Why I love MemoryWorks

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Who among us doesn’t want more clarity, better focus and memory? (I’d love to find out that Stephen Hawking, who is an exception to this rule, follows our blog.) Here are 12 reasons that I love MemoryWorks:
1.    It helps my concentration, mental energy and memory.
2.    I feel more creative, cheery and optimistic.
3.    I don’t crave sweets as much.
4.    I know it is supports the long-term health of my brain and perhaps even my thyroid.
5.    It encourages me to drink more water.
6.    It helps defend against the effects of everyday stress.
7.    I like the berry flavor. (I start the day with a big glass of water, MemoryWorks and an ice cube I made from fresh lemon juice.)
8.    I’m confident in the integrity of the developer, Dr. Kyl Smith and in the research he based it on. He is the author of Brighter Mind.
9.    I know that the ingredients are the high quality bio-active forms.
10.  It is naturally sweetened with Stevia and contains zero sugar
11.  The product is American made in a facility that is inspected by the FDA.
12.  I would gladly pay full price for it, but I get it free and you can too.*

Learn more about MemoryWorks from this radio interview with Dr. Smith.

A person may buy and enjoy the product without ever telling a soul. However, we all know that “word of mouth” is the most powerful method of marketing. That’s why, instead of spending millions of dollars on radio and television ads to generate retail sales, the parent company of MemoryWorks, Xenesta, rewards customers who spread the good news about MemoryWorks (and exciting future products).
Choose your comfort level:

  • Simply become a happy customer. OR
  • Help just three friends become interested enough to use the product regularly and your credits can pay for your product. By the way, there are no sign up fees, expensive kits to buy or massive purchase requirements. It is easy. If you are so inclined, there are marketing helps on the website, conference calls and even occasional webinars where you can learn more. OR
  • Decide to make this a home-based business and enjoy some extra income—a little or a lot depending on how much effort you want to put into it.  


  1. To REVIEW the Supplement Facts Panel and read about many of the exciting ingredients, CLICK HERE and then select “Product” from the menu.
  2. To BUY, select the menu item that says “Join / Order Now”. (Don’t worry—you can still exit after viewing your choices.)
    a.    Choose U.S. from the drop down list.
    b.    Select the type of account. Note: To simply purchase MemoryWorks and do nothing more, you can select the button under “Preferred Retail Customer”.  However…there is nothing to lose by selecting “Distributor” if you think you might ever want to begin earning from the purchases that friends make. An order of one auto-ship box per month is enough to qualify you to receive compensation on orders that you generate. You can even earn commissions on products sold to others by the friends that you have introduced to MemoryWorks.
    c.    Complete the typical account information.
    d.    To check out, be sure to place at least one item for shipment “now” in your cart along with what you elect for auto-ship next month. (The “now” and “later” orders can be different and you can cancel auto-ship at any time.)
    e.    Enjoy!

*Full disclosure of details: I don’t personally sell products except books, but Healthy by Nature is a Xenesta member. Therefore, any sales from those who enroll because of us helps support the show. To help the show I pay HBN for a box a month but I wouldn’t have to.

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