Serious hormone issues / Abused blueberries / Fun with a glue gun

This week we talk with Gina Maisano, author of Intimacy after Breast Cancer, about an important issue that arises after breast cancer treatment. I also interview Susan Brown from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I want to better understand what types of research the highly successful foundation funds and how it educates women about steps […]

Cancer alternatives / Avoid sudden cardiac death / Garlic for blood pressure

On Healthy by Nature this week: An Integrative Approach to Cancer Prevention and Treatment. My guests are Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO & health journalist Karolyn Gazella. Join us at 1-800-281-8255. They are the authors of an impressive book, The Definitive Guide to Cancer, available in book stores. also sells the book, or you can […]

Picking the brain of THE Harvard nutrition expert / Giving Jim a break

On Healthy by Nature this week: The “expert” recommendations about what we should eat are nothing if not confusing. This week I go to the very top for a straight answer. I’ll interview Walter Willett, MD, PhD. He’s the well known head of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University and the author of hundreds […]

Diet and Natural Soft drinks / Hair Loss

On Healthy by Nature this week: I said the guest was a surprise, but for you it won’t be. I’ve asked Bill Sardi to tell us 6 things we can do for our health that don’t cost anything. This brilliant nutrition expert will also take listener questions at 1-800-281-8255. Event Tuesday Evening, October 5th: We […]

Deep fried beer / long term effects of sweet and starchy foods / income opportunity

On Healthy by Nature this week: Two doctors discuss the downside of common pain medicines and how to lessen their damage. Better yet, I’ll ask them how to fix the problems that caused the pain. A nutritionist tells us how to select a better children’s chewable vitamin. NEWS AND VIEWS Deep Fried S’Mores Pop-Tarts? It […]

Cookware & cholesterol / Vitamins against colon cancer and heart disease

On Healthy by Nature this week: We talk with Dr. Guy Devin about energy – the kind of cellular energy needed for healing and optimum function. Dr. Andrew Shepherd will help us understand the benefits and how-to’s of detoxification. And we’ll talk to Karen Falbo, CN on the differences in kids’ chewable multivitamins. Hmmm, now […]

Meds are booming / vitamins struggle for their due. Red ears a clue to what?

On Healthy by Nature this week: Stuart Tomc will discuss some exciting news about omega 3 supplements and our armed forces. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has taken notice of the benefits. Be a part of the show: 1-800-281-8255. NEWS AND VIEWS “Almost half of Americans took at least one prescription drug […]

Protecting our kids / take out hot beverage lids a prostate risk

On Healthy by Nature this week: A little news from the American Associations of Diabetes Educators Conference; Bryan Bradford talks about nutrition testing; and we discuss water. (There will be a fabulous offer good only this week if you want to give up bottled water and start filtering your own for less than 10¢ a […]

Oil Company Fraud / Spinach for Eyes / Brown Rice for Blood Pressure

On Healthy by Nature this week: Pharmacist, nutritionist and naturopath, Dr. Jim LaValle teaches us natural approaches for cholesterol and blood pressure. Get your pencils ready, he always delivers lots of details. IN THE NEWS Another lawsuit against oil companies—but this time it’s about olive oil. Restaurateurs and chefs in California have launched a class […]

Evidence for vitamins against the flu / a B vitamin protects hearing

On Healthy by Nature this week: It’s an anniversary show—we’re celebrating 13 years! The plan is to have fun playing clips that highlight health breakthroughs and noteworthy guests. (There might even be some bloopers.) Be a part of the show, 1-800-281-8255 IN THE NEWS Last week I defended supplements against unwarranted media attacks which now […]

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