You probably don’t know about vitamin C for your heart and more

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test I continue to be amazed by and excited about the regenerative power of stem cells. It is high time we see what is new in that department. Our HBN health researcher, Bobbi Vitality, will be in the studio to bring us up to date. If you […]

Colon polyps, drug deaths and the possible path of heartburn drugs to brain cancer

Healthy by Nature radio show this week test I am so happy that Bill Sardi* is back from Japan and available for the show. We are going to talk about the health problems we can experience if our body isn’t able to dispose of old cells that no longer work. There are drugs being developed […]

Aluminum and Autism/Alzheimer’s, Polio-like Infections, Dry Eyes, Leaky Bladder

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Vitamin K2 is powerfully important, but it is typically overlooked by both the public and conventional medicine. Anthony Thomas, Director of Scientific Affairs for Jarrow Formulas will explain how that vitamin helps with health of the bone, arteries, teeth, immune system and more. Links to Jarrow Vitamin […]

Can you poison your way to health?

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test If you have questions about any aspect of eye health, this is the time to ask them. My first guest is Jeffrey Anshel, OD, author of the new book What You Must Know About Age-Related Macular Degeneration: How You Can Prevent, Stop, or Reverse AMD His […]


  On the Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Two important topics: We will learn more about the health-promoting effects of negative ions. Carolyn Mayor and Gary Fullen  (the brains behind IonBox) will explain how they clear the air of dust, bacteria, dirt, pollen, and other allergens. They have devised a way that […]

Drug Blues and Nutrition News

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Did you ever wonder why wild animals don’t suffer heart failure, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, wrinkles, cataracts, mental decline or other such human health problems? It is in part because most species continually turn their blood sugar into vitamin C. And they make a lot more when they […]

Selenium is a superstar

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test For the 1st half of the program I’ve asked Bill Sardi* to return and answer the listener questions that we did not get to last week because there was so much news. Then another favorite guest, pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Jim LaValle will join us. His […]

Colds and Flu Remedy Kit

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Yay! Bill Sardi is back. The plan is to open the show up to listener questions. But, he has recently published several interesting articles that I may ask about: Zinc for turning back the immune aging clock, an overlooked vitamin for the prevention of coronary artery disease and one […]

Is it really the season or is it us?

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test My first guest is Dawn M Cutillo the author of The Hormone Shift: Using Natural Hormone Balancing for Your Mood, Weight, Sleep & Female Health. Then, Pharmacist Ross Pelton Ph.D., CCN will join us to tell us how to get our internal army in tip top shape to protect us […]

What is old becomes new again…mostly

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test The foods we eat tell our genes how to behave and heavy metal contaminants send them the wrong messages. Dr. Renee Dufault returns to dig deeper into her marvelous book, Unsafe at Any Meal: What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You […]