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Listeners highlight controversies

Of course, I learn things every week from guest experts on the show, but I also learn a lot from our listeners! Sometimes they send me interesting information and I learn from research I do to answer their questions. Here are two examples.

Stem Cell Therapy. I am an ardent believer that stem cell therapy is the most revolutionary advance in medicine in my lifetime. I know of nothing else that can so dramatically regenerate tissue, balance immune function and reduce inflammation. Stem cells are nature’s own elegant system for stimulating repair, restoring function and reducing pain. They may save patients from dangerous steroid injections (which unfortunately degenerate joints) and risky surgeries. For example, why replace a knee with an artificial one which will only last a few years when it is possible to regrow the cartilage in that bone-on-bone joint?

Knowing of my interest, a listener shared a video about stem cells. It was billed as a “documentary” but was certainly not journalism. It was a sleazy, sensationalized and wildly misleading propaganda informercial created to sell the risky and expensive surgical approach to acquiring stem cells. It discredited competing approaches by focusing on extremely rare bad apples (which you can find in any field). Our listener was not fooled, but it did make him ask about why I recommend only Infiniti Stem Cells. That is an excellent question that has an easy answer.

First, because they work! Those Infiniti Cell folks have provided over 120,000 successful therapies—including several for my own family. On the radio we have highlighted just a few of the heartwarming and dramatic recovery stories. Remember, stem cells do not treat disease, (i.e. focus on insurance billing codes). They help the body solve its own problems in the same way nature did when we were very young. (To be clear, therapy does often result in patients becoming so well that they no longer meet the criteria for a diagnosis! But, that is just the result of the body’s wisdom at work.)

Second, I am completely confident in their safely and integrity. As you may recall from previous discussions, Infiniti Cells are umbilical cord derived cells—the only source I support. FYI The other sources are: fetal cells (immoral and illegal); amniotic fluid (less potent and much less clean) and autologous (they are from the patient’s own fat or bone marrow that are surgically removed, at some risk and great expense, and then manipulated. Those cells are relatively scarce and weaker.) The Infiniti safety system starts with a thorough pre-screening of prospective donors. It continues through extensive FDA-inspected labs that take many steps to assure maximum safety, viability and to ensure that there is no contamination or degradation of quality. Also, therapies are performed by qualified medical personnel under strict guidelines.

Third, the Infinity Cell therapies are much less expensive than most other types and brands. That is because the providers are deeply committed to helping people restore their health, not to pushing unneeded procedures in order to maximize profits.

Read more about stem cells. Call (972) 303-0683 for a complimentary no-pressure consultation to see if you might be a candidate for stem cell therapy. Yes, I do promote businesses like Infiniti Stem Cells that support our show. However, know this: I only accept sponsors that I am already excited to promote!

Front line doctors / hydroxychloroquine. Another fan of the show shared a link to what almost instantly became an extremely controversial video. It is about a group of front line medical doctors who are treating covid-19 patients and had gathered for a press conference in Washington, DC. They wanted to share the success they were having with atypical therapies. One doctor became quite animated talking about the 350 patients that she had saved using hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and an antibiotic. (She has had no fatalities, even among elderly patients with the dreaded “underlying conditions”.) She said she is writing up the results but worries that many patients will die unnecessarily if we simply wait for the results to be published rather than giving the plan a try. She has nothing personally to gain if the treatment becomes more widely used.

President Trump retweeted the video and mentioned the content in a daily briefing. That is probably unfortunate in that his association with the message inspired the anti-Trump media to quickly discredit the brave frontline doctors. The networks had no trouble finding critics who would point to studies that had supposedly “proven” that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work for covid-19 and is dangerous…never mind that some studies showed benefit and a couple of the negative studies were retracted by the medical journals. Some studies used a toxically high dose (apparently starting with 2400 mg instead of 200 mg twice a week) and had begun treatment too late in the progress of the disease. Some, if not all, the spokespersons interviewed decrying the new plan have income or at least reputations which might be harmed if this new therapy were to be taken seriously and proven useful.

Facebook, YouTube and other sites took the video down and admitted to censoring any information that goes against what the World Health Organization (WHO) says. Google has been known to even censor studies. The WHO has not been proven infallible! In any case, how are we supposed to have a productive debate if we are only allowed to hear one side of important issues? President Hubert H. Humphrey said,“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.”

(A similar problem exists surrounding vaccines. With the big covid-19 vaccine push headed our way, I encourage you to watch a debate about the vaccine between Robert F. Kennedy, JR and another famous attorney, Alan Dershowitz.) I found one website that (for the moment) still has the frontline doctors’ video available. By the way, it also describes the logical reason why hydroxychloroquine works and why it is so safe that after 65 years on the market, it is available over-the-counter to the public in several countries. Another interesting point was made. Many of the symptoms of covid-19 (loss of taste, smell, depression, etc.) are also symptoms of zinc deficiency. Hmmm, in part, hydroxychloroquine works by getting zinc into the cells.  Watch the doctors and decide for yourself. Also, look over this list of positive and negative studies on Hydroxychloroquine.

Covid-19 BRIEFS

No, we are not going to talk about the kind of “brief” shown in the photo above. Sleepwalking nearly naked in the snow along a road would not help covid-19 or anything else.  Brrr. The figure was actually just a very lifelike sculpture–a prank pulled February 2014 at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. As you might imagine, since that is an all-female school, it caused some controversy. The briefs below may also spark or highlight controversy.

  • CBD May Help Prevent Lung Destruction in COVID-19. Read about a study on the subject. When the immune system overreacts to a disease like coronavirus, it can cause unmanageable inflammation (the dreaded “cytokine storm”). With covid-19, this happens in the lungs thereby making cases much more severe. On top of that, pressure from ventilators that have typically been used with these critically ill patients can cause more lung damage and further increase death rates. Treatment has recently evolved to avoid ventilators by simply supplying high levels of oxygen without mechanically forcing the lungs to breathe. Hospitals also put patients on their stomachs instead their backs to ease breathing.

Controlling the excess inflammation is the holy grail.  That is why some successful treatments use inhaled anti-inflammatory drugs. Another CBD Study proposes several ways that supplementation with it may help, including tamping down the inflammation and reducing lung damage. Read about other benefits of CBD and potential long-term problems with the medications often being used. Of course, the FDA is quick to warn that CBD (or no drug for that matter) is a proven cure. However, if it were one of my family that was ill, I would add CBD to the other supplements that we’ve discussed (such as vitamins D and vitamin C, zinc and quercetin, plus selenium) and plan to avoid hospitalization.   

  • Hydroxychloroquine, good or bad? The news on this drug has been like watching a ping pong match. Early in the pandemic, some hospitals had reported good results with alleviating covid-19. Then came studies saying that it didn’t help and caused side effects. However, it seems that those studies may have been intended to fail since the drug was not given early in the disease as had previously been shown beneficial. Some objection to use of the medication seemed to be part of a propaganda war based on what I believe is criminally misguided political purposes.

Now, a highly analyzed and peer-reviewed study from the Henry Ford Health System concluded that, “Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects.”[!]  Yale epidemiology professor, Dr. Harvey Risch commented on that saying, “Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed” [!!] The medicine is most useful as a preventive or early in the disease and could protect health care workers. The drug is not approved by the FDA for coronavirus, but doctors can prescribe it as an off-label use. Important, see “zinc” below.

  • Zinc. Hydroxychloroquine is an “ionophore”, meaning that it gets zinc into cells. Once there, zinc stops the virus from replicating. That is apparently why the drug is of more use early in the exposure…before the virus has reproduced out of control. I am very annoyed that the news rarely, if ever, mentions zinc. If you are among the 40% of elderly persons that are deficient in zinc, what good would that medication do? Read more about the mineral zinc’s other benefits. Research shows that zinc lozenges are the form that helps you recover from illness most quickly. Bill Sardi has (brilliantly) created these revolutionary Lifespan zinc lozenges that contain not only zinc but also ionophores! Be prepared with some on hand. Preorders are being shipped today! (Buy 2 and get a bottle free.)
  • Quercetin. The natural molecule Quercetin has been shown to act as an ionophore and makes a great partner with zinc. It is found in many plants, including citrus, berries, leafy vegetables, herbs, spices, legumes, tea, cocoa and Sardi’s Lifespan zinc lozenges.
  • Greatly anticipated vaccine. The media would have us believe that everything will be solved by a covid-19 vaccine. Really? Given the problems with other vaccines that took several years to bring to market, many of us are genuinely concerned about one that has been rammed through the process at high speed.(Even 2021 which the WHO says is likely is still FAST.) One major issue is that those now in trials are not being tested on those most at risk—elderly people like me. (Note: the flu vaccine is only 20% effective in the elderly.)

There is also a question of whether or not the scientific method is being applied to vaccines such as those for covid-19. (There is a vaccine page in the HBN Library.) Reminder: a lot of good information and protection can be had from the form designed by Bill Sardi and lawyers, the CONSENT/REFUSAL FORM for the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. (All proceeds go to fight for health freedom.)

  • Alternative treatment: Our goal at HBN is to arm you with what it takes to prevent infection with the virus and, if infected, to fight it off successfully at home. David Brownstein, M.D. and his colleagues successfully treated 107 covid-19 patients with a protocol that used vitamins A, C and D, iodine and hydrogen peroxide (nebulized). Read “A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies” You’ll notice that they suggested vitamin C in doses of at least 3-5,000 mg/day. (My proofreader and I were both surprised that there was no zinc.)

* Photo credits, Time magazine

Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 2

These Q & A are about covid-19. (I’m thinking of doing a big covid-19 summary blog soon since the science is evolving, and the media is so often pushing the panic button about the wrong things! 😊) I have edited these questions a bit for space and clarity.

  • In her book, High Blood Pressure Hoax, Dr. Rogers discussed using Monolaurin for Viral Attacks and I wondered why she did not mention that in her discussion of Covid as a Preventative. 

Monolaurin is one of many natural antivirals such as olive leaf extract, resveratrol and elderberry extract. Although not proven for covid use, there is probably some good from taking them for coronavirus. But, Dr. Rogers’ emphasis has been to keep the virus from getting into our cells by keeping the cell membranes in good shape. (Listen to her May 16 interview and read the blog review of that show.) The next step is to make sure there is zinc in the cells because it keeps the virus from reproducing. 

  • If you have FEVER with covid, what to do?

Of course, do all the things we’ve discussed to get well (e.g. vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C). Remember that fever is part of our immune defense. So, it is best to avoid taking fever medicine unless the temperature gets quite high (e.g. 104 or more). Cool cloths and plenty of water help. NEVER give aspirin to children who have a virus because of concern over developing dangerous Reye’s syndrome.

  • Antibodies tests and immunity. There were a couple of questions about how soon are you immune after coronavirus and how long does it last?

Scientists are still figuring those things out and doing a lot of guessing as to the effectiveness and safety of supposed immunity from vaccines that are in the pipeline. Besides disease fighting antibodies, we also make special memory T-cells which will protect us from another encounter with covid-19. They are made in the thymus and that gives us another good reason to keep our thymus in good shape by having enough zinc in our body.

  • How specific is the antibody test? Does an antibody test specify that the person was exposed to the current SARS 2-covid (AKA covid-19, coronavirus) verses another corona viruses that have been circulating for decades?

The tests are supposed to be very specific, but there have been a lot of problems. Here is what the CDC says.

  • Other tests. Roger’s newsletter says to get a red blood cell (RBC) magnesium test and RBC zinc test and the 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D test.  Are these tests recommended more than an antibody test for the virus?

I’d sure say so. Having those nutrients at good levels will protect you from a lot more health grief than just coronavirus. However, you might end up needing to get an antibody test to prove to your employer or some authority that you are safe to have around.

  • How to fight forced vaccines?

The best way I know is to learn from and use the form designed by Bill Sardi and lawyers, the CONSENT/REFUSAL FORM for the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. It explains the risks and our rights and, since vaccine makers are protected from lawsuits, puts the responsibility on the provider. (All proceeds from the form’s sales go to NHF to fight for our health freedom.) Using that information with your company and/or local legislators may help fight any mandate for the vaccine.

  • Grape Seed Extract powder. Dr. Rogers said that if you use only one thing for the virus, use GSE at night (1/4 teaspoon). What is the name of the powder and where to get it? is a website that has a whole section of items that Dr. Rogers recommends. They have caps but don’t seem to have a powder. (I’m told that the liquid is topical only.) I did a quick search and found it many places, including Walgreens online.

Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 1

I apologize! During her May 16, 2020 interview, we ran out of time for caller questions. So, Dr. Rogers suggested that we do a show focusing only on listener questions. I loved that idea; however, I should have known better than to attempt a “lightening round” where we would quickly cover a whole bunch of questions. Dr. Rogers simply knows too much! She understands that problems are usually the result of several factors and so she resists treating nutrients like “silver bullet” drugs—the old “you have a problem; I have a pill” medical routine. Note: she does not sell any products and is not a paid spokesperson for any company, so when she mentions a brand, it is because she believes in it. Below is the first installment of a few translated answers to questions listeners have posed.

  • Why were you reading about Guano? Guano is bat poop which is believed by many to be where the covid-19 virus originated.
  • Rogers why do you not have any gray hair at age 77? She says that is the result of her whole diet and lifestyle, not any particularly hair-focused plan.
  • What is the best way to DETOX? There is not just one way. Her wonderful book, Detoxify or Die, tells the whole story. In my video classes on digestion and detoxification, I say (and I’m sure Dr. Rogers agrees) that step one is to identify the sources of toxins and stop accumulating them! (Incidentally, my course is in a set of 5 DVD’s that has been selling elsewhere for about $200. I came across a few sets that I will sell for $39.95 each (free shipping) to the first 3 people who request one. Just email me, [email protected])
  • Is ascorbic acid an acceptable form of vitamin C? The vitamin C in an orange is ascorbic acid and the two terms are used interchangeably. But remember that when you eat an orange, you also get antioxidant bioflavonoids from the white fibers and membranes. Bioflavonoids make the C more useful and keep it in the body longer. (By the way, a green bell pepper or a serving of strawberries contain a lot more vitamin C than an orange.) Supplements of vitamin C can be synthesized (often from corn) but the science cannot find any material difference in the effect on the body. In an ideal world, we would make our own vitamin C from blood sugar like most animals do. That is the intent and apparent effect of Formula 216 which is the C supplement I use.
  • Is it okay to keep using the same water bottle? Plastic bottles leach hormone-disrupting plasticizers into the water. Bacteria and mold can develop in any bottle. So, yes, if it is glass or metal and you wash it well often. I run mine through the dishwasher at least once a week.
  • What are the toxic 7 m’s Dr. Roger’s wants us to get rid of to be healthy? Mercury (we now get it from corn syrup and sugar), Meds (she said statins guarantee Alzheimer’s), Mycotoxins (from yeast overgrowth), Mangled fats (like trans fats), Manufactured toxins (like Teflon), Managed Care and Monsanto (the chemical giant that brought us aspartame and though it sold to Bayer is responsible for spreading GMO’s and the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Roundup® (Note, American’s blood levels of glyphosate are 7 times higher than those of Europeans!) 

In the next installment, we’ will cover the covid-19 questions.

To mask or not to mask, that is the question

The silly DIY mask shown in the photo is, of course, just for laughs. In stressful, confusing times like these, it helps to keep a sense of humor. Occasionally, someone (apparently without a sense of humor or negotiating skills) throws a screaming profane hissy fit because she was asked to wear a mask. The other extreme, which I think you will agree is equally absurd, is the person who wears a mask in the car driving alone or when walking by themselves in wide open spaces or as seen on the news, former Vice President, Joe Biden wearing one while bike riding alone in the wide open spaces…I wonder if these folks wear a mask to bed?

Except in the final paragraph, I am not going to tell you what to do. However, I would like to shed a little light on the topic so that you will be better prepared to make an informed decision. Below are some pros and cons. (I start with the negatives because the media never mention those.)

Why to AVOID Wearing a Mask: (Many of these are quoted directly from the detailed and fairly well-documented website, The Healthy American (THA). Listen to the 8/15/20 interview with THA founder, Peggy Hall.

  • A study (not yet peer-reviewed) conducted by the University of Louisville concluded “Mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state-level COVID-19 spread during COVID-19 growth surges.” (Note, they said “are NOT”.)
  • This study concludes: Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy
  • Masks allegedly reduce intake of oxygen to dangerous levels, leading to carbon dioxide toxicity. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has documented the risk. Watch Peggy Hall’s video on OSHA, masks and oxygen. Low oxygen levels not only affect the brain, they interfere with immune function. The THA website has a much longer list of negative effects of low oxygen. However, some informal tests in hospitals don’t support OSHA’s oxygen reduction claim although healthcare workers wearing them do have more headaches.
  • Masks accumulate moisture. Germs are trapped near your mouth and nose, increasing risk of infection.(However, contrary opinion says that the moisture makes the exhaled droplets bigger and more likely caught in the mask or to promptly drop to the ground.)
  • Wearing a mask causes you to touch your face more frequently.
  • There is (little to ) no scientific evidence that supports healthy people wearing masks. The THA site gives quotes from even the World Health Organization and CDC that agree about the lack of science. (They have now flip-flopped on that view. It does not seem to be because of new science but is apparently that their earlier negativity was manipulation to keep consumers from hoarding scarce medical masks.)
  • The scientists in Holland did not find convincing evidence of a benefit and a US medical journal article said that outside of medical facilities, the main purpose of the masks was to help with anxiety.
  • Masks obscure your facial features and impede normal social interaction.
  • Masks make it hard for hearing-impaired people to understand you and they scare kids.
  • Face coverings give a false sense of security and cause people to forget to keep their distance.
  • They can interfere with your field of vision if not worn properly.
  • Taking them off can catch onto and remove hearing aids. (Found mine on the ground in a parking lot.)
  • Masks symbolize suppression of speech.

Positive Reasons to WEAR a Mask.

  • Although the N95 respirators used in medical situations are more effective and better studied, there is at least some scientific evidence  that cloth face coverings may help a little. This Duke University study ranks the effectiveness of various types. They help mainly to keep infected persons from spreading the virus because “they may prevent larger expelled droplets from evaporating into smaller droplets that can travel farther.” This very worthwhile video shows how they function
  • You may be “required” to wear one by local government or by retailers. (Keep in mind that a governor’s or mayor’s Executive Order is a guideline and usually not a law that can compel a citizen to do anything. Police should only enforce laws not Executive Orders.)
  • Makes people around you feel safer.
  • Serves to remind people that there is still a pandemic.
  • Keeps the peace.

My summary thoughts:

  • I’m now convinced that it is probably smart to wear a face covering, especially when you cannot keep a good distance from strangers and when businesses make it a policy.
  • While wearing one, make sure it fits well and covers both mouth and nose. Also make it a point to breathe deeply through your nose.
  • Take the mask off the minute you can.
  • Dispose of the disposable ones after a day of use and wash the reusable ones frequently.
  • Don’t worry if your mask isn’t a color coordinated designer model like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi always has around her neck or those now available with fashion icon logos. I may get one with buck teeth and a mustache shown on it. 
  • Smileeven though probably no one will know.
  • Whatever you decide about masks, make sure you keep your immune system strong with enough vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C and selenium. Obviously, stay away from not only sick people, but those young players who may have been exposed in bars or parties and not know it.

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