Healthcare Reform – national debate & personal opportunity

It will be New Year’s Day on Saturday, but I’m happy to say that we have a new interview on Healthy by Nature. (I pre-recorded it so the crew could have the day off.) US Congressman, John C. Fleming, MD and I discuss issues related to the healthcare legislation now widely known as “Obamacare”. (Sound […]

The ultimate “energy medicine” is free

It will be Christmas day, but listen for new interviews on Healthy by Nature Saturday. (They were pre-recorded so I could be with family.) Allen Sprinkle, DDS, enlightens me about the unsuspected cause of headaches, tremors, walking or movement disorders, facial pain, and speech problems up to and including Tourette syndrome. We also discuss his […]

A remedy that is effective for many conditions – but is often overlooked

On the Healthy by Nature show this week Daniel Chartrand, MD of McKinney, TX, joins me in the studio for open lines. Call us at 1-800-281-8255. We’ll also play a short interview with Dr. Cannell from the Vitamin D Council. Oops: In last week’s newsletter I accidentally said that electronic cigarettes provide caffeine. While that […]

Make technology work for you. Gifts that are electronic, electrical or maybe just electrifying

On the Healthy by Nature show this week, we have a sort of health magazine with: a whistle blower (Kay Carlson, author of Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer), advice on avoiding holiday intestinal issues (Ann Louise Gittleman, author of The Gut Flush Plan), an innovative and non-invasive treatment for reducing wrinkles (Dr. Andrew Shepherd) […]

Colds and flu PART 3 / Vitamin D news / Gift Idea

At the end of the Healthy by Nature show this week, we’re lucky to have John Cannell, MD, President of the nonprofit Vitamin D Council, give us a brief reaction to the big Vitamin D news. During the main part of the show we focus on pregnancy and delivery with 2 in-studio guests: Kalena Cook, […]

Healthful holiday gift ideas

Experts have scolded us for years about eating saturated fat. But what if they are WRONG? New research questions the dogma. My guest, Stuart Tomc, will help us sort it out on Healthy by Nature this week. Also, nutritionist Karen Falbo will tell us about cookbooks from Natural Grocers that make good gifts. Our show […]

A remedy kit to STOP colds and flu before they stop YOU

I’m looking forward to an important Healthy by Nature show this week. My guest is the famous cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, MD. We’ll talk about his new book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, which is quite groundbreaking. (Pun intended.) His previous books include: The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology as well as Reverse Heart Disease […]

Just say “NO” to the so-called cold & flu season

Listen to Healthy by Nature this week to find out how to improve your memory, concentration and mood. Guest, Dr. Kyl Smith, author of Brighter Mind, is always interesting and fun. Also, learn about a new cookie that doesn’t raise your blood sugar. My Dallas area lecture this week: “Stay Off of the Slippery Slope […]

Coffee & tea protect brain / Zinc for kid’s brains & waistlines / Selenium & coordination

We have a virtual potpourri on Healthy by Nature this week: In the opening segment I ask listeners to save the date, April 2, 2011. That’s the Saturday of our North Texas regional HealthFest event. It will be much bigger and even more exciting than last year’s. Next, producer, Andy Hopkins, interviews me about a […]

Halloween: unseen scary things, evil trick and better treats

This week on Healthy by Nature: We don’t think much about our kidneys until they stop doing their important jobs such as helping control blood pressure or a kidney stone causes excruciating pain. Author Rich Snyder, DO will tell us how to prevent kidney problems and if it’s too late for that, offer treatment choices. […]