saturday’s Show, we answered calls, discussed some of the following topics and touched on the 3 incredible articles listed at the bottom. Here is a brief review of the show as promised.


  • The resveratrol life. Bill Sardi lives the resveratrol life and credits that in large part to the fact that at 72 his eye exam revealed: No cataracts; crystal clear lenses; No glaucoma; No retinal drusen (yellow blobs. 91% of adults have retinal drusen); Vision is 20/30 both eyes uncorrected because of astigmatism (oval rather than round-shaped corneas). Note: I know he takes resveratrol as Longevinex because it is the right form, in a dose that is not too high and comes with synergistic ingredients. 23 people have reported their color blindness vanished when taking Longevinex.
  • Resveratrol is truly amazing. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It reduces blood platelet clumping, helps eliminate existing clots and retards cancer at all three stages: initiation, growth, metastasis or spread. (Take it at night?) It is good for hair growth, mental acuity, mood, “chemo brain” and pain relief. Resveratrol facilitates the disposal of cholesterol and beta amyloid plaque from the brain. It switches genes on or off in the ways we would hope for. In fact, it is more effective than the lifespan-doubling, healthspan-doubling effect of calorie restriction. Resveratrol improves 225 genes, but Longevinex affects 1711 genes which is more than calorie restriction. This link is my article on resveratrol, but I really need to update it with the newly discovered benefits.


  • David. His wife has fibromyalgia. Sardi suggested benfotiamine (a special B vitamin), vitamin D (even a few days at 50,000 IU), magnesium and improving gut bacteria. I suggested taking the thyroid survey because thyroid might be connected to fibromyalgia.
  • Jan. Her husband is bipolar. She asked if he can take Longevinex. Bill answered yes, but 2 hours away from the medication. Also suggested adding magnesium and fish oil.
  • John. His wife has hot flashes at an age when they should be over with. Mr. Sardi said to get bioidentical hormones (not synthetics or those from horse urine as commonly prescribed). Resveratrol acts as a plant estrogen that does not promote cell growth. Bill also recommended reducing sugar and carbohydrates in the diet. I suggested asking a compounding pharmacy in your area for a doctor recommendation.


  • Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff): The “Count Dracula Bacterium,” Is Fast Becoming A Household Word. This a dangerous and potentially lethal intestinal infection. The whole article is very interesting and important. One critical takeaway: Those who are deficient in vitamin D are 5 times more likely to contract C-diff!
  • Closing in On Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Any progress against this horrible degenerative disease is welcomed. Genes may be part of the reason for being a victim of ALS. However, I was struck by how many other degenerative conditions are affected by the same factors linked to ALS:
    • Increased risk and worsened by – antibiotics, vitamin D deficiency, nerve toxins (like mercury, pesticides, herbicides and vaccines), statin cholesterol drugs, heartburn drugs, C. diff infection, high red meat intake and corn syrup.
    • Improved by or risk lowered – Mediterranean Diet, magnesium, vitamin B1, good gut bacteria, multivitamin, resveratrol (working with quercetin and IP6), and hyaluronic acid.
  • A Corner in Aging Has Been Turned; Population Reductions in Biological Age Now Being Reported. The factors listed above for ALS would all apply. Also consider the information at the top about resveratrol and genes.

It is just me saying this, but I believe that starting with a supplement base of Molecular Multi, added vitamin D (to get blood levels to 75 to 100), magnesium, fish oil, and probiotics (Dr. Ohhira’s) would be helpful for any of the above and pretty much anything else I can think of. Add Longevinex if you wisely want the benefits of resveratrol we discussed above.

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