How to prepare if you simply must take the vaccine. Use all the prevention nutrients because to be beneficial, the vaccines depend on a functional immune system. Also, start the anti-clotting recommendations listed in the next section.

What to do if you’ve already been jabbed. If you received one of the vaccines and are reading this, congratulations. You didn’t die within 48 hours from one of the rare but catastrophic allergic reactions…or within 2 weeks due to one of the less rare cases of large blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes. (Note that the CDC does not call someone immunized until two weeks after the shot. So, anyone who dies within the first 2 weeks is not counted as vaccine death!) So far so good. However, you may still be rightfully worried about the long-term effect of the vaccine’s mRNA telling your cells to manufacture the toxic spike protein. Mr. Bill Sardi says to keep your blood from being sticky by taking fish oil and garlic supplements. The fibrin micro-clots which form in the small arteries as a result of the “spike protein” can be broken up with resveratrol and enzymes (e.g. bromelain and better yet, nattokinase). Bill’s article, JAB REMORSE goes into detail including testing that can be done, but probably should not be. Another cardiovascular risk, lipoprotein a, is helped by vitamin C. These actions can help offset potential damage, but Bill says the surest thing is to avoid the shot and thereby not start the clotting process.

CLICK HERE for precautionary steps recommended by a doctor group to take before and after a covid-17 vaccine shot.