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Eye Health General (See the Diseases page for more serious conditions.)

Interview (12/1/18) with Dr. Jeffrey Anshel on various eye issues
Eye health and omega 3’s. Stuart Tomc Interview
Are medications making us go blind?
Preventing Blindness
Keeping eyes healthy and working like young ones Bill Sardi interview

Macular Degeneration
See the page Astounding Resveratrol
Bill Sardi Interview
Stuart Richer, OD, PhD, FAAO interview
Goji Berry Effects on Macular Degeneration


Helpful information from Andrew Weil, MD. The drops he mentioned are worth trying. Can-C. They are available on Amazon. Here is a study on the drops.

Dry Eye
Acupuncture reduces symptoms of dry eye syndrome

Recommended by Dr. Jeffrey Anshel = biotears.com

Also check out masks and other products on eyeeco.com

Glaucoma11 Foods to prevent it

(Eales’ Disease)
Antioxidant Supplementation Improves

Eye Surgery Types and Risks

Talking Book / magazine Lending Program. 1-888-657-7323

Texas Talking books. 800-252-9605

Audio Bibles for the Blind (941-748-3031) Free to those who meet their criteria

It is possible for a print book to become an audio book. Sight into Sound, 3935 Essec Ln., Houston, TX 77027. 713-622-2767

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