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Tragically Unnecessary Covid-19 Deaths

The most important and startling fact revealed during Peter A. McCullough, MD’s appearance on Healthy by Nature last week, was that 510,000 (or more) of the 600,000 US Covid-19 deaths could have been avoided. Unfortunately, those folks did not receive early outpatient treatment akin to what would routinely be given for virtually any other disease. Instead, most infected people were told to “go home and wait until you are having trouble breathing and then go to the hospital.” Even many of those admitted to the hospital could have been saved with a combination of medications and nutrients and so would not have needed to be put on a ventilator. Remember that the fatality rate of patients on ventilators is quite high in part because by that point they are so ill and because mechanical ventilation itself is hard on the lungs.

As a highly competent and dedicated doctor, Dr. McCullough did the same thing for his patients with covid-19 that he would do treating patients with any disease. He looked at the science for interventions which were safe and useful for the various stages, facets and processes involved in the illness and created a protocol. That protocol combined various medications and nutraceuticals (nutrients). He published the protocol and other brave doctors joined him in using that plan to save patient lives. I said “brave” because, despite their great clinical results, these doctors were not supported in their efforts by the medical establishment, the government (at any level), the media, academia, or scientific spokespersons.

Worse yet, as difficult as it is to accept, there were vigorous efforts to suppress the use or even the discussion of early treatment. Doctors who dared stray from the “go home and wait to get sicker” approach were ostracized, humiliated, threatened with loss of their license and in Australia even threatened with jail. Some of the drugs used in the plan were also falsely bashed. That campaign included frequent citation of one totally bogus negative study about hydroxychloroquine which was published in Lancet, a major medical journal. (Ultimately it was retracted but the damage had been done.) The preponderance of studies on every component of Dr. McCullough’s protocol were positive and yet these lifesaving medicines and nutrients were ignored and suppressed by the authorities charged with our health. I don’t know about you, but their utter disregard for human health in this case shakes my faith in their other pronouncements and advice.



My DIY skin care system

Occasionally, I am humbled to receive a kind comment about my complexion. Apparently, some folks think that I look better than what they would expect for my advanced age. Appearance does matter to our self-confidence (both women and men) …and unfortunately, people see us and too often judge us even before we get acquainted.

I am going to discuss how I care for my face on the outside, but I need to point out that our skin dramatically reflects our inner health. If we are undernourished, sleep-deprived, sedentary and/or toxic, it shows. Also, skin is very unforgiving of sun exposure—even decades later. There is a fine line between getting enough sun to create the vitamin D that we require and the extreme of baking permanent damage into the skin cells. (Being quite fair skinned, I gave up tanning many decades ago as a hopeless goal. But, I wish I had made that decision many years sooner because, believe me when I say that the parts of me that never sunbathed are in much better condition.)

Here is my humble DIY regime: (I started out to call it “simple”, now seeing it in print, I’m going to go with “manageable”.

  • I cleanse my face with whatever creamy cleanser I happen to have on hand that will work in my pump dispenser. As long as it is not harsh and drying, I am not much concerned about cleanser ingredients because it should be all washed off quickly before it absorbs. In the shower and when I travel, I use mild and healing, Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar. However, next time I shop for a new creamy cleaner liquid, I am tempted by this one. (BTW, I have no connection to Lucky Vitamin, but link examples to them because I find they have a wide selection, typically competitive prices, an easy reorder system and good service.)
  • Note, because I change them daily, I bought a big package of cheap white cotton wash cloths at one of the warehouse stores.
  • Then, I splash on my homemade toner, using just my hands.
    • The toner base is Lily of the Desert Aloe vera juice* (I select their product in glass with no preservatives. BTW, “gel” is just “juice” with a thickening agent added. Last time, I accidentally bought gel instead of juice but it still works fine.) The aloe itself is very moisturizing, but I add…
    • A few squirts of hyaluronic acid serum for additional therapeutic moisturizing.
    • Vitamin C is good to help even out skin tone and color. So, I have been adding a liquid that I found at a health food store. There are a number of other vitamin C serums on the market that would work.
    • To help preserve the toner from bacterial growth, I add several drops of silver gel. (This is a brand that I respect.)
    • I put these ingredients in a glass pump bottle left over from another product I had finished off.
  • Daytime, I seal all that good moisture in with a thin coat of ozonated coconut oil. (It is lighter than it sounds and does not seem to clog pores even in that often oily forehead/nose “T-zone”.)
  • At night, I use a retinol product recommended by a facialist. It is effective for skin issues and wrinkles, but I have been tempted to try the much less expensive national consumer brand retinol products. I would probably buy this one because I like their body lotion and my dermatologist approved of that.
  • About twice a week, after cleansing, I use a scrub. The one I like best is very fine grained (microdermabrasion) and kind of polishes the skin by removing dead cells but does not scratch.

* Pet Tip. For Dog “Hot Spots” (not to be confused with hot dog spots), I recommend putting the Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice in a spray bottle and keeping it in the refrigerator. The spray is very soothing and healing. Plus, if your pet licks it off, it is safe and probably useful.

Do NOT get the vaccine before seeing this

I encourage everyone to read the pages in the HBN Library section about covid-19. At least learn about nutritional prevention and early outpatient treatment so that you are armed with alternatives. If you don’t do anything else to educate yourself before agreeing to a vaccine, PLEASE watch the video I link to at the end of this post. The interview is with Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, who along with other stellar qualifications is Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He has written extensively about Covid-19 including the first published protocol for outpatient treatment to prevent hospitalization (he explains that outpatient treatment has widely been suppressed). Although he is usually pro-vaccine, Dr. McCullogh has grave concerns about the wisdom and safety of the covid vaccines as well as about the real reason they have been pushed so aggressively. If you think you don’t have time to watch it all, at least click in about 3/4 of the way along the bar for a sample of what you are missing. This video interview with Peter McCullough, MD is the best thing I’ve seen on the pandemic–authoritative, thorough, logical, selfless, and understandable.




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