Bill Sardi answers tough questions

Yikes! I can’t take notes fast enough when Bill Sardi is the guest—especially when we take several listener calls…each with a different health issue. I imagine that many listeners have the same problem and so I listened to the show again and summarized his advice in this blog. This also gives me a chance to ad lib a few tidbits that I might not have been able to squeeze into the show.

  • Intro. Bill Sardi said he is frustrated with the mercenary and often callous nature of modern medicine. Even though the supplement industry suffers a lot of bashing and bullying, he thinks that it has the high moral ground because, although money is made, everyone wins.
  • Natural killer cells. These powerful immune agents kill cancer cells and viruses. Certain drugs have been created to boost their effectiveness, but sadly they are withheld until the later stages of disease. They also have side effects. However, nutrition can also keep natural killer cells active throughout life. And they have fringe benefits instead of side effects. For example: a great multivitamin/mineral, resveratrol, quercetin, Ip6, and ample amounts of the right type of zinc. Link to his article.
  • Needless hysterectomies. Abnormal pap smears can result in hysterectomies. Birth control pills deplete the B-vitamin folate and that can cause the cervical abnormalities that show up on pap smears. Supplementing folate (which helps repair the damaged DNA) and vitamin C can reverse the problem and avoid surgery. He says that science indicates that most abnormal findings reverse eventually…at least by menopause. Read his article.
  • Vertigo. Bill discussed mainly the type where you roll over or stand up dizzy and/or lose your balance. It is caused by calcium crystals in the ear canal. He suggested that older folks stay off ladders! One solution is the Epley maneuver (video). Persons low in vitamin D are at 23 times the risk for this problem. With some types of vertigo, there may be a connection to the same factors that cause migraine headaches. (An example is low magnesium. And by the way, vitamin D is needed to absorb magnesium. We are generally too low in vitamin D.) As we age, diet alone (even if it is good) is usually not enough to supply magnesium (and other nutrients). The US is a dairy country, so we get plenty of calcium, but not enough magnesium. Consider as a supplement BASE: an iron free multi, plus extra magnesium and omega 3.  I would add probiotics (Dr. Ohhira’s), Extra vitamin D, Jarrow’s Famil-E, a Kyolic garlic supplement, vitamin K2 and Longevinex. With a foundation like that, you will need fewer extras. Write him for a review of your program:
  • Digestive infections. Ruth’s 84-year old mother is battling C. Diff (an ugly GI infection that causes hard to treat diarrhea) and a urinary tract infection. Rounds of antibiotics have not solved the problem. (Plus, in my book, The Probiotic Cure, I discuss a lot of the serious problems these drugs cause. Last week’s blog reveals that some antibiotics can kill heart patients.) Ruth says her mom is on probiotics, but it may not be the right kind or enough. I suggest S. Boulardi (a friendly yeast that is not killed by the antibiotics), Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics (I’m waiting on an answer about the paste form) and another multi-strain for good measure. Do this for at least 3 months (C. Diff leaves seed-like spores behind and it takes a while to rebuild balance anyway). Give her vitamin D, up to 50,000 IU per day for a few days because it so critical for the immune system. It revs up our production of internal antibiotic activity. Mr. Sardi suggested these natural antibiotics to get off the roller coaster: oil of oregano (at her age, 3 caps 3 times a day), zinc of 30 mg., 25 mg of B6, and the mineral selenium which keeps the zinc from being bound up. There is 120 mg in Molecular Multi. Single supplements are usually 200mg. Even a marginal shortage of selenium causes big problems. These nutrients help rev up the thymus gland so it will make the naïve T-cells needed to recognize a new threat like C. Diff.
  • Osteoporosis. Kathy asked about this and said she takes Jarrow’s Boneup. Unless you do not eat dairy, I recommend taking ½ the dose. Bill says the problem is lack of estrogen to keep minerals in bone. One can use bioidentical hormones from the doctor. Or use plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) such as from soy or better yet, resveratrol. It protects bones but does not stimulate unwanted growth like estrogen drugs of yore. It is really important to get adequate vitamin D (sensing a theme here?) and vitamin K2 to get calcium into the bones, not the arteries. He discussed a twin who was losing height but gained ¼ inch back when taking Longevinex.
  • The calcium cancer protocol. Terry asked how to take the supplements discussed when he was on the show in February. He wrote this article that involves flooding cancer cells with calcium. You can get 1000 mg size calcium without the added D and magnesium making it easier to control the dosage of the various nutrients. He says to take the calcium, vitamin D3, selenium and IP6 rice bran all together basically on an empty stomach. We suggest also going to and searching “cancer” for more articles on other approaches. He says that after chemo resistance sets in you are on your own and have nothing to lose by trying alternatives.
  • Whooping cough vaccine for grandparents. Audrey is being blessed with her first grandchild but is being pressed to get the vaccine. Sardi says the disease (and some others) are not usually a problem except in high immigrant areas where folks are undernourished. If Mom is breast feeding, it is important for her to get a good supply of zinc to keep her immune system up. (Really all of us should.) The baby may not benefit from vaccine because its immune system not ready.
  • Folic acid genetic variant. Ruth had a follow up question. Can she take folic acid if she has a particular genetic defect? Bill said she (and most of us) should take the “folate” form because it is not a problem like folic acid can be. Folate is the type in Molecular Multi..

So that you don’t have to go back and hunt for it, here is what I recommend as a supplement BASE: an iron free multi (Molecular Multi), plus extra magnesium and omega 3. I would add probiotics (Dr. Ohhira’s), Extra vitamin D, Jarrow’s Famil-E, vitamin K2, a Kyolic garlic supplement and Longevinex. I don’t think Bill will object.

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