Amazing Functions of 12 Bacterial Strains

Our bodies are host to thousands of families of bacterial strains and each fills its own special role on our health team. Below are some examples. They just happen to be the ones used in fermenting Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics:

1. E. faecalis TH10 – A transient strain of lactic acid bacteria that helps eliminate bad bacteria (such as H. pylori, E. coli, MRSA and C. difficile) fungus (e.g. Candida), viruses and parasites throughout the entire body. Over 6 times as strong as other strains and proven safe in 20 years of university studies.

2. B. breve – Aids in the prevention of diarrhea and in the production and promotion of natural antibodies

3. B. infantis – Protects against inflammation of the bowels and stomach; fights E. coli

4. B. longum – Helps to eliminate cancer causing nitrates in foods

5. L. acidophilus – Neutralizes chronic yeast infections, campylobacter, and various flus, while helping to lower cholesterol levels

6. L. brevis – Helps produce natural antibiotics and promotes cellular immune activities

7. L. bulgaricus – Transient bacteria helps alleviate digestive problems, herpes and acid reflux

8. L. casei – Protects against deadly Listeria bacteria; inhibits activity in tumor cells

9. L. fermentum – Builds immune system and promotes mitogen activation

10. L. helveticus – Promotes anti-tumor activity

11. L. plantarum – Blocks receptor sites for gram-negative bacteria and produces natural antibodies

12. S. thermophilus – Produces anti-tumor activity in colon cancer cell growth and the antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase

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