June 14th, 2014 I guess the question really is who does not need better mental function? Brain expert, Dr. Kyl Smith, will let us in on the secrets …

Who wants better concentration, mental energy, memory and mental performance?College students, executives, those learning the requirements of a new job, older persons who feel they’ve lost their edge, composers, writers, bridge players, race car drivers and someone serious about their Bible studies…the list goes on. Dr. Kyl Smith, author of the authoritative book, Brighter Mind has previously discussed a brain-healthy diet and daily exercise. On this show he discussed his new invention.When you go to the website to read more about the product, don’t let the term “joining” worry you. There are no dues and no requirement to place a future order. It is just part of a plan that allows you (only if you’d like to) to have your product paid for by recommending it to others. Read my article. Go to the MemoryWorks website..


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