Brain and Mood

What causes Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s? Here is a shocking thought—maybe it has something to do with what we’ve been doing to the rest of the body. The head does get its circulation from there. There is a lot of useful information in our Library for promoting a healthy brain, start with the Basics of Health, the ABC’s of Healthy Eating, 16 Reasons to Exercise, and don’t forget to consider Toxins.

I interviewed Dr. Bob Martin about suicide. National Suicide Lifeline 800.273.8255 Dr. Bob lists the following that improve mental health: regular exercise, sunlight, family support, staying off both prescription and illegal drugs, community service, reading, staying away from negative influences, taking vacation, going to church, and having a pet. Supplements noted: fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D, St. John’s Wort [make sure this is not contraindicated for your medications], SAM-e, and Rhodiola. Make sure depression isn’t a side effect of one of your meds.

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