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Melatonin Surprises- PART 2


This blog is a continuation of last week’s about the Healthy by Nature Show March 13, 2021, when investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles, discussed his book, Extreme Dose! Melatonin The Miracle Anti-Aging Hormone Anti-Alzheimer’s Hormone Anti-Baldness Hormone Menopause Reversal Hormone. I recommend listening to the interview because this blog just hits the high spots. I did double check and reinforced these points with information that I received from Russell Reiter, PHD a professor in the Department of Cell Systems and Anatomy at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Immune function and covid-19. Melatonin has been known to rejuvenate the thymus gland in animals. (Zinc is also needed.) The thymus makes immune cells such as the ‘killer T cells’.  Check out this powerful medical journal article, Melatonin potentials against viral infections including COVID-19: Current evidence and new findings.

Cancer. Cancer is often associated with reduced melatonin levels. Here is an important journal article: Melatonin, a Full Service Anti-Cancer Agent: Inhibition of Initiation, Progression and Metastasis Melatonin also prevents chemo resistance and resistance to tamoxifen. Apparently, cancer grows in the daytime, not at night when melatonin is high. Therefore, keeping patient rooms dark at night seems important. For breast cancer Dr. Reiter says to take a minimum of 10 mg. whereas Jeff recommends taking 100 mg. of melatonin a day.

Alzheimer’s. Here is an encouraging medical journal article,Mechanisms of Melatonin in Alleviating Alzheimer’s Disease

Blood Pressure. There seems to be a growing interest in melatonin for helping reduce high blood pressure. Read more.Be cautious if blood pressure comes down a bit too far, you may briefly get dizzy.

Melatonin safety. According to this research article, “No studies have indicated that exogenous [supplemental] melatonin should induce any serious adverse effects.” It also said, “even in extreme doses…only mild adverse effects, such as dizziness, headache, nausea and sleepiness have been reported.” Jeff said that when he started taking 100 mg the first few nights, he described his sleep as “uncomfortable” but within a week, he slept like a baby. After 2 or 3  months, his thinning hair started to fill in. (He thinks that is because melatonin boosts progesterone which is like the hair growing drugs.) The National Institute of Health says “As with all dietary supplements, people who are taking medicine should consult their health care providers before using melatonin. In particular, people with epilepsy and those taking blood thinner medications need to be under medical supervision when taking melatonin. 

My parting thought. There must be a good reason that all animals and even plants have melatonin. Read Jeff’s article Amazing! Melatonin Secrets That Almost Nobody Knows About! It is understandable that melatonin may have a life extension effect and it likely provides a great many more benefits because it works in such fundamental ways:

  • as an antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • as support for our cells’ mitochondria [powerhouses]
  • in balancing hormones
  • in regulating the body’s natural rhythms
  • and, of course, improving sleep

Jeff’s answers to questions that came up after the show:

  • Jeff said “I think the menopause reversal effect came from women taking just 6 mg of melatonin at night.  I just realized if melatonin is the famine survival hormone at high doses, that slows/reverses aging and acts as birth control. If women take 75 mg a night during their reproductive years it will probably delay the time/age that menopause occurs!!  Maybe dramatically. That is my prediction.”
  • Regarding sleep. “Vitamin D3 and magnesium affect sleep…magnesium deficiency is a major cause of insomnia.”
  • He thinks “the Alzheimer’s progression I mentioned was stopped in the one Brazilian twin with 10 mg of melatonin a night.”
  • Jeff says that “smaller amounts might work but I think that the healthiest thing to stop/reverse aging would be to take the birth control amount of 75+ mg a night for women and 100+ mg a night for men (higher for men just to adjust for weight).”
  • Safety? The National Institute of Health says “As with all dietary supplements, people who are taking medicine should consult their health care providers before using melatonin. In particular, people with epilepsy and those taking blood thinner medications need to be under medical supervision when taking melatonin. supplements.” Later they also said, “There’s been a lack of research on the safety of melatonin use in pregnant or breastfeeding women.”
  • Some readers have asked about recommended brands of melatonin. I don’t have any favorites, but here is an example of a 10 mg type that I bought. It is a much higher dose than the commonly available 3 mg. Mr. Bowles says that high dosages of nutrients are available in powder form at

Melatonin Surprises- PART 1

On the Healthy by NatureShow March 13, 2021, investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles, discussed his book, Extreme Dose! Melatonin The Miracle Anti-Aging Hormone Anti-Alzheimer’s Hormone Anti-Baldness Hormone Menopause Reversal Hormone.

This supplement is a hormone that you may have heard about as a help for sleep and jet lag. It does that, but we learned about some of its other benefits noted in the subtitle of his book. There are more such help with migraine, depression, blood pressure and cancer.

A timely connection is that melatonin is being studied as an adjunct treatment for covid-19. (Incidentally, President Trump was taking it  during his brief bout with the coronavirus.) The head of our affiliate network, ACN, kindly sent me this message: A study done by a team of researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that melatonin may help prevent illness from COVID-19. It found that use of the sleep aid is ‘strongly associated with a 28% reduced likelihood’ of a positive COVID-19 test. For African Americans, the reduction in likelihood goes up to 52 percent.” Conveniently, melatonin has also been shown to support lung health.

The chart at the top illustrates how nighttime levels of melatonin decline as we age. That is a clue to why Jeff considers melatonin an under-appreciated help with age management. Melatonin controls other hormones. He said that a study in Europe found that 75 mg daily was effective birth control for women. (That is way higher than the 1-3 mg usually used for sleep and I don’t recommend relying on that method.)  When Jeff was taking high doses of melatonin, his blood levels of progesterone went up. (I consider that a good thing.)

I apologize for not going in greater depth and for cutting off Part 1 of this story here rather abruptly. Frankly, with taxes and other stuff, I just got really behind this week and ran out of time. Next week, I will review the Bowles interview and my notes from a previous professor’s lecture and tidy things up.

Sherry Rogers Review

As always, Sherry Rogers, MD provided us a wealth of information during her March 6 HBN interview. Although you can and maybe should listen to the show again in the archives, for your convenience, I offered to review a few of the main topics.

Covid-19. Dr. Rogers said that even though the virus has been around a year and a half (long before we were informed), the current Journal of the American Medical Association shows that mainstream medicine, the CDC, the FDA, Harvard, etc. are still clueless about how to effectively stop the virus especially with natural means. She teaches us that the virus is just a piece of DNA that must commandeer our cells to survive and spread. She identified seven steps or stages of the infection:

  1. The virus lands on our cells. (So, first, try to protect yourself from exposure using common sense steps such as masks and staying away from people who may be ill. Dr. Rogers previously discussed healing our cell membranes which is important for keeping viruses out and for making good docking sites for vitamin D. I reviewed that interview in the May 21, 2020 blog. Getting the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats back to normal with cod liver oil is one factor. Taking the 8 forms of vitamin E is another. Phosphatidyl Choline is the cell anchor for the other things.)
  2. The virus grabs onto the cell by making a glycoprotein which issomething like a clot. (Boluoke is a fibrinolytic enzyme that she said stops that.)
  3. The virus gets into the cell through ACE2 gates. (Folks on blood pressure medicine have 4 times as many of these. Processed foods, GMO’s etc. also create more. See #7 below)
  4. Covid-19 starts replicating and sometimes creates mutant forms or variants (we need to stop that duplication with virus “birth control” which is zinc).
  5. It hibernates in the gut. It can stay dormant like so many other viruses do…if the gut is well nourished and not toxic.
  6. There it begins making misfolded proteins. (Some are prions which target receptors of which diabetics have a lot and they can even get into the brain. They have no genetic material and can’t be eliminated with drugs or vaccines. However, lithium orotate is a natural solution.).
  7. The virus attaches to the ACE2 receptors in the lung and there it acts like a fast-progressing cancer. (Saturday, she mentioned that JAMA discussed the horrendously expensive and poorly tested “monoclonal antibody treatment” for covid-19. It works on step 3 and 7 by closing the ACE2 receptors. She pointed out that adequate doses of safe and inexpensive vitamin D3 (i.e., 10,000 IU) also does that.

Sherry’s 2020 Total Wellness newsletter gives detailed instructions on how to stop covid at each of those 7 stages. There is too much to review here, and I highly recommend you order the past year newsletter from the publisher (print or digital and don’t forget the P129P code for a 20% discount).

She suggested you protect yourself if you have been out to a store without mask, glasses and other personal protection: take 2 Boluoke, put 2 squirts up your nose of antiviral Argentyn 23 silver nasal spray. Tilt your head back and feel it run down the back of your throat. (Don’t use “colloidal silver” which leads to heavy metal toxicity.)

Here are the “7 m’s” that Dr. Rogers says to get rid of in order to be healthy. Mercury (we now get it from corn syrup and sugar), Meds (she said statins guarantee Alzheimer’s), Mycotoxins (from yeast overgrowth), Mangled fats (like trans fats), Manufactured toxins (like Teflon), Managed Care and Monsanto (the chemical giant that brought us aspartame and though it sold to Bayer is responsible for spreading GMO’s and the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Roundup® (Note, American’s blood levels of glyphosate are 7 times higher than those of Europeans!) 

If you get sick and think you might have covid. Have an oximeter (about $20) on hand from the drug store or order online to make sure your oxygen is in a good range. Go to the doctor and have them do a D-dimer and an LDH test because having those increasing is bad news. Make sure they know you want heparin to make sure that you don’t have clots which can kill you (they are also the final insult in heart attack / stroke or cancer).

Vaccine? She said maybe you should take the shot if you aren’t protecting yourself with vitamin D, zinc and the other things we’ve discussed. I just found this open letter from doctors and scientists to European regulators. It details serious concerns about the vaccines.

Schizophrenia. A listener asked about this mental health issue and I asked which book would be best, thinking it might be Depression Cured at Last. Dr. Rogers recommended How to Cure Diabetes for that and maybe any problem because it goes into basics.

Longevinex. Dr. Rogers says resveratrol is great, but, based on research, this is the only brand she can recommend.

Lysine. After the show, I asked her about lysine for covid-19. She said other aminos are also helpful and that maybe the Dominican Republic did so well fighting covid using lysine because they are healthier to start with.

Covid-19 Help from an Antiviral Amino Acid

During his 2/27/21 interview, Bill Sardi, told us about studies showing that a common natural amino acid, l-lysine, has the power to protect against and even resolve many viruses including covid-19! Mr. Sardi wrote a very useful article on the topic (it links to studies). The article also discusses worrisome new covid-19 variants. This blog today reviews information from his interview plus a little extra.

The general idea. Amino acids are building blocks of protein. The amino l-arginine in the diet prompts some viruses to multiply and grow strong.  However, if there is less of that available but more of another amino acid, l-lysine, the viruses weaken and fade away. Apparently, lysine gets taken up by the virus instead of arginine, but it doesn’t work for the virus. L-lysine has been successfully used since the 1970’s to fight many viral conditions—especially the herpes type viruses that cause fever blisters, canker sores, chicken pox and shingles. In 2016,lysine even worked in a lab study against a coronavirus! In 2020, a grass roots movement started in the Dominican Republic to use lysine against another coronavirus—covid-19! A 14-minute video interview describes how this happened and surprisingly how lysine was gradually accepted by mainstream medicine and even health regulators. (I cannot imagine that this could ever happen in the US.) Watch a video of that story with details of best usage (14 min) The Mt. Sinai Health System website has a useful page on lysine.

Safety. L-lysine is prevalent in foods and has been widely used around the world as a supplement. Lysine is valued for other benefits including relief of anxiety, promoting of wound healing and (along with vitamin C), preventing buildup of plaque in arteries.

Food sources – the body can make arginine, but we must either eat or supplement lysine. Foods that are a good source of lysine include meat, poultry and fish, cheese, eggs, avocado and papaya. To avoid reducing the benefit of lysine when you are ill, eat less of lysine’s opposite, l-arginine. Foods high in arginine are nuts, seeds, chocolate, turkey, soybeans and peanuts. (People prone to fever blisters often get them around holidays where they eat nuts and chocolate.)

Lysine Supplement Usage Guidelines. Supplements of 500 mg. a day are suggested for prevention. It is probably better to avoid taking it at bedtime because it gives some people energy and may interfere with sleep. Coffee is not recommended during covid-19 or while using lysine. Higher doses, e.g. 1,500 mg a day and up are useful if fighting a coronavirus or herpes infection. The suggested upper limit for supplementation is 3,000 mg. per day. Check with physician if you have kidney or liver disease. Persons who have had covid-19 symptoms for over month and a half should go slowly, starting with ½ doses.

Supplements. Most lysine supplements are made with raw material from the same ultimate source and there is nothing complicated about absorption. So, this is one case where the brand isn’t critical. “Now” brand is usually readily available and reasonably priced. Strictly for the convenience of customers who purchase Molecular Multi, Nerve Guardian or Zinc Lozenges from his Lifespan Nutrition company, Bill Sardi added two common brands of lysine. He is offering them at a special price…but he will also be happy if our listeners find bargains elsewhere. He just wants them to have the safeguard of lysine.

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