Dr. Levy in Slo-Mo? PART 1

With some guests I can get engrossed in what they are saying and fail to translate and summarize as often as I should, especially when they get on a roll. I think that was the case with Tom Levy, MD when he was on HBN May 17. So, I thought it might be useful to do a written review.

First, some news about Dr. Levy. The brighter doctors are, the more likely they are to see problems with dogma and create better ideas. Therefore, they are also more likely to get crosswise with the establishment which desperately wants to maintain its profitable status quo.  In doing a search for a photo of Dr. Levy, I was saddened but not at all surprised to discover that mainstream medical practitioners did not approve of Dr. Levy’s innovative Covid treatment method using nebulized hydrogen peroxide. In March, the Colorado Medical board even censured him for spreading what they claim is “misinformation”. Like so many others, that board sticks to the government party line and censors those with other ideas. Never mind that he has witnessed cures with this method. (It safely helped me.) I agree with his quote from when he responded to a CBS Colorado affiliate about the censure: “That’s not authority, that’s authoritarianism.” Right on! Read my article about what constitutes a quack.

Interview review:

We began by discussing the spike protein that is a scary aspect of the Covid-19 virus and can be chronic. As a cardiologist, Dr. Levy is all too aware of the health risk that spike protein causes by creating clots in the circulatory system and causing inflammation of the heart muscle which was previously quite rare. It is also a grave concern that the so-called covid “vaccines” which tell our cells to manufacture spike protein. (“Long covid” seems to be characterized by continuing high levels of spike protein and chronic conditions they cause.) Although covid spike proteins have been found in every tissue in the body, they seem especially attracted to the heart tissue where the damage can be quite serious and even fatal. Some heart tissue conducts signals (e.g. when to beat). When that is damaged is when you see something like athletes (who likely have a compounding rush of adrenaline) dropping dead on the field from major heart arrythmias or pilot heart attacks triggered by low oxygen. Spike protein also attacks blood vessels creating clots which can obviously lead to heart attack and stroke. Oxidation therapies seem to help people at least feel better. However, the spike protein can reappear later out from hiding or because it has continued to be made in cells. So, treatment may need to be repeated.

Virtually all diseases at the most fundamental cellular level are oxidative problems—where there is a problem with the electrons. The oxidative therapies (antioxidant supplements like vitamin C, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet radiation of the blood, etc.) fix those by restoring electron balance. Dr. Levy said that vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide are great partners.

Oops, that is only ½ way through the information-rich interview, but I’m out of both space and time, so I will continue next week. Sorry.

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