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BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 2

NOTE: In Part 1, we discussed the age connection with covid-19; gut health; research showing that the disease is less lethal than we’ve been told; mental health during confinement; and that pets and zoo animals can get the virus. We continue today…

Bad news. Some experts say that we may have a second wave of coronavirus next fall, likely at the same time the seasonal flu appears.

Good news! That gives us time to at least improve our immune function. Bill Sardi said, “Doctors aren’t familiar with nutrients that normalize the immune response, namely vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and resveratrol. (Learn more about those from these Library articles on vitamin D, resveratrol and zinc.)  Then there are the now infamous “underlying conditions” (such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems) which increase the risk of a serious case of the covid-19 disease. We did not likely develop those conditions overnight, and so, it may take more than a few months to kick them completely. However, we can surely make significant progress in that direction which should help our resistance to viruses. Fortunately, there is a natural approach for each and a natural substitute for virtually any medication.)

Bad news. We’re #1 the world. Sadly, that record is not coveted because it is for the greatest number of cases of covid-19. We also have the greatest number of deaths from it.

Good news!  One reason for this unappealing record is that the US has a larger population than any of the other hotspots except China. (Many suspect that China’s reporting of cases has been inaccurate and is probably much higher.) We also rank higher in the # of cases because we have done more testing by far than any other country. (You count cases you did not look for.) Besides the greater size of the US, I think there are other reasons for the higher number of deaths.

  • We have apparently been calling nearly every death from a respiratory infection, “covid-19”. The death certificate form basically says to do that unless it has clearly been confirmed to be pneumonia, TB, COPD, etc. (If someone dies with covid-19, he or she is considered to have died from) Hospitals are incentivized with 3 time more money for putting coronavirus patients on ventilators (which some experts say damages lung tissue and increases death risk).
  • China used traditional Chinese Medicine (e.g. herbs) to improve outcomes and has been testing intravenous vitamin C, while the US uses just pharmaceutical drugs for symptoms.
  • Other countries have better diets and lower levels of underlying health conditions.
  • I’m guessing that we have more seniors exposed in crowded environments like nursing homes where in Europe for example, the elderly may still be in family homes.

Bad news. It is recommended that everyone wear masks while out of the house—e.g. going to the grocery.

Good news! If everyone is wearing them, we will not feel so silly. Since the N95 masks are still in short supply and are needed for healthcare workers, here is a link to instructions for making your own. Also, here is a good source of ready made comfortable Organic Cotton Masks.

Bad news. CDC guidelines have us washing our hands…constantly it seems.

Good news!We have at least learned the correct way to do it—i.e. standard soap (NOT anti-bacterial) is best and it takes 20 seconds of rubbing. If we develop a habit that lasts, in the future we will experience fewer cases of other infectious diseases and food-borne illness.

I am looking forward to soon writing a blog that is ONLY good news.

BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 1

Reading the front page of the newspaper and watching the evening news, with their “daily dose of depressing data”, can easily get a person down. Happily, Healthy by Nature routinely offers good news to balance all that and help keep you in the healthy section of the covid-19 graphs.

Bad news. The coronavirus seems to be very contagious and can be extremely dangerous especially among the vulnerable populations such as seniors and those with underlying conditions.

Good news! Covid-19 survivors include a US woman who is 104 years of age and one in Brazil age 97! The facts are that up to 80% of people who contract the virus experience either no symptoms at all or very mild ones. Folks in that 80% group are not simply lucky—they have more effective immune systems! On the radio show and in this blog, we talk about natural ways to improve immune function and to avoid those worrisome “underlying conditions”.

Another key statistic is that 70% or more of our immune function is in the gut—which means that our good bacteria (i.e. Probiotics) are critically important. Besides crowding out bad guy organisms, some probiotic strains directly attack them (e.g. TH10 strain in Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics)  and other bacteria communicate with our immune cells (e.g. directing them to eliminate cells with viruses hidden inside). The good bacteria perform most of their magic via Postbiotics. Postbiotics, are a wide variety of crucial substances created by our friendly bacteria from the foods and even the herbs we consume. Probiotics and their postbiotic output provide many other benefits, including protecting us from leaky gut and its very scary counterpart, leaky brain barrier. Note: Alzheimer’s research is studying possible bacterial causes of the disease and are showing that the gut/brain connection is very strong indeed.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics is fermented for at least 3 years so that their 12 carefully selected bacterial strains can make postbiotics from the wonderful diet of vegetables, herbs, seaweeds, etc. that they feed the organisms. I don’t know of any other probiotic supplement that contains postbiotics, and certainly not naturally-occurring ones. That is why Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics is so effective and works so quickly to restore a healthy balance.

Bad news? Stanford University tested 3,330 people that are representative of the population in Santa Clara County, CA. Their results suggest that actual cases of COVID-19 are as much as 43 times greater than the number of previously confirmed cases.

Good news! That is good news because, when you divide the number of deaths by a much higher number of cases, it means that the odds of a fatal outcome are dramatically lower than what has been publicized. If we want the death rate to go even lower (of course we do) we need to have more attention paid to natural methods such as these documented by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Bad news? Because wearing masks over the mouth and nose has been shown to protect the wearer from contracting and spreading the coronavirus, we are encouraged or even mandated to wear them in public. The problem has been a shortage of the N-95 type mask.

Good news! It has been found that simpler cloth masks are also very helpful. Naturepedic Mattresses, past sponsor of our show, has been helping fill the gap in the supply chain. Click here to see their comfortable Organic Cotton Masks.

Bad news? Staying at home and social distancing can be boring and worse yet can be harmful to our emotional stability.

Good news! Check out this guest post on our website “How to stay mentally fit during the covid-19 quarantines.”

Bad news. This news report said, “orangutans [are] on lockdown to avoid catching covid-19 from humans”. The article also noted that “a tiger in captivity in New York tested positive for Covid-19.” (I find it interesting that they wrote that the tiger was “in captivity”…that clarifies the tiger wasn’t casually walking down 5th Ave.)

This news, reported by veterinarian, Shawn Messonnier, DVM, is of more immediate concern: “Yesterday, it was reported that the first confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) infection in two pet cats had occurred. These are the first pets in the United States to test positive for SARS-CoV-2. The cats live in two separate areas of New York state” [Near the tiger?].

Good News: Both cats had mild respiratory illness and are expected to make a full recovery. Dr. Shawn said “SARS-CoV-2 infections have been reported in very few animals worldwide, mostly in those that had close contact with a person with COVID-19. He went on to say that pets, like people need to be kept healthy in general and protected from exposure to sick people.

 More good news to come next week.

Sardi Answers (#2) and More

In last week’s blog, I promised to finish up Bill Sardi’s answers to questions that came up in connection with his April 4th interview on the radio show. By the way, the photo above is just for fun. The restaurant has been a New York theater district landmark for 90 years and is not named for our guy. It was the answer in a recent NY Times crossword and therefore on my mind. Now, onto the mission of empowering you to beat covid-19 without creating more problems. [Note: Text formatted like this is my two cents.]

Debbie: “will we get lifetime immunity if we get the corona virus?”

SARDI:  Lifetime immunity usually emanates from fever.  Some people are infected but exhibit no symptoms, and hopefully still developed antibodies.  The US plans to distribute antibody tests, but probably as a pre-requirement for anybody wanting to get back to work prior to end of lockdown.  There is so far no hard data on how long immunity lasts.

Debbie: Or can we get it again?  E.g. does it stay dormant like Epstein Barr Virus or Varicella? will it reoccur??

  • “ Well, we can get ‘it’ again because like Bill Clinton said [in the context of his 1998 impeachment], ‘It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.’ ‘It’ can mean tuberculosis, which is a bacterial.  TB can remain in the body in a latent (dormant) form and erupt again.”  [note, there is a growing belief in some quarters that a lot of what has been assumed to be covid-19 is really TB which has similar symptoms.]

Judy: “Is there a test to see if a person has been exposed and built up an immunity to Covid-19?

[MW = As implied above, the immune system creates antibodies to go after a very specific threat. The type of test you asked about is called an “antibody” test. The tests exist and have been in the news, but so far are not entirely reliable or widely available in the U.S. We certainly hope they will be prevalent soon so that we can know much more accurately about how the virus has spread and the numbers of folks who have recovered…we can only hope that if we are able to show that we have long-lasting immunity to covid-19, we won’t be forced to get a vaccine.]

SARDI: “Britain skipped COVID-19 diagnostic tests (unreliable anyway) and instead tested for antibodies and found 68% of their population had already been exposed.  This means they don’t need future vaccination.  The US has issued a much lower estimate regarding antibody levels (titers).”

Sarah: “My question is about the virus going to the lungs. The mucus gets thick and makes it hard for people to breathe. Wouldn’t Mucinex help if people used it before it got too bad? 

SARDI: It is not mucin itself that is the problem. [The real problem is an overly aggressive immune process that fills the lungs with fluid. In one of Bill Sardi’s articles, he states “To normalize the immune response so that white blood cells called neutrophils don’t over-respond producing inflammation which then results in your lungs filling up with fluid and risking pneumonia, vitamin D and the red wine molecule resveratrol combined normalize the immune response.”]

Sarah: “Also, isn’t NAC good for clearing the lungs? Isn’t that available through an IV? Has anyone tried that?”

SARDI: “For reasons beyond explanation here, I would NOT use NAC [N-Acetyl Cysteine].  A lab dish study showed that it produced a counter-effect. I would use inositol, orally.  I would supplement with coenzyme Q10 and magnesium to activate macrophage white blood cells to digest away the dead cells, or infected cells that macrophages destroy.   Magnesium and CoenzymeQ10 help produce ATP [the energy molecule] in healthy cells which is then shuttled outside the cell where most viruses run rampant.  ATP itself destroys viruses via macrophages.  This is a new understanding. This is a study in which inositol reduced ventilator use in preterm infants.”

Bill Sardi discussed Zinc in the news: “On April 8, President Donald Trump, speaking from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in his daily press conference said: ‘You should add zinc” to any COVID-19 treatment regimen.  I want to throw that out there because that’s where they seem to have the best result,’ likely referring to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s online posting that the use of the medicine chloroquine plus zinc and an antibiotic remedied 100% of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infections occurring in a [hard hit] village of Hasidic orthodox Jews in New York. The President added: ‘So, you add the zinc and the antibiotic, and it’s been – we’ve had a lot of good stories.’ [as you know, on the show and this site, we’ve repeatedly discussed the crucial nature of zinc for immune function. Click here for the rest of Bill’s story and scientific references that support our belief in zinc.]

Colostrum. I’ve been a fan of colostrum for immune health for a long time. Read my article for details. Very exciting for these times is this study that showed that colostrum is 3 times more effective for preventing influenza than vaccination.

Postbiotics. On the show last week, I said that today I’d discuss postbiotics, the important substances made by our friendly bacteria. However, this blog is already longer than you’d probably like or that husband Bill typically wants to proof. So, I’m calling an audible and moving it to next week where I can do a better job. Meanwhile, there is some information in this article in the Library.

Coronavirus—Bill Sardi Answers Listener Questions #1

One positive thing about the covid-19 crisis is that we’ve been forced to learn more about how our immune systems work and how nutrients protects us. That knowledge will be helpful next year for avoiding the seasonal flu. This year, the flu has reportedly claimed 24,000 American lives. (Why no official panic and quarantine about that you might ask?) Most of those are always from pneumonia and among elderly people with underlying conditions…exactly the type of problems we’ve been working to solve in the recent blogs, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Bill Sardi answered listener’s emailed questions on the show last Saturday. But, we didn’t have time to get to them all, and so he agreed to finish them up by email. I will cover more next week. If I answered the question, I’ve shown it this way [MW = in brackets].

Dave: [I asked this question at the very end of the show Saturday, but we just didn’t get to it]: “ordering take out at restaurants during the COVID-19 epoch-Can the virus (any virus/cold) be transmitted via food? Say an infected person touches the food and you eat it a half hour to an hour later. [MW = The CDC says, “Currently, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.”.]

SARDI: “The current insanity is to run and hide from the virus, which was obviously in circulation last year but erupted when the earth turned on its axis away from the sun (winter solstice).  The answer can’t be “never eat food again.”  We don’t eat sterile food.  Stomach acid is our last line of defense before germs get to the blood circulation and then the white blood cells take over.” [MW = Please remember that heartburn drugs block the stomach acid that is critical for this protection.]

How long is the virus contagious for?

SARDI: “Too long” [MW = the guidelines change. The most common current advice is to “ask the doctor if it is okay to go out in the community”.]

Trudy: “how to stay safe when someone in the house has it?”[MW = “the CDC lists prevention tips.”]

SARDI: We can wash and wash; disinfect and disinfect; go hide in the bathroom and let others shove your meals under the door.  This is almost useless when these viruses are highly transmissible and ubiquitous (everywhere).  The coronaviruses were contacting you in summer but because of your immunity, largely due to higher vitamin D levels, you never got ill.  The incidence of the flu is cited at 65% in winter and just 1.5% in summer.  Source: Vaccine, Volume 38, Issue 2, 2020.

And are there products for stopping the virus from giving you pneumonia?

[MW = “The best way to avoid pneumonia is to build your immune system’s ability to defeat the virus before things go that far. The nutrients we’ve discussed extensively in recent weeks are key—especially vitamin D, Vitamin C and zinc. Some are covered in this helpful Bill Sardi article (one of many on that site). I recommend Formula 216 for the vitamin C and Molecular Multi for routine zinc nutrition. (Also, Mr. Sardi has created a genius zinc formula which can be preordered.) As for vitamin D, the best source is sun exposure. My favorite supplement is the liposomal spray D/K2 product on this page. But, if taking capsules, at least take enough.”

Gayle: “I have been told the zinc supplements I take are blocked. What can I do to get the zinc to be used in my body?”

SARDI:  “Zinc is tightly controlled in the human body by binding to its protein metallothionein.  Taking the trace mineral selenium will knock off some zinc and make it more fully available.” [MW = I think the amount in Molecular Multi is enough for that purpose.]

Cathie: “If I am taking Longevinex and Molecular Multi (2 tablets) every day, do I need to get more quercetin during this time?” [MW = Those two products contain quercetin which among other benefits enables zinc to enter infected cells. That Hydroxychloroquine also does that and may actually be the reason the drug has some positive affect against the coronavirus.]

SARDI: Quercetin would be appropriate once you have a cold or flu.

Martie Whittekin asks: The drug Hydroxychloroquine is being touted as an experimental cure for covid-19. I made this page with its potential side effects. Also, more than one study shows that Z-Pack (Azithromycin) used in combination increases the risk of fatal heart attack among those already at risk. This is an example of a tough risk/benefit call because that drug does reduce deaths from pneumonia in the elderly. Is there a safer alternative we can ask [beg] doctors to give a patient who is in serious trouble?

SARDI: “Hydroxychloroquine is far less problematic than Chloroquine which is fraught with side effects.  While chloroquine has side effects, this drug is not for daily prophylaxis (prevention) but for treatment once shortness of breath and chronic cough have set in.  Not for long-term use without a doctor monitoring, but this drug is widely used in the 3rd world for malaria and is not considered unusually troublesome.  Chloroquine is a zinc ionophore (meaning that it helps zinc enter virally infected cells), so effectiveness is dependent upon the person having enough zinc.  Azithromycin antibiotic can be mimicked with cinnamon oil or oil of oregano.  I give this advice for home-based self-care recognizing there is no way government can provide enough medicine for all even if there is a cure.” 

Next week’s questions are about long-term immunity, antibody testing, NAC and more.

Coronavirus, What to Do Naturally—Part 3

First a brief list of natural approaches, then a list of great resources about covid-19. One resource noted below is a new article I wrote on drugs we should be careful of regarding the virus.

More on zinc. It has been demonstrated in the following link that the trace mineral zinc inhibits the replication of coronavirus in infected cells through zinc’s ability to block virus RNA synthesis. Coronaviruses are RNA type viruses. Zinc also plays a central role in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus because it is required by the thymus gland to make certain immune cells (T-cells) that fight respiratory viruses. Daily maintenance of zinc is important. 

Zinc as a remedy has recently “come out of the closet” as a last resort.  Yet it has been available for decades.  Research noted that only zinc acetate lozenges that deliver a given amount of zinc have been found effective at reducing the length and severity of upper respiratory infections such as colds once you have one.  Most zinc lozenges on the market do not deliver sufficient dosage to quell a viral infection.  About 75-92 milligrams a day has been shown to be effective when given in a slow-release lozenge.

Quercetin  and EGCG.  Quercetin, an extract from red apples, and EGCG from green tea improve zinc utilization and facilitate zinc entry into cells. Details in this journal article. That is also one of the actions of chloroquine, which is now being tested against coronavirus infections. 

CBD Oil. Stress hurts immune function. Watching the news or picking up a newspaper these days can be a major source of stress. Meanwhile, several anti-anxiety drugs are linked to increased pneumonia (the main concern with Covid-19). Hemp-derived CBD oil may be best known for helping pain and inflammation, but it has also been shown to relieve stress and even anxiety. We recommend PlusCBD because of its quality. (As a bonus, PlusCBD gives our listeners 20% off with the code: NATURE.)

Aloe vera. As Sherry Rogers, MD told us, disease comes from only two issues—reduced nutrient levels and/or increased toxicity. That rule applies to infectious diseases because those factors weaken the immune system. Studies show that Lily of the Desert aloe vera helps both elements of that health equation—it improves nutrient uptake and detoxification. Note: the page at that link also tells how to make your own hand sanitizer with Lily of the Desert Aloe Gelly! (It will be better for your hands than commercial products.)

More on vitamin D. Sunshine on our skin was the original plan for acquiring vitamin D. As you know, that isn’t as practical in the winter…hence we supplement. Some vitamin D supplements are better absorbed and utilized than others. Dr. Michael Einsohn introduced me to the vitamin D offered in the Thermography Center online store. (phone consultations available.) Besides being a sublingual spray, it is micellized. That makes the D more easily accepted into your bloodstream. Vitamin D is also balanced in that product with vitamin K2 that is so important for getting calcium into bones and keeping it out of arteries. This is the vitamin D our family uses…but if not this one, please take vitamin D. We previously wrote that 5,000-8,000 IU is typically needed to move blood tests into the healthy range. Read more.

Humidity. Studies show that coronaviruses do not like heat or humidity. That is one reason they usually wane in the spring. They don’t like indoor humidity either and that is something you can control. Think humidifiers, a pan of water on the stove, keeping water in the bathtub, etc.  Even a facemask helps keep your airways more humid. (Seems especially useful for the dry contaminated environment of an airplane.)


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