The world has been aware of the pandemic (coronavirus, novel coronavirus, SARS Cov-2, Wuhan virus, China virus, or Covid-19 which is actually not the virus but rather the symptoms that develop from it) since February of 2020. However, it was apparently spreading months before that. The Chinese government not only failed to give us the early warning that we needed and deserved, but it has also continued to block investigation of key evidence about how the virus theoretically jumped from bats to people. (If we do not know what happened, how do we prevent the next pandemic?) Even the US government too often seems to feed us their pet biases instead of document-able facts. Blathering on the now dis-proven idea that the unvaccinated were killing us is an example. They have greatly exaggerated the danger of the virus which, except for the obese,, diabetics and frail, sick elderly is not a lot more concerning than the seasonal flu. The feds also aggressively lied about the availability of treatments using long tested drugs in a new way. That suppressing of information about outpatient treatment options is lethal malfeasance. Only time will tell what the real motivation and biggest errors were. The amazing book, THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. Goes a long way to explain what took place and what should be  done to save lives.

For a variety of well-documented reasons, the statistics on cases and deather were grossly exaggerated. We may still have more questions than answers, but it is clearly an unforgivable travesty that hundreds of thousands of Americans died with covid-19 when there are preventive measures and early interventions that could have saved most all of them. Even the use of the kind of natural prevention and treatment modalities on this website would have save untold numbers if they hadn’t been dismissed out of hand without regard to research. And, unfortunately, as you will read under the Censorship heading, the government, some politicians, the mainstream media, and big tech are still making it increasingly hard for the public to gather all the facts they need to make informed decisions, especially about the vaccines and their side effects.

The pandemic response got off to a rocky start because fear gripped even the scientists and medical experts who then made decisions based on panic or politics rather than science. Also, the travel restrictions and lock-downs prevented the usual medical meetings and collaboration that moves science forward. Even scientific literature took a hit because studies were released without peer review rather than waiting for the lengthy journal publication cycle. Fraudulent anti-alternative approach studies were published.

The matter is still evolving, so I do not claim that the points in this website are definitive final answers. They are simply the most up-to-date data-driven information, resources, and expert opinions that I could deliver. Note, this website is not “balanced” because I will not waste your time repeating the same government-sanctioned canned propaganda talking you hear every night on the news. I will mainly give the useful opposing information that is much harder to come by.

Seasonality. It really should generate more attention in the media and among health professionals that flu cases and covid-19 cases peak at the same time that vitamin D blood levels hit bottom. If you keep in mind that the upper respiratory diseases wane in the summer and peak in the winter, this vitamin D chart from a journal article paints a compelling picture.

How the virus behaves. The virus replicates early and aggressively. The spike protein seems to generate clots which lead to lung malfunction and cardiovascular risk. (The spike protein is toxic. That logically causes many experts to worry about the fact that vaccines cause the body create spike protein copies.)

Variants. Viruses mutate frequently. A mutation doesn’t last if it doesn’t work in the virus’s interest. For example, if it becomes more deadly to its victims, when the patient dies, the virus may not have had time to infect others and now will have no where to live. That’s why viruses tend to become more transmissible but milder as time goes on. The much ballyhooed “Delta variant” is more contagious but not as dangerous as ones that preceded it. Likewise, the Omicron is less dangerous but quick to spread. Undeserved panic may be the biggest threat.

Early treatment (?) There is typically a two week window from the initial exposure until a person can’t breathe and is hospitalized. During that time (when the virus was busy replicating) people should have been treated but instead were basically told to go home and wait until they were sick enough to be hospitalized. Sadly, the hospital statistics are grim, especially on ventilators.  None of the agencies or medical societies, established treatment guidelines until the CDC finally did so in October and they were very incomplete. Anyone that dared suggest an early treatment was vilified and if possible punished. Read my 6/24/21 blog or watch almost any of Dr. McCullough interviews on this linked page for more about this critical problem. Again, his book, is a fabulous resource = THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. 

Concurrent diseases. One factor that worsens covid cases but which does not get much attention is that often patients are also fighting bacterial and fungal diseases at the same time. This article by Bill Sardi, The Missing Piece of the Covid-19 Puzzle: Co-Infection, explains the problem and how that was also the case with the 1918 pandemic. He recommends multipurpose natural remedies such as oregano, garlic, resveratrol, and nebulized hydrogen peroxide. (Read a great article and comprehensive free e-book on that remedy, Rapid Virus Recovery by Dr. Tom Levy.)

Contagiousness timing. This appears to be typical:

  • According to a Harvard review, it might be 5 to 6 days after exposure before symptoms appear. But it can be less.
  • However, they “may be contagious 48 to 72 hours before starting to experience symptoms.”
  • Five days is probably the best time to be tested.Test too early and risk a false negative.
  • It has been publicized that persons who are infected but either never develop symptoms (about 45%) or just haven’t developed them yet can infect others. (That’s the reason for quarantine after exposure.) However, this study seems to refute that idea. Still controversial.
  • A person may remain contagious for 10 days (or longer if their immune system is weak and they have a serious case of the disease). Being without fever for 24 hours is a good additional guide.
  • Although we were told it wouldn’t happen, a fully vaccinated and boosted or recovered patient can still pick up viruses and infect others.The new anti-covid drug given emergency FDA authorization, Paxlovid, helps, but many patients are experiencing relapses after completing the treatment.
  • Masks are recommended but are of use mainly to reduce the larger particles in the air at a greater distance. Any old face covering will not do. Only the good masks work. This site has a good breakdown of types.
  • The new mutations of the virus found around the world seem to be more contagious and may not follow timelines above.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has this good resource page including information about re-infection 90 days after having been sick with covid.

Elderly. Although hospitalization has been much more common in those over age 50 and 80%+ of deaths from covid occur in the elderly, the problem is more their condition than their age. The obese and diabetics can die at younger ages from covid-19 and healthy persons well over age 100 have fully recovered. It is just that as we age, the odds increase that there will be underlying conditions. We can reverse that trend with the health actions routinely recommended on Healthy by Nature.

Flu. Also known as “Influenza”, it is also a seasonal upper respiratory viral condition which may come in the fall/winter. See “seasonality” below. With the powerful government instituted financial incentives to call everything covid, we have to wonder. Thousands die annually from the flu and it may be years before we can get an honest comparison of flu with covid-19 because of reporting overlap.

Meanwhile, most of the coronavirus prevention steps and natural remedies listed on this site help with flu and with colds. Note, colds are typically caused by milder varieties of coronavirus. For many more tips about prevention, treatment, and a remedy kit to have on hand, read this Library article. For questions about the flu vaccine, read this one.

Longhaulers. We are not talking about truck drivers, although they could have this problem. It turns out that recovery from the acute phase of the virus may not be the end of the misery. It seems that folks who follow the suggestions listed above for naturally improving immune function also reduce the risk of longer-term damage. Ronald Hoffman, MD says: “As a rule of thumb, I tell patients to expect they’ll be tired for a week after a cold, a month after a flu, and three months after pneumonia. But sometimes, symptoms don’t resolve according to a timetable.” His article discusses long term aftereffects of covid-19 that can even affect young people. He also reviews his treatment plan. Many of the long haul symptoms align with the effects of B-vitamin deficiencies (especially B-1 and B-12) Couldn’t hurt to take Nerve Guardian.

Loss of the ability to smell can be a lasting effect of covid-19. Obviously, the ability to smell is important to our enjoyment of life, (think of the aroma of bread baking or “stop and smell the roses”) but it also needed for our safety (e.g. smoke from a house fire or a gas leak).  If the sense of smell is lost, there is hope for regaining it. This article details the combination of medical treatment and a type of therapy using essential oils making the mind/body connection to restore the sense of smell.

This video describes a testing and treatment service for the longhaul patient.

Panic. I have heard many in the media and in politics called “panic peddlers”. That seems about right. Panic is typically not useful because it can cause us to rush into bad decisions and fear is detrimental to your immune system and to your resistance to politically motivated loss of freedoms. Cautious concern and getting educated is a better approach.

Even bigger picture: News article about how healthcare in US is becoming communistic.