Healthy by Nature is hosted by Certified Clinical Nutritionist, author and media veteran, Martie Whittekin. Martie interviews authors, doctors, researchers and other experts who are at the top of their fields. While intended to be entertaining in the process, Healthy by Nature aims to educate listeners with responsible science-based information tempered with traditional wisdom. We aim to motivate listeners to choose a healthful path that leads to wellness, abundant energy and a bright outlook. Although the show supports its carefully-chosen sponsors, neither the host nor the show sell anything.

Healthy by Nature believes

  • The gradual decline in health and vigor with age may be typical in the USA, but it is unnatural and unnecessary. We can be active and healthy to a very advanced age, IF we learn to obey nature’s laws.
  • We don’t catch diseases, we foster them. When we don’t burden the body with excesses it cannot handle (e.g. stress, sugar and toxins) and provide optimum nutritional support, miracles happen!
  • Diseases should not be treated as drug deficiencies. Staying alive propped up by drugs is not the same as LIVING. All drugs by definition have side effects. In contrast, most natural approaches offer fringe benefits. It is common sense to use less toxic and non-invasive approaches first and save the heavy artillery of drugs and surgery for emergencies.
  • We believe that most doctors do the best they can in a broken system. However, to avoid over-treatment and missed opportunities, consumers must arm themselves with the nutrition and prevention information that the average doctor has simply not been taught and may have been wrongfully warned against.
  • Health basics include exercise, clean water, adequate sleep, sunshine, a supportive social network, spiritual wholeness, a toxin-free environment, and of course, good nutrition. Good food must be the base, but today a sensible dietary supplement plan is also a necessity. Laying a good nutritional supplement foundation provides a broad range of cellular benefits and can limit the number of special supplements needed for specific ailments.
  • We recommend products based on research, not hype. High quality products bring the most reliable benefits and are less expensive in the long run. There is a big difference between the common low price and the more rare good value.