3 alternative looks at cancer

 Healthy by Nature radio show this weekDr. Tom O’Bryan is a “Sherlock Holmes” of chronic disease & metabolic disorders. It will surprise a lot of readers when he tells us that many people with symptoms as diverse as heartburn, gas, irritable bowel, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, osteoporosis, infertility, lupus, skin problems, etc. feel […]

Woman in fatal DC rampage likely undernourished and overmedicated

 Healthy by Nature radio show this weekIntegrative physician, Alfred Johnson, DO joins us to take calls about cancer prevention and adjunct treatments like hyperbaric oxygen. Dr. Daniel J. Crisafi PhD, MH, is a naturopathic doctor (Celine Dion is one of his patients). He will discuss premature aging, toxic chemicals and aged garlic. Call the live […]

A neat “trick” with Halloween “treats”

Our first guest is a cancer survivor who took the alternative path. Then Deanna Naylor and I will discuss the benefits of super fruits, minerals and an easy way to get them. Steve Hickey, Ph. D is a world class expert on vitamin C. There is incredible science on this basic nutrient but it is […]

Popular for 4,000 years but still new?

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Dr. Parris Kidd will tell us what to look for in a multiple vitamin which includes the active forms of B-vitamins. Then we talk with Dr. Bopanna Ballachanda about the annoying hearing condition tinnitus which is persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. Call the live show with […]

Survive the fall (season that is)

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD, is Director of Integrative Medicine at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Glenview, IL, and is an Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Call topics included COPD and PMS. For PMS Dr. Temple suggested magnesium, Chasteberry, and calcium. I asked […]

Autoimmune clue / silly study / Gluten Grief – part 2

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We are going to talk about booze! Janet Chrzan, PhD is the author of Alcohol. No, this isn’t radio rehab–we’ll look into the historic origins of drinking beer, wine and distilled spirits and their place in both ancient and current society, e.g. like college drinking. Then, a very […]

Twelve reasons to avoid a common food –Part 1

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We talk with nurse/author Sally Pacholok about the billions of dollars wasted from failing to properly diagnose a common cause of mental illness, cognitive decline, disability, vascular clots and premature death. Then John Young, MD talks about his Young Health plan to help folks restore their bodies and […]

I bet Jack Sprat and his wife were both sick.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Kristi Yamaguchi won every trophy that figure skating has to offer (including Olympic Gold) and won Dancing with the Stars. Kristi has ideas for helping our children be more successful. We’ll also talk about supplements to support athletic endeavors and have open lines with a terrific nutritionist and […]

Surprises in the total cholesterol number

Healthy by Nature radio show this week:  I interview the amazing Artemis Simopoulos, MD, international authority on genetics and fats in our diet. She is also the author of The Omega Diet. Find out why we have so many inflammatory problems. We talk about omega-3’s, omega-6’s and the balance of those two and other important […]

Your brain on nutrients

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: This is our 16th Anniversary show, so I guess that makes this week’s interview about #832. (You’d think I’d be better at it by now.) Hyla Cass, MD returns to discuss addiction. She is the author of Natural Highs: Supplements, Nutrition, and Mind-Body Techniques to Help You Feel […]

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