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Nerve Guardian was designed by nutrition expert and investigative journalist, Bill Sardi, to supply nutrients critical to the proper functioning of both our sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems. Read Martie’s blog on the crucial importance of vitamin B1 which is a key benefit of Nerve Guardian along with several other important nutrients. It costs as little as $3.12 per month. Click graphic or the name to go to Lifespan Nutrition. Or, call (800)247-5731

Darcy Brunk. DC at Achieve Vitality provides state-of-the-art Infiniti Cell Therapy using the most effective and safest Infinity Human Umbilical Stem Cells. Read my article. For a consultation and appropriate x-rays at no charge and/or a free e-book, Stem Cells Made Simple, call (800) 507-6509 and mention Healthy by Nature. Website. Short interview on Stem Cells.

Most animals don’t degenerate like humans do as they age. Animals make crucial, healing vitamin C in their bodies out of their blood sugar! They even make greater amounts when they are under physical or mental stress. Humans lost that ability, but with revolutionary Formula 216 they can regain it.

British royalty, Meghan Markle (married to Prince Harry), tells TV’s Inside Edition how she stays healthy while traveling during her pregnancy. The video features the Dr. Ohhira’s box and that is no accident because she also recommended it in her now retired blog. Dr. Oz provides helpful information. Watch the video.

Molecular Multi was formulated by the famous nutrition expert / author Bill Sardi. In nutritionist Martie Whittekin’s experience, it is the most comprehensive multi available. It contains serious amounts of the active form of nutrients. It is a clean product with none of the worrisome manufacturing ingredients in mainstream brands. 800-247-5731

Kotsanis Institute offers a patient-centered approach to health that combines the best of traditional and complementary medicine with nutrition. We listen to your goals, draw a road map to achieve your goals, and guide you every step towards your “symphony of health”. CHECKLIST

HEALING POWER: Increase Collagen Production, Improve Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage, Reduce Blood Pressure,
Speed Wound Healing and Injury Recovery, Decrease Bloating, Lessen Pain and Improve Digestion. Website.  1-800-580-1102 or 214-352-8758 (If you inquire, be sure to mention HBN.)

Longevinex is a superior and safer form and dosage of resveratrol formulated by Bill Sardi. Please read Martie’s article on the wonders of resveratrol for slowing the effects of aging, protecting the heart and problems with the macula of the eye and so much more. Longevinex 866-405-4000

Lily of the Desert grows, processes and packages its own chemical-free, certified organic aloe vera. lilly-logoBeing in control of every step is unique among aloe vera product companies and allows Lily of the Desert to set a high bar for industry standards for quality from the farm to the bottle. 800-229-5459. Link to Personal Care.

Jarrow Formulas® K-Right soft-gel capsules are a blend of K1 (found in leafy greens), MK-4 (found in animal foods) and MK-7 (from natural bacterial fermentation). Also, has vitamin D3 for added support bone and cardiovascular support. Vitamin K interviews: Anthony Thomas and the author of the Calcium Paradox. Please see product cautions listed in the ad on the right of this page.

Feel refreshed. Remove airborne bacteria, odors, dust, pollen and other allergens from your air. ionbox devices are conveniently small. You can take one to the office and traveling. Even much larger units are not as effective as ionbox. Ozone-free. No filters.


KYOLIC® odorless Aged Garlic Extract. Our products are based on organic garlic grown on our farms. We age our garlic to remove the garlic odor and to enhance its beneficial constituents. Kyolic is the leader in the field of scientific research having conducted over 700 peer-reviewed studies on Kyolic. Available Here.


HealthWorks carries an easy to navigate selection of fine products like those from the fine folks that sponsor Healthy by Nature. This family-owned business offers FREE shipping on orders over $25. Toll free 877-673-2536.



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