Bill Sardi answers tough questions

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test John Willard brings us some exciting news about how Willard Water enhanced water is helping feed the world without the negative environmental impact fertilizers have. Of course, we already know it improves nutrition utilization for people and pets. He offers a 20% discount on the Willard […]

Magnesium news, an antibiotic that kills and a safe alternative to Tamiflu

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Do you have a health, nutrition or supplement question? Then here is your chance to have it answered by expert Bill Sardi. I am not going to bring my own questions, so we will have the time. Bill Sardi is a brilliant and prolific author, science […]

You should throw a party for your gut buddies

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Research showed that wearing a bra all the time greatly increased the odds of developing breast cancer. Instead of investigating, the medical establishment viciously attacked the messenger. Additional research now confirms the connection. My first guest is Sydney Ross Singer, a medical anthropologist and co-director of […]

New study says that using probiotics could save millions of $

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Retirement and aging expert, Dr. Thelma Reese, will join us to discuss her recent book, The New Senior Man: Exploring New Horizons, New Opportunities. Baby Boomers will have far more years in retirement than previous generations. She says that many are having the time of their […]

Media ignores a natural cancer breakthrough

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test This week we are privileged to talk with Sherry Rogers, MD. Since February is heart month, we are picking cardiovascular titles from among her many books: Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? Also, I’ll ask about The Cholesterol Hoax! and The High Blood Pressure Hoax! Details about […]

Is the flu shot hysteria based on hard science?

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test During his interview in January, Bill Sardi promised to review some earth-shattering (yet ignored) research about how certain nutrients can cause cancer cells to die. These nutrients are easily available, inexpensive, without side effects and do not interfere with the usual cancer treatments. (Incidentally, Bill Sardi […]

Drowning in drugs – can we really poison our way to health?

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test My first guest is a colleague—both a health professional and a fellow radio host. I’ll talk with Dr. David C. Kolbaba about how he deals in his practice with common health complaints using conservative natural methods. In the second half of the program, I look forward […]

Love / hate computers. Tell the FDA to ease up on homeopathics

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test You may recall that recently Sherry Roger, MD discussed the critical need to detoxify the many chemicals we all acquire these days…even when we try hard to avoid them. One of the best ways to flush out the heavy metals, pesticides and hormone-disrupting plasticizers that gum […]

The rest of the calcium story

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test We discuss mood issues with Sharon R. Price, PhD., CN. She is a clinician and the author of Gut Feelings: Unlocking Spiritual, Nutritional, & Intestinal Links to Anxiety, Depression, & Fatigue (find her quizzes at Email, phone 817-797-7475) My second guest is Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH internationally known expert […]

Review of details from Dr. Sherry Rogers interview

  Healthy by Nature radio show this week test Get your note-taking pencils ready. Bill Sardi will join us to explain the perpetually confusing “take lots” versus “don’t bother” news about calcium, plus offer real answers to osteoporosis. We will also take listener calls. I was impressed with one of Mr. Sardi’s recent articles: Will the […]

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