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MEDICATIONS. So far, there is no single mainstream-approved surefire go-to drug or even combination to cure a serious case of covid-19, but don’t wait for the conflicted government or fear-paralyzed big academic medical institutions to tell you about the studies and brave practicing physicians that show what works. Worldwide doctors’ licenses are threatened for trying to help patients! There are effective early treatments that will keep people out of the hospital where serious danger lurks. Also, I know of no reason one cannot improve outcomes by using the nutritional remedies above along with medication. It may take assertiveness to get your doctors onboard. Here is a list of doctors not afraid to treat the disease with whatever works and a Directory of Doctors Prescribing Effective Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy. There is even a charity-based free telemedicine website that can help those unable to find a local doctor. Providing light after an embarrassing and lethal delay of roughly 9 months while only courageous individual doctors (not academic or government medical centers performed or even talked about any outpatient covid treatment), there is finally this wildly popular paper from Peter A. McCullough, MD on outpatient medical treatment. On the more alternative side, this links to an article discussing successful hospital protocols using vitamin C (helpful with sepsis) and other things. Marilyn Singleton, MD (my radio guest on 3/20) recommended this patient Covid-19 treatment guide. Read this fabulous e-book, Rapid Virus Recovery, for FREE.

  • Ivermectin. This drug has been safely in use for 3 years. Originally used to kill various pathogens in animals, it is being studied for other purposes such as cancer, but there is some compelling evidence for covid-19 and a ton of anecdotal evidence. It is very inexpensive and works early and late in the infection. You might share this paper with your doctor. It discusses the protocol. (Not an easy lay read)
  • Hydroxychloroquine. The drug most people have heard of is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) because it became a political football. It was the target of a deliberate and aggressive disinformation campaign in spite of the fact that hundreds of studies showed its value. This website lists the few negative and surprisingly large number of positive studies on the drug and its relationship to deaths. The government had already stockpiled this drug because it was useful against Sars-cov-1 which is very similar to the current coronavirus, Sars-cov-2. Based on worldwide experience, it seems clear that HQ is very helpful if used early in the disease and especially in combination with zinc and the antibiotic azithromycin. (One action of HCQ is getting zinc into cells where it limits viral multiplication. That makes it an ionophore.) It is inexpensive, widely available and has a long history of safe use. HCQ has been poo-pooed by the media perhaps mainly because President Trump mentioned it. Simone Gold, MD discusses this medication in this provocative video.
  • This randomized placebo controlled study of 1062 patients showed that the drug improved recovery from 15 days to 10 and reduced deaths from 11.9% to 6.7%.  (The drug is extremely expensive and must be given intravenously usually only in the hospital. Maybe not the best first line of defense.)
  • This cocktail of antibodies has shown promise but is still considered experimental. (Antibodies are what the immune system creates to target pathogens. Whatever natural steps you take to improve immune function (e.g. vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and aloe vera) may have the effect of increasing antibodies.)
  • Monoclonal Antibodies. The FDA’s has given emergency use authorization for this ‘cocktail’ described as “laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful pathogens such as viruses.” The testing results showed, “For patients at high risk for disease progression, hospitalizations and emergency room visits occurred in 3% of casirivimab and imdevimab-treated patients on average compared to 9% in placebo-treated patients. The effects on viral load, reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits were similar in patients receiving either of the two casirivimab and imdevimab doses…Possible side effects of casirivimab and imdevimab include: anaphylaxis and infusion-related reactions, fever, chills, hives, itching and flushing.” The FDA emergency use authorization was given to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Convalescent Plasma. This is from blood donations from recovered patients and is hoped to provide antibodies to fight the disease. However, it is still experimental because we don’t know how long the protection is active and if there are potential side effects. Read what the Mayo Clinic advises.
  • Dexamethasone. This is a corticosteroid designed to reduce inflammation. An excess of immune system internally-generated inflammation can be a cause of severe viral disease symptoms. A review of 17 studies showed that steroids reduced mortality among severely ill covid-19 patients because they reduce runaway inflammation. See inhaled budesonide below. Steroid drugs increase the risk of developing a fungal infection that can complicate matters. Note, read above under “For respiratory distress” about using hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. (Effective, safe and no prescription needed.) Many nutritional supplements also reduce inflammation: Vitamin D, resveratrol, magnesium, garlic, zinc, aloe vera.
  • Inhaled steroid, budesonide. This quote is from a Fortune magazine article: “Richard Bartlett, MD made waves in a July 2 interview that already has racked up 4.1 million views online. In the interview, Bartlett, who has practiced medicine for 28 years and was part of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Health Disparities Task Force, boasted a 100% survival rate for his patients since March by using his treatment strategy, centered around an inhaled steroid called budesonide.”
  • Colchicine.This standard gout drug has shown promise for reducing complications and is being studied for covid-19.
  • Famotidine. This is a heartburn drug of the H2 blocker class. There has been some very weak evidence that it might improve covid-19 outcomes. However, I’m very leery of this one because another class of acid-blockers, Proton Pump Inhibitors seems to make matters worse. Those drugs block the stomach acid which is an important defense against pathogens.
  • Anti-fever medications. Unless a fever gets alarmingly high, like over 102it might be smarter to avoid aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others). In addition to the drug side effects, fever is one way the body fights infection. Fever is also a trigger for forming antibodies to create an important immunity factor.
  • Aspirin. Full dose aspirin is given to prevent the blood clots often seen with covid-19 and to reduce inflammation and its use has been shown to reduce mortality. (Note: Fish oil and resveratrol also protect from unwanted clots.)

“Authorities” were critical of the plan used for President Trump. Ignoring the fact that he was back at work a couple of days after being diagnosed, they said that the combination nutrient/drug protocol had not been proven in double blind gold standard studies. Are they embarrassed to remember that most seniors are routinely prescribed several pharmaceuticals that have never been tested together? The “experts” are also waiting for rigorous studies (which because of economic factors will not likely ever be done) on the covid-19 specific benefits of the individual nutrients listed on this website. Please remember that “Not proven” is not even close to the same as “disproven”.

Ventilators. Ventilators can save lives when a patient cannot breathe on their own. However, in many cases, covid-19 patients can breathe, they just aren’t absorbing oxygen well because of tissue problems with the lung membranes. Since ventilators can damage lung tissue, hospitals are trying to limit their use. Some research shows better outcomes with home care via telehealth. They are employing other methods of upping oxygen levels and have patients on their stomachs to help them breathe. (Unfortunately, this does not work as well with the obese.) Longevinex Advantage is great support for healthy lung tissue.

Again, be sure to read the page on Natural Remedies that can be used with or instead of what is above.


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