Environmental estrogens make MEN & WOMEN fat, sick and infertile

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test With heart month coming up, Dr. Michael Einsohn returns to the studio to discuss how we can use thermography for heart evaluation. He is extremely versatile and we can take calls on other topics. I’ve asked him for a special deal for listeners who can get […]

Cancer prevention and patient support options

Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Anthony G. Jay, PH.D. is currently at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota researching stem cells, epigenetics, and infrared light. He is also President and CEO of AJ Consulting Company which does DNA analysis and coaching to personalize consumer or athletes’ diet, sleep, and training. He is the […]

New Year’s Health Resolutions Made Easy

Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Bill Sardi will join us and I suspect I may need to get out the old show stretcher because he has been busy! Here are some of his recent articles that we will discuss: Why grandma is angry, an article about a natural detoxifier, and why it […]

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