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Being skeptical is good for your health


Faith in the Lord is wonderful. Faith in mere mortals must be earned. We are expected to automatically take the word of our federal institutions and leaderse.g. just shut up and get the vaccination. Have they earned that faith? If you think the government could not possibly be mistaken or, worse yet, have a hidden agenda regarding the way it has managed various aspects of the covid-19 crisis, you may be just the kind of obedient follower they are depending on. Understand that there doesn’t have to be a grand evil conspiracy per se (but don’t be surprised if it turns out there was). Government entities and officials can go wrong simply based on human frailties such as: haste, carelessness, pride, lack of information, narrow mindedness, politics, stubbornness, power-hunger, and/or greed. Recently, I wrote a page for the covid section of the Library about the government’s abysmal track record regarding health. I’ve just added the two shocking items just below and at the bottom of this blog, I call attention to the FDA’s current move to limit your access to dietary supplements.

  • The Tuskegee Syphilis Study. In 1932, the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) enrolled 400 African American men from Tuskegee, Alabama in a “study.” The men were not told that the purpose was to see what would happen if they were not given any treatment for syphilis or were they even told that they had the disease. The subjects were recruited with misleading promises of “special free treatment,” which were actually spinal taps done without anesthesia [!!!] to study the neurological effects of the disease. The subjects received heavy metals therapy [???] but were denied antibiotic therapy even into the 1950s when that was the preferred treatment for syphilis. On several occasions, the USPHS actually sought to prevent treatment. Not until 1972, when accounts of the study first appeared in the national press, did the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) halt the experiment. At that time, 74 of the test subjects were still alive; at least 28, but perhaps more than 100, had died directly from advanced syphilis. In 1992, a class action lawsuit obtained some financial compensation for the remaining participants [victims!] and President Clinton publicly apologized on behalf of the federal government to the handful of study survivors in April 1997. This unethical and cruel government program lasted 65 years! I added the text in [these brackets] but I copied most of this disgraceful information from an online historical article.
  • Forced sterilization. “In 1907, Indiana became the first state in the country to successfully pass a mandatory forced sterilization law impacting the ‘feebleminded,’ a term used at the time to refer to the mentally handicapped. Some other states followed suit and even wanted to apply the principle to prison inmates and even the poor. 1970, the federal government “dramatically increased Medicaid-funded sterilization of low-income Americans, primarily those of color. While these sterilizations were “voluntary” as a matter of policy, anecdotal evidence later suggested that they were often involuntary as a matter of practice. Patients were frequently misinformed or left uninformed regarding the nature of the procedures that they’d agreed to undergo.” If you think that kind of cruel and bigoted practice could only happened in Nazi Germany, read the history: Eugenics and Forced Sterilization in the U.S.

Notice that in neither of those cases did people have informed consent. That is still going on today. We are not getting the full story regarding early home treatments for covid-19 or about the downsides of vaccines. We’ve  been able to protect and even treat ourselves with dietary supplements. However, neither the drug makers nor the FDA like that and so the supplements are being threatened. Please read on.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Threatens Consumer Access to Preferred Supplements. The agency’s longstanding cozy relationship with big Pharma and its fundamental bias against dietary supplements seems headed toward endangering my health and yours. Quoting from this article by the nonprofit National Health Federation: “The 50% of Americans using dietary supplements will not be pleased to learn that Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are colluding to threaten consumer access to cherished health care – and during a pandemic when supplements rise in importance to save lives. Will you please oppose the unconscionable legislative and regulatory proposals for the FDA to place dietary supplements on a list for market elimination? … The FDA has stated it will finalize next year its draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients (NDIs)…which would subject more than 30,000 “new” [new = any first marketed or changed after 1994] supplements to harsh and unnecessary drug-like regulations to prove their safety. We already know that supplements are about the safest consumer product someone can ingest, safer even than food. Why drive their cost up just to satisfy unnecessary and costly regulations? Many supplements will even be driven out of the market because they will not be worth the time and money to “prove” to the FDA’s satisfaction that they are safe.” [Clarification. In the article a graphic shows 106,000 deaths from pharmaceuticals. In fact, that number is only drugs given as prescribed in hospitals. Medical mistakes and outpatient deaths make number dramatically higher.] Click here to make your voice heard.

(Oops. If our sponsors could no longer sell their products, that would mean the END of the Healthy by Nature radio show. ☹)

Who decides what is true?

One of the most critical issues of our times is this question: Who decides what is a fact? (Regarding health, climate or any other subject.) Do the gen-Z fact checkers at Facebook or YouTube have the background, objectivity and the wisdom? I don’t think so. In any case, they must blindly implement the corporate guidance from higher up the corporate ladder. It is likely that the execs subscribed to “The Trusted News Initiative wherein media of all kinds (certainly not HBN) circled the wagons and agreed to basically repeat whatever the government narrative is. But, is the government to be trusted to tell only the truth? If only that was the case. Library page lists a few examples of the government’s history of bad to horrible health advice. BTW, it is not necessary to believe that there is some grand dark conspiracy (although there might actually be one). There is plenty of pressure to push a certain agenda because of human egos, conflicts of interest including financial ones, conflicting and even faulty science, plus plain old hunger for power.

HBN will continue to air and publish information that I sincerely believe to be true—based on the quality of studies, historical context, track record of the people involved and common sense. Below are some tidbits that you won’t likely hear from the mainstream media. This is especially truewhenever it might cast doubt on sponsors that pay them $billions in advertising. That applies to all of these.

  • Cell phones and tumor risk. New research has drawn a strong link between cell phone radiation and tumors, particularly in the brain. A large review of studies, Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Tumors: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis took a comprehensive look at statistical findings from 46 different studies around the globe and found that the use of a cell phone for more than 1,000 hours, or about 17 minutes a day over a ten-year period, increased the risk of tumors by 60 percent. [!!!] Researchers also said that cell phone use for 10 or more years doubled the risk of brain tumors. Researchers noted that that cell tower radiation can cause neurological disorders including headaches, fatigue, memory and sleep problems and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Furthermore, a cellphone’s radiation increases when the signal is weak. [Surprise, surprise…studies in the review that were funded by the mobile phone industry were less likely to show harm.] An article by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) about their own study, concluded that “EWG’s new guidelines, to focus on children’s health, recommend that children’s exposure overall be 200 to 400 times lower than the whole-body exposure limit set by the FCC in 1996. The EWG study also noted links to heart tumors in lab animals.

This is not a new concept. In 2011, The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, classified cellphone radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’ based on human epidemiological studies which found an increased risk of glioma, a malignant brain cancer, associated with cellphone use.

The Food and Drug Administration states on its website: “To date, there is no consistent or credible scientific evidence of health problems caused by the exposure to radio frequency energy emitted by cell phones.” [Hmmm…the mobile industry has a lot of money and a lot of lobbyists.]

Recommendation—use cell phones less; avoid putting them to your ear and, if possible use speaker phone or corded ear buds and in general keep away from the body. Be extra careful if you are in an area with weak service strength. [limited bars]

  • “The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes. An overwhelming volume of research makes it clear that this hormone produced in our skin can save lives.” The Epoch Times is not afraid to publish non-mainstream positions like this excellent article by Joseph Mercola about vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K2 and covid-19. This from a Whole Foods Magazine article “A new [small and preliminary] study supported by Kappa Bioscience has confirmed that vitamin K status is lower in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, compared to a healthy population control group. The research also showed low vitamin K status to be predictive of higher mortality.” Isn’t it nice when we can take something with multiple benefits such as vitamin K (for bones and cardiovascular health) rather than a pharmaceutical something that comes with multiple risk factors.
  • Quercetin and covid-19. Another Whole Foods Magazine article stated: “Quercetin supplementation, in combination with standard care, could aid in improving the early conditions of COVID-19, and help prevent the severity of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, according to two new human studies…Quercetin has broad-spectrum antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-protective effects, according to a press release, making it a potential candidate to support conditions involving oxidative stress, inflammation, and immunity.”

[Remember that Bill Sardi has long recommended quercetin and vitamin D. Also, Peter A. McCullough, MD recommends them as part of his early treatment protocol.]

Of course, the stakeholders (FDA, NIH, CDC) would say that those supplements are “not proven”. Remember, “not proven” is vastly different from “disproven”. The FDA’s bar for “proven” is so extremely high and expensive that only rich pharmaceutical companies can qualify. And, even if a supplement did qualifying research, the product could not legally claim to prevent or treat disease. Go figure.

Review of Peter A. McCullough, MD Interview

We covered so much vital information when Peter A. McCullough, MD was my guest July 10, 2021, that I needed to listen to the show again and make notes for my own benefit as well as yours.

Right before the show, Dr. McCullough received an email message from member of the Australian Parliament reminding him that in perhaps more than ½ the states in the US currently have zero deaths from covid-19. In contrast, deaths from the vaccine effects are growing and now number 9,048 as of July 7. Therefore, in many states, more people are dying from being vaccinated than being infected. He noted that the authorities should have sounded an alarm when, by January 22, 2021, the deaths from the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine had exceeded the highest number related to all other vaccines combined for any given year out of the last twenty. There is no independent safety monitoring group or mechanism, and, so far 6 months in, the government has still not provided a comprehensive safety report or even a safety press briefing. There seems to be only one side to the story from the top: “GET THE SHOTS and don’t ask questions!”

This chart may reveal only the tip of the iceberg because prior research showed that only 10% or fewer of cases of vaccine injuries are reported. That is understandable because it is a difficult process to report a vaccine injury and very easy to blame it on something else. For that matter, Dr. McCullough points out that we simply do not know if something like myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) really is “rare” as claimed because, so few people go in for cardio testing after being vaccinated. Note that the FDA did issue a warning about myocarditis regarding the Pfizer / Moderna vaccine because the spike protein has been shown to damage heart muscle in enough cases to cause concern. The FDA also warns of brain blood clots in women 18 to 48 with the J & J vaccine.

According to an analysis by Jessica Rose, PhD, in Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law, about 50% of deaths occur within about 48 hours of the shot (and typically among those in their 70’s and 80’s). 80 % of deaths occur within a week and 74% of all individuals who were reported as dying did so before receiving the second dose.  The non-fatal vaccine injuries such as heart attack, stroke, myocarditis, blood clots and neurologic injury seem skewed to younger individuals—those under age 50 who would be very unlikely to ever have a serious problem with covid.



CDC and FDA are the sponsors of the covid-19 vaccine program as a clinical investigation / research project. The “informed” consent form people have to sign admits that and says that the shot is purely voluntary.  Medical ethics for research worldwide and even the Nuremberg Code (which came out of Nazi trials after WWII) and the Declaration of Helsinki say that no type of medical treatment or vaccine should be forced on a person against their will. Also, there is not supposed to be any pressure or threats of reprisal. At this point the vaccines only have “emergency use authorizations”. In the months ahead, if they achieve full FDA approval, some legal requirements for the manufacturers will change, but the ethics regarding force do not.

Reading the consent form reveals that not only are the vaccines not proven to work, it also notes that side effects can range from a sore arm to death. Remember that the manufacturer is exempt from vaccine injury lawsuits. If you are one of the over 400,000 injured so far, you are on your own for any related medical treatment.

Trusted News Initiative. It is no accident that all the high-profile sources of news about the pandemic seem to be singing from the same song book. According to the BBC, “The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was set up last year to protect audiences and users from disinformation, particularly around moments of jeopardy, such as elections. The TNI complements existing programmes partners [already] have in place. The partners currently within the TNI are: AP, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post.” With this broad base, it seems that ABC, NBC, CBS and most all the others feel pressured to fall in line or be embarrassed or boycotted by sources. [Thankfully, apparently, Fox News didn’t get the memo.] Besides, all the spokespersons provided by the government say the same thing. Contrarian views, no matter how well grounded in science, are instantly dismissed as irresponsible “fake news” without any evaluation of the merits.

Colleges and Universities. About 400 of 5,300 universities have mandated the “voluntary” vaccines. The students have had to get vaccines previously and don’t seem to be stressing about this one. However, the parents are understandably worried. The young person’s risk of serious consequence from the disease is almost zero but there have been 75 vaccine deaths in persons under age 30 so far. That obviously calls into question the risk / benefit ratio. Dr. McCullough says that, based on the facts of disease / vaccine injury there is NO justification for vaccinating anyone under age 30. Unfortunately, schools do not seem to be persuaded by medical exemptions to getting the vaccine (e.g. allergy, heart problems, etc.). Parents have had more success by stating they have closely held religious belief exemptions. (No proof or specific citation needed.)

Exemptions. Any situation specifically excluded during the pre-approval studies should rightfully be taken as an exemption. Examples are: pregnancy, childbearing age, breast feeding, suspected covid recovery, immune deficiency and chronic disease. However, the CDC and FDA have been white-washing this, so others are given cover.

Mammograms / fertility. The vaccines do not stay in the arm muscle as we have been told. They distort the breast tissue on the side where the woman got the shot and so she is advised to wait a year after the vaccine to get a mammogram. The vaccines also migrate to the ovaries and in animal tests adversely affected fertility. The consent form warns away pregnant women and those planning to be pregnant soon. Dr. McCullough says that in the absence of safety data, under no circumstances should a pregnant woman take the covid vaccine.

Recovered from covid infection. In an extremely large study, Quantifying the risk of SARS‐CoV‐2 reinfection over time by Murchu and others, it was demonstrated that after having had covid or even just a positive test for the antibodies, the risk of being infected with covid was astonishingly low (0.3%) even when directly exposed. So, there is no benefit to vaccination—only risk. On the other hand, the CDC became overwhelmed and in May stopped counting (beyond 10,000 cases)  of covid among those who were vaccinated.

Delta and other variants. In the UK, it was shown that by June 25, 2021, 42% of the cases with the Delta mutation were among the fully vaccinated. So, as the Delta predictably becomes dominate in the US, there is less reason, not more, to take the shot. Guide to Names: Alpha = UK, Beta = South Africa, Delta = India, Lambda = Peru. This study, COVID-19 vaccines dampen genomic diversity of SARS-CoV-2: Unvaccinated patients exhibit more antigenic mutational variance by Neisen and others, explains how the vaccine is actually creating these more transmissable strains.

Testing—World Health Organization new position. The organization has taken a position against asymptomatic testing. Read about that. Dr. McCullough said that some colleges were testing students weekly and coming up with a lot of false positives. [Imagine the needless disruption.] Approved tests as evidence of antibodies to give for travel, = Abbott, Roche, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and dozens of others. The T-Detect test shows T cell immunity from having had the disease. However, the CDC and apparently most employers and sports organizations do not give deserved credit for the more robust and long-lasting immunity from having recovered. [Dumb. Just another excuse to sell more vaccines?]

Treatment. Dr. McCullough listed the multi-medication and the nutraceutical program that has been saving 85% of lives even among high risk patients. Read about the plans by clicking on those two links. At least check out this resource. He says clinical experience has shown that the Delta and Lambda variants seem even easier to treat. Dr. McCullough reminds us that the disease should be treated in the early stages when it is mild, especially for those over 50 with medical issues. That way it will stay mild and go away in a couple of days. Waiting for 2 weeks and going to the hospital because you are very sick is a very bad idea.

Masks. A recent very large trial published in the Annals of Int Med showed that public health masking is not very effective. Dr. McCullough says that the masks do make sense (at least to block sneezes) for doctors, dentists, hairdressers and others in close contact.

Studies. There are over 100,000 studies now on covid-19. Dr. McCullough uses them as a basis for his statements. (They are available online many months before being published in print.) When a spokesperson flatly says that the vaccines are safe and effective, they are spouting propaganda, not following science.



Sardi Summary

He is such a prolific source of knowledge, that when Bill Sardi is on Healthy by Nature, the show is typically dense with usable information. I sympathize with listeners who are driving, still half asleep or otherwise too occupied to make notes. The July 3, 2021 Show was one of those. For your convenience, the following is a summary of key points that we discussed.

  • Breaking news from Germany claimed that the covid virus can reduce oxygen circulation for months, triggering breathing issues, fatigue and headaches. The researchers saw enlargement and other negative changes in red blood cells. Mr. Sardi pointed out that if those “experts” had studied nutrition in medical school, they would have quickly recognized the symptoms of thiamine deficiency. A deficiency of that nutrient (also known as vitamin B1) has been proven to cause all the blood cell changes and symptoms noted, as well as blood clots. This deficiency condition can also explain a lot of the post-covid “long haul” complaints including the loss of sense of taste and smell which are nerve functions. B1 supports the autonomic nervous system which controls heartbeat, breathing, digestion and other “automatic” functions. The B1 deficiency syndrome, called beriberi, can also interfere with immune function and result in fever. Many people became deficient even before covid-19 because there is not much B1 in the diet and it is depleted by sugar, coffee, and alcohol (all of which have been consumed in even greater quantities during the pandemic).

Beri beri is as serious as a virus and can be fatal if allowed to become extreme and/or linger. The superior oil soluble form, benfotiamine, is available in health food stores in high doses (e.g. 150 mg for $8 a month) mainly for alcoholics. You cannot overdose, but for most of us, I recommend Molecular Multi for normal maintenance and Nerve Guardian (it has other B’s and is only about $3 a month) for catching up and for anyone with nerve issues.

  • Bill called attention to his report explaining the power of our immune system, Deprogram Yourself From The Mistaken Belief You Have No Immunity Against Pathogenic Viruses of Any Kind And Must Totally Rely on Vaccination To Avoid Death.
  • I had said we might discuss natural means of preventing and treating covid-19 but time ran out. See a discussion of those topics in the Library.
  • Delta variant. Bill Sardi agrees with the previous week’s guest, Peter McCullough, MD, that this new variant may spread faster but is no more dangerous than the original. (The recovery rate is 99.9%.) If you know about the home treatments (both medical and natural), it needs be no more worrisome than the flu. Note: both guests say that viruses naturally mutate to become less deadly because if they became stronger and routinely killed off their hosts, they could no longer survive and spread. The good news of becoming infected is that we develop lifelong immunity which is superior to vaccine protection. Those who have been previously infected are NOT likely to benefit from vaccination.
  • The weedkiller, Roundup contains arsenic which depletes zinc from the soil, crops, and our bodies. We must have zinc for immune function and for blocking virus replication. Most multivitamins only contain 15 mg of zinc. Molecular Multi contains the 30 mg. we need.
  • Selenium is an important trace mineral that helps release zinc from being bound up in a protein and it stops virus mutations. The usual supplemental dose is 100-200 mcg MORE is NOT better.
  • Mandates? The military was punishing service folks who did not get the vaccine. They had to back off that stance because it is illegal to force the personnel. Sardi suggested Peggy Hall’s website as a resource.
  • If you have gotten a covid vaccine (any type), Bill told us that it might be smart to take a natural blood thinner such as fish oil, garlic or resveratrol (i.e. Longevinex) to protect against clots which the shot might trigger. In case you have a clot and do not know it, you can take an enzyme (nattokinase) which breaks clots down. It is similar to a drug [Streptokinase] that would be given IV in an ambulance for a patient with a clot (e.g. with a type of heart attack or stroke). As Sardi mentioned, supplements of nattokinase are sold in health food stores, but I should add that is also included in the Kyolic #109 Blood Pressure Those natural substances keep the platelets from being sticky but do not overly thin the blood.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce clot risk in a different way. Lipoprotein (a) is a type of cholesterol that is an independent risk factor for developing vascular disease. If there isn’t enough vitamin C in the body, this sticky substance takes its place in the artery wall and forms the basis for a clot. [Resveratrol helps keep the levels of lipoprotein (a) low.] Being water soluble, vitamin C washes out quickly, so it is best to take a supplement several times a day. (Or, better yet, take Formula 216 which helps the body keep restore vitamin C levels around the clock.) He and I take Formula 216 in the evening because night is the healing time and you wouldn’t take C pills during the night after you go to bed.
  • Multi while breastfeeding? A caller, who is currently taking a prenatal vitamin, asked if Molecular Multi would be better. Mr. Sardi said to stick with the prenatal because Molecular Multi is designed for folks over 40 and so does not have enough iron for pregnancy or nursing.
  • Testing for immunity. The PCR test has gotten better. Last year the procedure declared “positives” when it only found bits of virus not sufficient to cause disease. These tests only show the short-lived antibodies, not the long-term T-cells. (Those require zinc.)
  • The extreme pressure to be vaccinated, along with the shortages, and all the power moves to control us seem to be part of a bigger (apparently global) plan to remake the world into something very unlike the capitalist democracy we grew up in. Keep an eye on your freedoms, including your health freedom because they are not guaranteed.

We hoped to talk about a recent article in which Sardi explains How Japan Achieved Super-Longevity In Just Five Decades Without An Anti-Aging Pill.

Migraines are a Real Pain!

This blog is not just a random journalism project. That is because I got into the nutrition field because I had suffered with them. I remember the pain and terrible general discomfort of those migraines even more clearly than I remember giving birth naturally to a 9 lb. 7 oz. boy (who apparently had such a big brain that it came packaged in an extra-large head). For any reader who has not experienced a migraine, let me say, the gal in the photo does not look miserable enough. A migraine is not even in the zip code of your garden variety stress headache. If you ever had a hangover, that is a better starting place to empathize…the migraine head pain is much worse, but shares the nausea and sensitivity to sounds, smells and light that might accompany a crushing hangover. I had a hangover and didn’t like it a bit. (After that, I no longer allowed anyone to keep refilling my glass like Ft. Worth’s Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant did with pitchers of margaritas at a party. I also make at least every second drink water.)

My migraine headaches started about the time I entered Ohio State. I never went to a neurologist, but on any visit to a doctor, I asked about the problem. The only advice I got was to try the latest pain reliever which did not help and made me nauseous. Once I asked a kindly physician if we could figure out what was causing them. At first, he looked at me like I was speaking Klingon but did try to help. He asked if my “eyes had been checked” (“yes”) and was I “under stress” (“yes” –all the time but the headaches were only every few weeks). Many years later, I was still having the migraines but finally got help. It all started in a health food store and below I’ll tell you what happened.

Medical treatments. Surely, by now, the migraine drugs have gotten better and some even claim to help prevent the episodes—e.g. Aimovig, Ajovy and Emgality. Sometimes, docs prescribe blood pressure medicines or antidepressants. One option that I find particularly scary is to inject migraine sufferers multiple times with Botox (botulism toxin which is produced by the microbe that causes botulism—a potentially fatal type of food poisoning). Besides the cost, the procedure is not without side effects. Certainly that should be a heroic tried only if the natural approach fails.

Natural Remedies. I will discuss nutritional factors below under “Causes”. Herbs that seem to help are Butterburr and Feverfew. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy may help. If it is available to you and you are not opposed to it, medical cannabis has been shown to help. Before I figured out how to prevent the headaches, I got temporary symptomatic relief by lying down in the dark with a microwaveable heating pad on the back of my neck and an ice pack of some kind on my forehead.

Causes. The optimum natural way is to find the root cause of a problem and fix that. My first clue came from a health magazine that listed “headache” on the cover. The article talked about migraine “trigger” foods such as chocolate, MSG, cured meats, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and aged cheeses. It never occurred to me before that something I was eating might be part of the problem. Avoiding those helped a bit, but “triggers” just flip the switch on a preexisting imbalance. I did not find out what my imbalances were until I discovered a nutrition savvy doctor (the late Don Mannerberg, MD, bless his soul). He taught me that I needed magnesium, B vitamins (especially vitamin B2), and discovered that I had food sensitivities. The food sensitivities in turn were caused by an unhealthy gut (yeast overgrowth). It really did not take long to get rid of most episodes of migraine, but for a while, I still had one monthly. We assumed that must have been due to hormones and indeed, progesterone fixed that one. Thankfully, I have not had a migraine in decades now.

If you suffer, your causes might be different from mine, but I encourage you to start the search.


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