Health news notes

We can only be aware of the health news to which we are exposed. My mission is to help fill in at least a few of the gaps by casting a broad net (newspapers, database updates, radio shows, magazines, trusted websites) to find useful science-based facts that might be otherwise overlooked. Although there are tens […]

Toenail fungus sham and disease-creep

How do you make a bunch of money magically appear? I find it impossible, but it seems to be pretty easy if you are a pharmaceutical company. Here are just a few examples of how they do it: Make a really expensive drug to treat a relatively minor problem. The average doctor is unaware of […]

Heart health – 10 interesting snippets

Happy Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month. There is a month or at least a day honoring virtually every part of the body and every health condition (May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, June is National Aphasia Awareness Month, etc.)…you’d think we’d be healthier by now!  The red symbols of heart health month are second in […]

Vaccines revisited. More to the measles story.

First let me make it clear what I am NOT saying. I’m NOT telling people to refuse vaccines for themselves or their children. I can sympathize with the goals of each side of the debate. I am NOT going to talk about the question of vaccines and the claimed link to autism. However, I just […]

Eggs, Label confusion & the cholesterol question

I seem to have a knee-jerk aversion to white foods (flour, sugar and Crisco®) and so, even though I know the color of the shell is just a reflection of the breed of chicken, I instinctively gravitate to brown eggs (except for Easter eggs). That’s just my silly prejudice. However, I’ve recently become aware of […]

What is a quack? Blood pressure tips

  For many decades whenever a doctor has dared to prescribe vitamins and other natural approaches, he or she risks being called a “quack” by the establishment…never mind that the doctor may have been recommending the very best approach. In fact, that doctor may well have been practicing what I consider the highest quality medicine […]

Fluoride dangers

Our website page on Toxins is now up. Yay! (Each of these is a labor of love.) It has some information and links regarding mercury, pesticides, BPA, smoking, water, radiation and fluoride–the one I must discuss today. If fluoridation of drinking water was a brand new idea seeking FDA approval, I contend that for the […]

Added Sugar – More than empty calories!

Yes, it is unkind of me to write about this topic just after the annual Oct-Jan sugarfest, but in light of news, I must. Added sugar is apparently much more than non-nourishing calories…and not in a good way. Researchers at the University of California in San Francisco reviewed 8,000 scientific papers regarding the link between […]

Hangover prevention and remedies

It is party time. Fun, fun, fun. But, why waste the precious next day with the headache, upset stomach and fatigue of a hangover? Click here for my article about the good and bad effects of alcohol. But back to preventing/treating a hangover the natural way: 1.  The most sure fire protection is of course […]

Holiday wishes

Wishing you and your loved ones wonderfully safe and meaningful holidays. Pray for peace. Thank you for your support of Healthy by Nature’s mission.

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