October 15, 2016

Cancer survivor Jenny Hrbacek RN has become a motivated expert in techniques for detecting cancer many years before conventional testing might catch it and in tests that can identify personalized treatments with the greatest likelihood of success. She tells her story and gives crucial tips. Saturday October 15, 2016 was the launch of MS Hrbacek’s exciting new online “CANCER FREE UNIVERSITY” on the Vitality Network. HBN is providing a scholarship that saves 20% on the tuition (which costs less than a visit to get a second opinion). Just enter this code: HBN20ALSO, the first 30 to enroll will receive a complimentary copy of her book, the top-selling go to guide, Cancer Free!: Are You Sure? LEARN MORE! (Everything can be done online, but if you run into trouble call 214-207-5303.)