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My guests on the June 1st show were award-winning true crime author, John Leake, and Peter McCullough, MD who are the authors of: THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. (I was much happier than I look in that picture.) While I began with a profound respect for the work that Dr. McCullough had been doing and was intrigued by John Leake’s credentials, the book was so new that I had not read it yet. Now that I have, I want to tell you what I think with the book review below. I hope you will forward this post to friends because, for a variety of important reasons, the book should be a number one best seller.

I could not put down this powerful new book, THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. It was masterfully written by an award-winning true crime writer, John Leake, and a true medical hero, Peter McCullough, MD. Because I had been privileged to interview Dr. Peter McCullough several times over the last year on my Healthy by Nature radio show, I already knew quite a bit about the topic, but I was still shocked. Their in-depth analysis of officialdom’s tragic mishandling of Covid-19 is brilliant and responsible. The documented reasons that hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly because of purposeful mismanagement by “authorities” will blow minds. John’s true crime writing skills build excitement as he paints a picture of what surely is beyond malfeasance—into actual crimes, including fraud and negligent homicide.

Perhaps the title doesn’t sound like a “beach read”, but I enjoyed the book on a mini vacation because it is exciting and entertaining. Moving stories about patient recoveries make the history relatable and are alternatingly uplifting and heartbreaking. Every reader will likely be infuriated by the humiliation and enormously costly (even career-ending) punishments imposed on courageous and compassionate doctors—doctors who were simply trying to honor their Hippocratic Oath and use their best medical judgement to heal patients and keep them out of the hospital. The horrific absurdity of the reckless and catastrophic public and institutional policies described might have driven lesser talents to become shrill and histrionic. But these world-class professionals calmly and logically lay out the sequence of facts and allow the readers to generate their own outrage. They also helpfully outline the substantial scientific support that existed for treatments which should have been used but instead were ridiculed.

The US official actions and intent are also clearly linked to suspect international power brokers. Critics cannot (as they typically do) apply the label “conspiracy theories” because the authors meticulously document their work with hundreds of easily verifiable citations. Leake and McCullough describe what I believe is a master class in gaining control over a population. We see that greed, hunger for power and groupthink can corrupt thought at the very highest levels and lead not only to bad policy but even the creation of incentives for hospitals to do the wrong thing. We see that at all levels values and common sense were anesthetized into submission by the cumulative impact of censorship, shaming, perverse incentives, and unrelenting propaganda delivered by a complicit media. The dangerous messages drilled into us: “there are no treatments, forget even discussing documented vaccine safety concerns, just get vaccinated as often as we say, and blindly allow us to tell you how to conduct your life.”

John Leake has successfully written about crimes before, but this is surely the biggest one—a crime against humanity. I bought a copy of the book for my doctor and an extra one that I know I will want to give away. This book should be required reading for at least: all doctors, legislators, regulators, and administrators of medical schools and hospitals…oh, and newspaper editors, TV news commentators, social media “fact” checkers and late-night comics.  Because this same system of gaining control over us can be used in many other situations, frankly, the book should be read by anyone who wants to preserve their freedoms and way of life.



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  1. Carolyn says:

    Sounds like they have read Robert Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”. That should also be required reading. He documents everything as well.

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