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Last week’s interview with investigative health journalist,Jeff T Bowles and the show the week before that were exciting and a bit shocking. They covered his fascinating book, The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention of All Diseases—What Doctors Never Learned.  In case you haven’t yet heard those shows, the simple yet powerful cure he discusses is vitamin D3. Mr. Bowles kindly answered listeners’ follow up questions by email and provided additional resources of which I want to make readers aware. High dose vitamin D3 can be very powerful and it is quite safe if the other nutrients that it works with are kept in balance.

  • This is a nifty interactive “calculator” to determine the amount of sunlight exposure needed to maintain a healthy vitamin D status without sunburn
  • Taking a calcium supplement when taking high dose D3 is generally NOT a good idea. That is because the only danger of high dose D3 is that is can promote too much calcium in the blood and/or aggravate a magnesium deficiency.
  • After Mr. Bowles took 20 to 25,000 IUs of D3 per day for a few months, his D3 blood level was 125 ng/ml. He says people do not get the healing results, disease cures and resolution of chronic issues unless their D3 level is about 125 to 150 ng/ml (The so-called “normal” range is 30 to 100 ng/ml. Of course, that is computed by averaging a sick population.)
  • A good place for blood tests is this linked website. They will send you a form that you take to the nearest Labcorp office which will draw your blood. You will then get test results by email in 3 days. Note that some locations are busier than others.
  • The most important test is blood calcium. If it is in the normal range, you have nothing to worry about because D3 itself is nontoxic. Its only risk is that it can elevate calcium too high. The blood panel for $140 provides D3, calcium levels and many others. Do not worry about the magnesium results because the usual serum blood tests tell you nothing useful about how much magnesium is in the tissues.
  • DOSING suggestions from Jeff Bowles.
    • Vitamin D3. Take D3 based on your body weight and test results. The bigger a person is, the more they need. With each 10,000 IU, also take the following:
    • Vitamin K2 helps calcium go into the bone and get out of the arteries where it can cause trouble. Bowles recommends 800 mcg (micrograms) of the mk7 type of K2 for each 10,000 IU of D3. OR 4 mg (4,000 mcg) of the weaker but more natural mk4 type of K See for information about saving money by buying D3 and K2 in bulk. The vitamin D3+K2 spray that I use has a good balance.
    • Magnesium. Magnesium* is required to covert the D3 into other needed forms.Jeff thinks that it is likely that 75% of diseases can be cured with vitamin D3 and the other 25% with magnesium. So,another of the great reasons to take it. Mr. Bowles says to take anywhere from 250 mg 2x per day of extended-release magnesium up to 500mg 2x a day or even 750 mg 2x a day. He recommends the magnesium from He says to take as much as you can handle for a 1-year period if you think you are magnesium deficient or are taking high dose D3. The reason for the extended release kind is that it stays in the blood for 6 hours at a time and it is important to have high blood levels of magnesium all the time to reverse a deficiency in the tissues. If you have a loose stool after 1week or so, cut down the dosage until you are ok with it.
    • Boron. If you get the little 3 mg pills, take 18 mg 2 x per day with some zinc picolinate 50 mg 2 x a day. Or, if you use 20 Mule Team Detergent Booster Borax Powder (NOT the detergent containing borax) take 1/8th a teaspoon 2x per day (presumably in water).
  • One listener wanted to know the highest Jeff’s blood levels ever reached. He replied, “the highest level I have ever reached on a test was about 175 ng/ml after I had been taking 70,000 IU’s a day for many months. But, I have heard from people who have hit the 200’s and one guy at 320 ng/ml  that were fine….They were just alarmed at the high number. My advice to them was to stop the D3, keep taking K2 until the D3 comes back down to the 125 to 150 ng/ml range…They did that and everything was fine.”
  • HBN Library resources – Benefits and Basics this section and in this one on Vitamin D supplements, safety, testing and doses. (I’ve been working to update those, but if there are any conflicts, consider this blog more current.)

*“Magnesium deficiency is common in our society. The RDA used to be 800 mg, but practically no one was getting that much from the food supply. And because many entitlement programs, such as Food Stamps, require that RDA amounts be obtained from food rather than from supplements, the FDA realized that giving people enough food to provide 800 mg/day of magnesium was prohibitively expensive. So they reduced the RDA to 400 mg—a triumph of politics over science.” “A few years ago the FDA proposed reducing the magnesium RDA from 400 to 200 mg. There was such an outcry about it that they backed off. Four hundred (400) milligrams is about the lowest amount an adult ought to consider taking, and most people aren’t getting even half of that in their diet.” Source: Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw article, Putting More Power Into Your Life.



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