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Dec. 27th

REPEAT: Martie Whittekin, CCN: Natural Alternatives to Acid Blocking Drugs

Dec. 20th

Shawn Messionner, DVM / Martie Whittekin, CCN & Andy Hopkins : Pet Health Naturally – Open Lines / Funny gifts and Healthy Gifts

Dec. 13th Marlo Thomas ( St. Jude Hospital ), Howard Schiffer ( Vitamin Angels ), Valerie Sobel ( Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation ), Mary Morton ( Nourish America ): Wonderful Non-Profit Work Being Done in Health and Nutrition 121308.mp3
Dec. 6th

John Cannell, MD / Anne Louise Gittleman: Vitamin D News / Gut Flush Plan

Nov. 29th

Dr. Michael Murray: Hunger Free Forever

Nov. 22nd

Stuart Tomc: Myths and Facts about Fish Oil

Nov. 15th Dr. Ward Bond: 20 Essential Supplements 111508.mp3
Nov. 8th

Dr Richard Kradin: Nobel prize / Placebo & Nocebo Effects

Nov. 1st
Pamela Smith, MD: Choosing the nutrients that are right for you
Oct. 25th A

Jane Hersey Contact info

Why Can’t My Child Behave? Scary Halloween Candy
Oct. 25th B

Teresa Holler Contact info

Holler for Your Health Finding Healthier Products

Oct. 18th
Martie Whittekin, CCN: Natural Alternatives to Acid Blocking Drugs
Oct. 11th
Shawn Messioner, DVM:Pet Health Naturally – Open Lines
Dr Shawn’s Integrative Pet Care eBook
Oct. 4th
Jim LaValle, PHD, ND, CCN: Nutrition News part 2
Sept. 27th
Jack Brown: Surprising new research on Aloe Vera
Sept. 20th
Acid Blocking Drugs
Sept. 13th
Stuart Tomc: Eye health and omega 3’s
Sept. 6th
Jim LaValle, PHD, ND, CCN: Nutrition News
August 30th
Russell Blaylock, MD: How immunizations (even adult shots) may damage brain cells
August 23rd
Ann Louise Gittlemann: Discussion on her new book The Gut Flush Plan
August 16th
Robert Brown: Omega Six – The Devil’s Fat
August 9th
Jim LaValle, PHD, ND, CCN:Nutrition News
August 2nd
Michael Janson, MD: Open lines
July 26th
Jay Mahoney, DO: Health news and open lines
July 19th
Hyla Cass, MD: Drug and Nutrient Interactions. Supplement Your Prescription
July 12th
David C. Kennedy, DDS: Oral bacteria, systemic effects and what to do
July 5th
Jorge D. Flechas, MD: Powerful information about iodine. Part 2. Thyroid
June 28th
Stuart Tomc: Exciting breakthroughs with Omega 3
June 21st
Sherry Rogers, MD: The Cholesterol Hoax part 3
June 14th
Sherry Rogers, MD: The Cholesterol Hoax part 2
June 7th
Jorge D. Flechas, MD: Powerful information about iodine – Part 1
May 31st
David C. Kennedy, DDS: Bacteria in the mouth and Open Lines on dental issues
May 24th
Nancy Appleton, PhD: Lick the Sugar Habit
May 17th
Vinton McCabe: Bach Flower Remedies (Homeopathic)
May 10th
Becky Wright, RD: Nutrition and Cancer Prevention and Treatment
May 3rd
Hyla Cass , MD: Drug and Nutrient Interactions. Supplement Your Prescription
April 26th
Fred Pescatore, MD: Weight Loss
April 19th
Removed by guest request
April 12th
Martie Whittekin, CCN / Andy Hopkins: Science in the news round table
April 5th
Stuart Tomc: Brain Function and Fish Oil
March 29th
Dr. Jim Osterwise / Lelani Tejeda: Thermography, a Mammogram Alternative / New Technology for General Health Screening & Rejuvenation
March 22nd
Dana Ullman / Dr. Carolyn Dean: Drugs in tap water / Magnesium Miracle
March 15th
David C. Kennedy, DDS: Mercury Madness
March 8th
Sherry Rogers, MD: The Cholesterol Hoax
March 1st
Byron Richards, CCN / Brian Peters: The Leptin Diet: How Fit is Your Fat? / Women’s Health
February 23rd
Mark Sircus, OMD: The Cancer/Candida Link. Transdermal Magnesium
February 16th
Stuart Tomc / Mayer Eisenstein, MD: The latest news on Omega 3 and fish oil / Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy
February 9th
Alan E. Smith / Leonard Smith: Unbreak Your Health / New Joint Remedy
February 2nd
Nancy Appleton, PhD: Stopping Inflammation
January 26th
Fred Pescatore, MD: All the little mysteries
January 19th
Dr. Brian Wansink / Dr. Alex Duarte: Mindless Eating book / Chocolate
January 12th
Daniel Nader, DO, FCCP: Cutting Edge Cancer Treatments
January 5th
Dana Ullman, MPH: The Homeopathic Revolution


2007 Show Archives

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July 28th Robert Kowalski: The Blood Pressure Cure 072807.wma
July 21 Riggs/Price/Earls: Problems with hearing and balance 072107.wma
July 14th Raymond Francis: Never Be Fat Again 071407.wma
July 7th Riggs/Gittleman/Earls: Travel Healthy 070707.wma
June 30th Kyle Smith, DC: Brighter Mind 063007.wma
June 23rd Becky Wright & Michael Langham: Foods of the Bible 062307.wma
June 16th Terry Riggs, DC: Solving problems with hearing, balance and allergies 061607.wma
June 9th Leonard Smith: Breakthrough for joint pain 060907.wma
June 2nd Gary Avignon: A different approach to weight loss 060207.wma
May 26th Dr. Alex Duarte: Tautinol vs wrinkles 052607.wma
May 19th Tahiti Trader 051907.wma
May 12th Jackie Wood: Relationships 051207.wma
May 5th Peter Langsjoen, MD Cardiology 050507.wma
April 28th John Cannell, MD Vitamin D 042807.wma
April 21st Panel discussion 042107.wma
April 14th Jim LaValle: Open Lines 041407.wma
April 7th Raymond Francis: Never Be Sick Again 040707.wma
March 31st Steven Berkey, DPM: Foot Health 033107.wma
March 24th Fred Pescatore, MD: Fungus- The good and the Bad 032407.wma
March 17th Jack Challum on Mood Swings , Emotions, and Memory 031707.wma
March 10th Larry Howard on Vitamin K, and John Ossipinsky, LMT on PH Balance 031007.wma
March 3rd Teri Riggs, DC, Chiropractic Open Lines, Laser, Decompression 030307.wma
February 24th Dr. Ward Bond on “Dr. Ward Bond’s Guide to Better Sex” 022407.wma
February 17th Mark Blumenthal -Founder and Executive Director of the American Bontanical Council 021707.wma
February 10th Peter Rost MD, -author of the Whistleblower blowing the whistle on the Drug companies 021007.wma
February 3rd Dr. Ozner Cardiologist -talking about the Mediterranean Diet  020307.wma
January 27th Jim La Valle Talking on garlic and modulating our immune system 012707.wma
January 20th Dr. Liz Lipsky “Our digestion is the “hub” of our nutritional well-being” 012007.wma
January 13th Dr. Fred Pescatore Open Line 011307.wma
January 6th Dr. Sherry Rogers Open line 010607.wma


2006 Show Archives

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Dec. 30th Dr. Ross Stewart Depression in the Holiday Season 123006.wma
Dec. 23rd Dr. Wilson on Adrenal Health 122306.wma
Dec. 16th Marcia Zimmerman,CN 7-Syndrome Healing 121606.wma
Dec. 9th Yoanna on Skin Care and Dr. Riggs Chiropractor 120906.wma
Dec. 2nd Healthy By Nature Staff Talking about our products 120206.wma
Nov. 25th Ann Louise Gittleman The Fat Flush Detox open line 112506.wma
Nov. 18th Dr. Champsi on Natural Dentistry 111806.wma
Nov. 11th Park Bishop on Deep Tissue Massage 111106.wma
Nov. 4th Larry Logsdon Benefits of Noni Juice/History of the Supplement Industry 110406.wma
Oct. 28th Dr. Patrick Quillin “Beating Cancer Through Nutrition” 102806.wma
Oct. 21st Dr. Ron Hoggan explaining why “Dangerous Grains” could be deadly. 102106.wma
Oct. 14th Rebecca Wright Cancer treatment Centers of America 101406.wma
Oct. 7th Kyolic Jay levy on Garlic 100706.wma
Sept. 30th Dr.Rath (Thyroid) Dr. Joseph & Dr. Elisabeth Esparza on Thyroid 093006.wma
Sept. 23rd Ann Louise Gittlemann open line answering questions 092306.wma
Sept. 16th Dr. Ephraim Lansky: Benefits of Pomegranate 091606.wma
September 9th Dr.Quillin,PHD,RD,CNS Beating Cancer with Nutrition 090906.wma
September 2nd Dr. Gary Null: Death By Medicine 090206.wma
August 26th Dr. Wayne Deilmann: Mangostein Buckthorn berry 082606.wma
August 19th Breast Cancer : Oncologist Simeon Jaggernauth, MD Becky Wright, RD 081906.wma
August 12th Kevin Connolly, PHD talking on Connective Tissue 081206.wma
August 5th Angelica Vrablic (American Health) on “Hyaluronic Acid” 080506.wma
July 29th Dr. Doris Rapp on Back to School and how to keep our children safe Food/Enviornment 072906.wma
July 22nd Bruce Frantzis “Tai Chi” and Thomas Claire “Body Works” 072206.wma
July 15th Doug Kaufmann “Know The Cause” Fungus 071506.wma
July 8th Jim LaValle Author of 12 Books Open line 070806.wma
July 1st Dr. Doris Rapp Environmental Medicine 070106.wma
June 24th Yoanna Skin Care/ and Dr. June Meymand The Body Detective 062406.wma
June 17th Fred Pescatore, MD Open Line 061706.wma
June 10th Sherry Rogers, MD Open Line 061006.wma
June 3rd Bob Taylor, The Collagen Connection 060306.wma
May 27th Dr. James Wilson / Fred Pescatore, MD 052706.wma
May 20th Mangosteen- “The Queen of Fruit” 052006.wma
May 13th Sherry Rogers,MD Open Line Answering Your Health Questions 051306.wma
May 6th Jacob Teitelbaum,MD- Pain Free 1 2 3 050606.wma
April 29th Rebecca Wright- Cancer Treatment Centers Of America 042906.wma
April 22nd Dr. Pierce Howard – Owners Manual For The Brain 042206.wma
April 15th Dr. James Wilson On Adrenal Health 041506.wma
April 8th Nan Fuchs- Probiotics Dr. Ohhira’s 12+ 040806.wma
April 1st Dr. Shar Dr. Xenakis: Sierra Sil Topic: Bone and Joint 040106.wma
March 25th Rebecca Wright CTCOA on Prostate 032506.wma
March 18th Dr. Angelica Topic: Hormone Health 031806.wma
March 11th Dr. Michael Murray Topic: The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods 031106.wma
March 4th Dr. Blaylock topic: Excitotoxins
February 25th Dr. James Wilson Topic: Adrenal health 022506.wma
February 18th Sherry Rogers, MD Topic: Calcium and Vitamin D 021806.wma
February 11th Jim LaValle topic: Heart Health 021106.wma
February 4th K. L. Stewart & Kaayla Daniel, PHD – The Whole Soy Story 020406.wma
January 28th David Wolfe – Raw Food 012806.wma
January 21st Dr. Bob Martin – Tinnitus and Open Lines 012106.wma
January 14th Fred Pescatore, MD – Open Lines 011406.wma
January 7th Carol Simontacchi: Healthy Resolutions and Weight Loss. Buy Her Books! 010706.wma


2005 Show Archives

Show Date

Guest & Topic

File Name
December 31st Malcolm McLeod, MD: Show; Lifting Depression Naturally Buy this book 123105.wma
December 24th Gwen Olsen, Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher Buy this book 122405.wma
December 17th David Holland, MD / Jerry Cochern, CN, CNC on Candida Yeast and remedies 121705.wma
December 10th Dr. Dossie Post – Aloe Vera health benefits and differences in manufacturing 121005.wma
December 3rd Bill Sardi – Fats and Oils, and Yoanna – the gift of beautiful skin 120305.wma
November 26th Tim Bolen and Bill Sardi – don’t take your health or health freedoms for granted 112605.wma
November 19th Dana Carpendar – Cooking for the holidays 111905.wma
November 12th Daniel Nader, DO :Cancer Treatment Centers of America 111205.wma
November 5th Michael Murray, ND: The Encylopedia of Healing Foods
Click here to buy the book
October 29th Kenneth Cooper, MD: The Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas, TX,
October 22nd Sherry Rogers, MD : The High Blood Pressure Hoax , Books and Total Wellness Newsletter:   or 1-800-846-6687 102205.wma
October 15th Carl Keen, PHD: U of Cal – Davis, Nutrition Chair Researcher on nutrition
David Wolfe : Naked Chocolate Buy book : ” Naked Chocolate ” or ” Eating for Beauty ”
Katrina Merrem : Chocolatier ,   or 1-877-270-8209
October 8th Albert Siebert, PhD: The Resiliency Advantage 100805.wma
October 1st Becky Wright, RD, LD:Cancer Treatment Centers of America 100105.wma
September 24th Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter: Feed Your Genes Right 092405.wma
September 17th Anne Louise Gittleman, PHD: Fast Track One Day Detox Diet 091705.wma
September 10th Sherry Rogers, MD: Detoxify or Die and other books, go to our online store for a list 091005.wma
September 3rd Bill Sardi: Natural substitutes for prescription drugs. Nutrition in the news. 090305.wma
August 27th Laurie Steelsmith, ND: Natural Choices for Women’s Health 082705.wma
August 20th Kathy Perry:Cellular Health, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure 082005.wma
August 13th Saul Katz: Low Glycemic Solo Bars
Jonathan Walker, MD, Neurologist: Neurotherapy Center of Dallas
August 6th Bill Sardi, Health Journalist : Natural substitutes for prescription drugs. Nutrition in the news. 080605.wma
July 30th Kathy Perry: Codex & US threats to vitamin availability. / Cancer book by Dr. Mathias Rath, FREE, ask your health food store or call 800#

Robert Noble, MD: Andropause 972-458-9944

July 23rd Pete Billac: The Silent Killers – book Bill Johnson: HighTech Health Alkaline Water  Far Infrared Saunas 072305.wma
July 16th Marc David: The Slow Down Diet (Eating for pleasure, energy and weight loss) 071605.wma
July 9th James LaValle, RPH, CCN, ND: Cracking the Metabolic Code 070905.wma
July 2nd Dr. Paul Whitcomb:Non-surgical Fibromyalgia Treatment 070205.wma
June 25th Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 062505.wma
June 18th Yoanna Kanalakis:Free skin consultation & coupon 1-800-366-4617 061805.wma
June 11th Kathy Perry – Nutrient Deficiency & Heart Disease Topics: Dr. Matthias Rath’s book, Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks, but People Do, Nutritional deficiency as cause of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C, L-Proline, L-Lysine, fight over treatment of HIV in Africa, animals make vitamin C, Codex 061105.wma
June 4th Sherry Rogers, MD:Detoxify or Die and other books, go to our online store 060405.wma
May 28th Bill Sardi:The Anti-aging Pill. Scientists find the genetic switch for longevity and the molecule that turns it on. 052805.wma
May 21st Jay Cohen, MD: What You Must Know About Statin Drugs; Overdose; The Magensium Solution for High Blood pressure 052105.wma
May 14th Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 051405A.wma
May 7th Dana Carpender:Column in The Dallas Morning News 050705.wma
April 30th Fred Pescatore, MD : Hamptons Diet, Melissa Diane Smith: Going Against the Grain, James Krystosik, DC:Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell 043005.wma
April 23rd Becky Wright, RD, LD:Cancer Treatment Centers of America 042305.wma
April 16th Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter:Feed Your Genes Right 041605.wma
April 9th Michael Samuels, DO:Targeting Your Health 040905.wma
April 2nd Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 040205.wma
March 26th Bob Gable, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Massey:Cureaderm and Phytacare 032605.wma
March 19th Bill Sardi:The Anti-aging Pill. Scientists find the genetic switch for longevity and the molecule that turns it on. 031905.wma
March 12th David Seckman NNFA & Winna Henry IAACN: Legislative issues 031205.wma
March 5th Gayle Pruitt, CN: Nutritionist and Chef:healthy diets and cooking with MacNut Oil 030505.wma
February 26th Bill Wheeler PhD: Diabetes and Nutrition 022605.wma
February 19th Gary Weingarden, MD, The Heart Place (cardiologist) 021905.wav
February 12th Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Genesis Today Products 021205.wav
February 5th Roy Vinson, CHE, President, Heart Hospital of Austin 020505.wav
January 29th Cass Ingram, DO, Book: Nutrition Tests for Better Health 012905.wav
January 22nd Fran Di Giacomo, I’d Rather Do Chemo Than Clean Out the Garage: Choosing Laughter Over Tears 012205.wav
January 15th Fred Pescatore, MD, The Hamptons Diet book, Hamptonite Newsletter 011505.wav
January 8th Steve Atchley, MD, Organic Grass Fed Beef and Cardiology 010805.wav
January 1st Earl Mindell PhD: 150 natural remedies  


2004 Show Archives

Show Date Guest & Topic File Name
January 3rd Gayle Pruitt Subject: Low Carb Diet Practicalities 010304.wav
January 10th Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Open Lines- cholesterol lowering drugs, diabetes, inflammation, ulcerative colitis, pulmonary fibrosis, low carb diet 011004.wav
January 17th Jerry Boswell Topic: Abuses in psychiatry 011704.wav
January 24th Doug Kaufmann Subject: Yeast related illness. Candida 012404.wav
January 31st Dr. Ross Stewart Subject: Depression, anxiety, addiction and balancing with amino acids 013104.wav
February 7th Bernie Landes and Will Schoor Subject: Probiotics and quality in supplements 020704.wav
February 14th Low Carb Panel Subject: Low Carb Foods and the lifestyle, sugar alcohols, portion control 021404.wav
February 21st Sherry Rogers, MD, Eva Miranda from Renew Life Subject: Heart health, magnesium, calcium channel blockers, shrinking brain, MacNut Oil, diuretics, low potassum, Detoxification related to Low carb diet 022104.wav
February 28th Sara Hover, RPH Subject: Hormone update, restless legs, cold sores, stiff hands, lupus, gas & bloating, open lines 022804.wav
March 6th This is a replay of the 2004 0117 broadcast. Topics include: Antidepressants, violent behavior. 030604.wav
March 13th Park Bishop, LMT Subject: Soft tissue manipulation, Low back pain, Hiatal hernia, carpal tunnel, Acid refulx, chiropractic adjustments that dont hold, Vertigo, myopractor 031304.wav
March 20th Fred Pescatore, MD, Bernie Landes Subject: Weight Loss, Lean Mystique 032004.wav
March 27th Lane Sebring, MD, Jack Challem Subject: Inflammation, Body Fat, Hyaluronic Acid, Strokes, Heart Disease, Alpha Lipoic Acid, anti-inflammatory diet, Fish Oil, Norvasc 032704.wav
April 3rd Dr. Ross Stewart – Psychologist, Balances neurotransmitters with amino acids, for mood, sleep and weight loss 040304.wav
April 10th Marcia Zimmerma – The Anti-aging Solution / Eat Your Colors 041004.wav
April 17th Garth Nicolson, PhD – Institute for Molecular Medicine 041704.wav
April 24th Wm. Lee Cowden – 8th Annual International Congress Bioenergetic Medicine-Orlando 042404.wav
May 1st Becky Wright, RD, LD- Cancer Treatment Centers of America 1-800-615-3055 050104.wav
May 8th David C. Kennedy, DDS – Fluoride, dangerous delusion 050804.wav
May 15th Fred Pescatore, MD- The Hamptons Diet book 051504.wav
May 22nd Ann Louise Gittleman – The Fat Flush Fitness Plan – order at 1-800-888-4353 052204.wav
May 29th Nervous System Panel – Dr. Ross Stewart (972-386-0208), Dr. Richard Collier (972-396-1100), Park Bishop (972-458-7390) 052904.wav
June 5th Garth Nicholson repeat, please see 4/17/04  
June 12th Katerine DiMatteo – Organic Trade Association, Oh Momma Report 061204.wav
June 19th Monica Nassif, founder Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products 061904.wav
June 26th Yoanna Kanalakis – 1-800-366-4617 062604.wav
July 3rd Ken Taylor, DC – 16990 Dallas Parkway #106
Dallas, TX 75248   972-233-2346
July 10th Fred Pescatore, MD 071004.wav
July 17th Dr. Lindsey Duncan – Genesis Today Products 1-800-916-6642 071704.wav
July 24th Cathy Perry – Cancer – Dr. Mathias Rath Products 072404.wav
July 31st Park Bishop. LMMT & Ross Stewart, PhD- Bishop 972-458-7390, Stewart 972-386-0208 073104.wav
August 7th Dr. Lindsey Duncan- Genesis Today Products 1-800-916-6642 080704.wav
August 14th David C. Kennedy, DDS – Book: How to Save Your Teeth 081404.wav
August 21st Michael Losier – Losier 1-877-550-9282 082104.wav
August 28th Alex Schauss, Phd and Bernie Landes- Feed My Brain 1-800-847-7579, press “1” for orders and say you were referred by “#9392” 082804.wav
September 4th Breast cancer and nutrition. Becky Wright, RD (CTCA) 092504.wma
September 11th Sherry Rogers, MD – Detoxify or Die and other books, go to our online store 091104.wav
September 18th Dr. Lindsey Duncan- Genesis Today Products 1-800-916-6642 091804.wav
September 25th Becky Wright, RD, LD- Cancer Treatment Centers of America 1-800-615-3055 092504.wav
October 2nd Dr. Lindsey Duncan- Genesis Today Products 1-800-916-6642 100204.wav
October 9th Cathy Perry Heart Disease – Dr. Mathias Rath Products 100904.wav
October 16th Alex Schauss, Phd and Bernie Landes- Feed My Brain 1-800-847-7579, press “1” for orders and say you were referred by “#9392” 101604.wav
October 23rd Becky Wright, RD, LD,- Cancer Treatment Centers of America 1-800-615-3055 102304.wav
October 30th William Schoor’ Gut Health.- Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics 12+ from Essential Formulas 1-877-262-7843 103004.wav
November 6th Patrick Quillan, PHD,- Beating Cancer with Nutrition 110604.wav
November 13th Fred Pescatore, MD- The Hamptons Diet book 111304.wav
November 20th David Holland, MD 112004.wav
November 27th Yoanna Kanalakis 112704.wav
December 4th Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper 120404.wav
December 11th Lindsey Duncan ND: Topics: Memory, Osteoporosis 121104.wav
December 18th Lois Vanderhoof DC: Healthy Christmas gifts 121804.wav
December 25th Sherry Rogers MD:  


2003 Show Archives

Date Topic File Name
January 4 Ken Taylor, DC 010403.wav
January 11
Henry Guy, DDS Subject: Dentistry 011103.wav
January 18
Fred Pescatore, MD, Dana Cohen, MD Subject: Oil 011803.wav
January 25
Sandra Bandy, Drs Taylor and Hoover Subject: Detoxification,
open phones
February 1
Sherry Rogers, MD Subject:Toxicity 020103.wav
February 8
Marcia Zimmerman Subject: Reverse Aging 020803.wav
February 15
Fred Pescatore, MD 021503.wav
February 22
Earl Mindell, RPH Subject: Unsafe foods, Natural Remedies 022203.wav
March 1
Dee Simmons / Dr. Contrares Subject: Cancer treatments in Mexico 030103.wav
March 8
Fred Pescatore, MD – Live from Anaheim – Open lines 030803.wav
March 15
Ken Taylor, DC 031503.wav
March 22
Stengler & Hoover Subject: Menopause 032203.wav
March 29
Gary Weingarden, MD Subject: Heart and circulatory issues 032903.wav
April 5
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Allergy and Asthma 040503.wav
April 12
Susan E. Kolb, M.D., F.A.C.S. Subject: Cosmetic Surgeon from Atlanta 041203.wav
April 19
Richard Jaeckle Subject: Psychiatric issues – Natural approaches 041903.wav
April 26
Mary Ann Block, DO, Ken Taylor, DC 042603.wav
May 3
Dr. Eliaz Subject: Modified Citrus Pectin 050303.wav
May 10 Bill Sardi Subject: Hyaluronic Acid 051003.wav
May 17
Health Fair Panel Subject: Detoxification and General Health issues 051703.wav
May 24
Sherry Rogers, MD Subject: Medical myths, mistakes and specialties,
part 1
May 31
Yoanna Subject: Skincare 053103.wav
June 7
Dr. Guest, Kimberly Lord Stewart Subject: Olive Oil & Raw Foods 060703.wav
June 14
Walt Jones Subject: Immune system and aloe vera 061403.wav
June 21
Sherry Rogers, MD Subject: Medical myths, mistakes and specialties,
part 2


June 28
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Live in Las Vegas 062803.wav
July 5
Open Lines – Guest unavailable – Fred Pescatore, MD filled in 070503.wav
July 12
Iron Time Bomb & Bible Prescription for Health (amonst others) author By Bill Sardi 071203.wav
July 19
Charles Gant, MD Subject: Emotional problems and brain chemistry and addictions 071903.wav
July 26
Pre-Recorded Dr. Ken Taylor DC and Gayle Pruitt CN Subject: Disease caused by cell starvation or poisoning. Detoxifying. 072603.wav
August 2
Richard Collier, OD Subject: Vision training and eye health 080203.wav
August 9
August 16
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Open Lines 081603.wav
August 23
Dr. Lydia and Dr. Gerald Harris Subject: New treatments, prolotherapy 082303.wav
August 30
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Live from Anaheim, new products, in the news, open lines 083003.wav
September 6
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Live from Expo East 090603.wav
September 13
Mark Blumenthal Subject: Herbs 091303.wav
September 20
Dee Simmons Subject: Hormones 092003.wav
September 27
Karl Robinson, MD Subject: Homeopathy 092703.wav
October 4
Eva Miranda, Renew Life Subject: Constipation and diegestion 100403.wav
October 11
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Open Lines 101103.wav
October 18
Ken Taylor, DC Subject: Sleep, fatigue, hormones, sperm count, adrenals, flu shots, parkinsons 101803.wav
October 25
Dallas Clouatre, PhD Subject: SAM-e, heart disease, liver, cholesterol, cancer 102503.wav
November 1
Sherry Rogers, MD Subject: Drug effects and alternatives – Part 1 – heart drugs, arthritic, osteoporosis, testing 110103.wav
November 8
Dee Simmons Subject: Green Miracle 110803.wav
November 15
Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Open Lines- cholesterol 111503.wav
November 22
Sherry Rogers, MD Subject:Drug effects 112203.wav
November 29
Kimberly Lord Stewart & Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Olive Oil Problems and Fats 112903.wav
December 6
Yoanna Subject: Skincare 120603.wav
December 13
Dee Simmons REPEAT Subject: Green Miracle 110803.wav
December 20
Nilo Cater, MD Subject: Cholesterol, monunsaturated fats and others


December 27
Drs. Ross Stewart and Sharon Price Subject: Sound therapy chair and nutrition for mood 122703.wav


2002 Show Archives

Date Topic File Name
April 20 Guest: Dr. Carlson-Rink Subject: Iron and Energy 042002.wav
April 27 Guest: Lloyd Wright Subject: Liver – Hepatitus C 042702.wav
May 11 Guest: Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Headaches – Migraines 051102.wav
May 18 Guest: Dr. Uffi Ravnskov, MD, PhD Subject: Cholesterol – The Cholesterol Myths 051802.wav
May 25 Guest: Sherry Rogers, MD Subject: H. Pilori & Open Phones 052502.wav
June 1 Guest: Ken Taylor, DC Subject: Open Phones 060102.wav
June 8 Guest: Fred Pescatore, MD Subject: Feed Your Kids Well 060802a.wav
June 22 Guest: Yoanna Subject: Skincare 062202.wav
June 29 Guest: Melissa Diane Smith Subject: Going Against the Grain 062902.wav
July 6 Guest: Linda Summers 070602.wav
July 13 Guest: Dr. Hyla Cass 071302.wav
July 20 Guest: Dr. Carlson-Rink Subject: Flora 072002.wav
August 10 Guest: Sara Hover, RPH, Len Lopez, DC Subject: Weight Loss / Open Phones 081002.wav
August 24 Guest: William Lee Cowden, MD & Gary Gordon, MD Subject: Cancer 082402.wav


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