28 Subtle Signs of Imbalance

Our body speaks to us in small ways that might not seem significant unless you know about these possible connections. What is listed below is just a sample and it is not necessarily complete but it sure gives you an idea. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been much more observant of such clues and even the nature of pulse perhaps because, without modern testing, they had to be. The items listed may not be the only cause of the clue, but they are common and a place to start your search.

Clue = something out of balance Possible Inadequacy or Connection
Cold sensitivity Thyroid, Magnesium, iodine
Constipation Magnesium, fiber, water, food sensitivity
Cramping Minerals (Magnesium or potassium likely)
Cravings for Chocolate Magnesium
Ear wax excess Low essential fatty acids
Eye brows – outside 1/3 gone Thyroid
Gums – Bleeding Vitamin C or CoQ10
Hearing Vitamin A
Hair thinning Thyroid, medications, many nutrients
Lips – Dry Inadequate water
Mouth – Cracks at corners B vitamins, perhaps iron or zinc
Nails – Pale Iron
Nails – thin Biotin, protein, Thyroid
Nails – White spots Zinc
Nerves – Jumpy Magnesium, copper, B vitamins
Perspiration on Head to excess Vitamin D
Red spots, small on skin Vitamin C
Skin – dry, flaky on legs, feet Essential fatty acids (Booklet)
Skin – “tags”, e.g. on neck Blood sugar instability
Sulfite sensitivity (Wine) Molybdenum inadequacy
Tingling in extremities Blood sugar, chiropractic, B-vitamins
Tongue – pale Iron
Tongue – teeth leave impression Nutrient malabsorption. See digestion.
Tongue – red, bumps, grooves, etc. Many. Search for “tongue diagnosis”
Tongue – white coating Yeast
Upper arms, “chicken skin” bumps Vitamin A and/ or essential fatty acids (Booklet)
Waist, women over 35″, men 40″ Insulin sensitivity
Warts Vitamin A

Copyright 2006, 2014 by Martie Whittekin, CCN

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