How to catch a cold / Reverse color blindness?

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In case you WANT to catch a cold (or the flu)
It seems highly unlikely you can’t find a more pleasant way to get time off, but here are a few simple steps that will likely make you sick:

1.  Eat holiday treats, thereby taking in a lot more sugar than usual.
2.  Eat foods that you are sensitive to, like perhaps gluten.
3.  Fail to drink enough water.
4.  Burn the candle at both ends and shrug off your body’s call for sleep.
5.  Ignore sinus drainage thinking it is just something in the air when it is more likely yeast busy weakening your tissues.
6.  Take vitamin D but don’t balance it with vitamin A which protects the mucous membranes.
7.  Add a good dose of holiday stress.

Success! This week I proved that the above plan works. In my case, the saga began a couple of weeks ago with the frigid weather. I don’t think cold temperatures cause colds. However, doing some time-sensitive yard work out in it somehow made it seem like a great idea to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows like Mom might have dispensed in winters past. Dairy causes mucous for many like me and sugar disables everyone’s immune system for several hours. (For some of us a few sweets is also like that first drink to an alcoholic.) While I haven’t missed a Saturday radio show due to illness in 16 ½ years (hear that knocking on my desk?), I have had a few near misses like this one. (I threw all my remedies at it and was only sick for a day or so.) I don’t think I pull this nonsense out of scientific curiosity. More likely it is just that I just feel so good most of the time that I start to believe that the rules no longer apply to me.

If you’d rather NOT…
In case losing time to a cold or the flu doesn’t really fit your plans, here are some past newsletters with helpful tips. One day (one that is less busy than today) I’ll make this info into a proper updated article for the website.
Preventing Colds and Flu
Colds and Flu Remedies
What NOT to DO for Colds and Flu

On the show Saturday, Christmas seemed so far in the future I failed to wish you a merry one. I hope it was. I was reminded that this is the last newsletter of 2013 because it is #52. I pray that your 2014 is healthy, happy and prosperous.

Last Week Follow-up
LINK to that show in the archives.We continued the discussion about booze that we started in September with Janet Chrzan, PhD, a nutritional anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Alcohol. I asked about college drinking, binge drinking and what leads to addiction. Then we talked with Dr. Phyllis Books, author of  Reversing Dyslexia. We discussed not only dyslexia but also color blindness which she can reverse by changing the way the brain interprets light.

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