Hangover prevention and natural remedies

 Healthy by Nature radio show this week It is the start of a new year, so of course we are going to talk about weight loss. But, we’ll look at some innovative ideas, not just the same old eat-less/move-more advice. Cristy Moya and Nicole Wallace, staff members from the Kotsanis institute, will join us to […]

Christmas issue

 Healthy by Nature radio show this week It is always fun when producer Andy Hopkins can join me in the studio, but we just never have enough time. So, this week we team up for the whole show. Without a guest or an agenda, we can mainly just have fun. However, so that we don’t […]

Chicken Pox & Shingles

At the holidays we are looking for joy, love, and peace, but sometimes instead experience difficult emotions such as depression, frustration, and anxiety. We will learn tips on achieving a happier result from psychotherapist and award-winning author, Jude Bijou MA MFT. Her book is Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life. Then we […]

How Fungus Can Cause Cancer

 Healthy by Nature radio show this week My guest for the whole show is Certified Natural Health Professional & Nutritional Consultant, Valerie Hall. The topic will be bones..what weakens them, what strengthens them and how to choose among bone supplements. What are the best types of calcium and a bit about some of my favorite […]

Special Thanksgiving Edition

Nutritionist, author, blogger and radio host, Bill Sardi discusses over-mineralization–how the minerals calcium, iron and copper can increase the risks for disease and premature aging when adults store them in excess. We will also cover some ways to reduce those excesses, including resveratrol.  I also bring up recent news on vitamin D. Click here to […]

Vitamin A – a “redheaded stepchild”?

We will discuss why fermented foods are important, how to get started making them at home or what to buy if you prefer that someone else to do the fermenting. My guest is Nancy Lee Bentley, author of Truly Cultured. We also visit with John Willard about exciting new research into why Willard Water works […]

Beyond the mall mosey?

Research on hormones has left most folks a little bit confused. We will talk about bio-identical hormones and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in particular. Not only its benefits in middle age and beyond but, also why supplementing it through the skin is the preferred way. My first guest, Hugh Woodward, MS will help us understand. Then, producer […]

The truth in some old sayings and phrases

John Young, MD will tell us a funny story about a patient and a witch doctor but, more importantly how to build a great foundation for health. I want to ask him about recent studies I’ve seen showing that we are not getting enough protein. He has a new book, Beyond Treatment. Yoanna Kanalakis has […]

Halloween part 2 – real Scary Stuff

I ask Andrew Shepherd, DC about what things we do in everyday life that cause us structural problems and how chiropractic actually heals the cause of disease rather than just calm symptoms. Why would an infant who was delivered by caesarian section need an immediate adjustment? Is anyone too old to see a chiropractor? I […]

Halloween edition

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX. We’ll take your calls but to start things off I’ll ask about thyroid issues and about bioidentical hormone therapy.Call the live show with questions at 1-800-281-8255. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide. […]