Hangovers / Alcohol pro & con

Healthy by Nature radio show this week:  Patient advocate and author, Julia Schopick, discusses her book, Honest Medicine. In it she writes about effective, safe and low cost remedies for auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chron’s as well as for other serious conditions such as liver disease, epilepsy and non-healing wounds. […]

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: It is always exciting to have nutrition expert and author, Bill Sardi, on the program. This time I ask him why declining sales of milk might result in a decline of some diseases such Chron’s and even heart disease. He will focus on Macular Degeneration which is the […]

Blood pressure, asthma, depression and diabetes–food to the rescue

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Dr. Kyl Smith, author and one of our favorite guests, will talk about the connection between stress and testosterone. (That hormone is important to women as well as men) He will explain how supplementing Phosphatidyl Serine can help right imbalances. His terrific book on brain health is Brighter […]

Color magic in veggies / fun with prunes

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Canadian naturopathic consultant, Dr. Daniel J. Crisafi PhD, MH, joins us to discuss timely topics: influenza, vaccines and building our immune response naturally. Then we have our quarterly interview sponsored by Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. Our special guest interviewer is our producer and periodic co-host, Andy Hopkins. He will […]

What a Harvard expert says we should eat

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Dr. Darcy Brunk tells us what his patients do to look younger. In the second half my guest Jarrow Rogovin is the founder of Jarrow Formulas, but he is also a fearless fighter for fairness and health freedom. He wants to talk about the FDA and this should […]


Healthy by Nature radio show this week:  Jonathan Wright, MD one of my heroes, is a legend in nutritional and alternative medicine circles. He has been teaching doctors and innovating for decades. We discuss the use of blood thinners and his book Maximize Your Vitality & Potency…for men over 40. Click here to find podcasts, […]

Something fishy in the research

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Dr. Paris Kidd and I will pick up where we left off last time talking about the relationship between calcium and magnesium. That means we will talk about not only bone health, but also health of the cardiovascular system and the brain. In Andy’s segment he will talk […]

Ideas for those who do and don’t get a flu shot

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Nutritionist Rob Martin joins us to talk about the effect of issues like low testosterone and high stress hormones as well as what to do about them. Also Mary Ellen Dorey discusses how aromatherapy can put us in a romantic mood or even help us heal. She will […]

Flu shots / Storm aftermath / Stress

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: I’ll ask Gus Kotsanis, MD to explain if chemotherapy actually cures cancer. Also, to sort out which cancers actually respond positively to chemo and about the role of natural treatments. He will answer your questions if you call in. At the end, Andy and I will have fun […]

New studies support Echinacea and multivitamins

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We talk with US Congressman / Dentist Paul Gosar of AZ about government’s role in solving our health care crisis. But first, Dr. Thomas Lenahan of Cornerstone Wellness in Plano will explain the tools he uses for relieving everything from Arthritis, Bursitis and Sciatica to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, […]