The media fuzzy on details of recent supplement stories

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Jonathan R. Latham, PhD is a plant biologist who early in his career worked with genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for Genetically Modified Organisms). Now he has joined the many scientists concerned with the effect of GMOs on our health and the environment. GMOs are increasingly hidden […]

Healthy by Nature’s surprising new adventure

Healthy by Nature radio show this week This is one of our FUN live remote shows onsite at the Natural HealthFest Fall Edition. I’ve been seeing new research on the reasons we need to make sure we have enough DHEA. So, I’m glad I’ll have a chance to talk to Hugh Woodward. I’m also going […]

News on Calcium, dementia and D, corrupted government diet guidelines

Healthy by Nature radio show this week We’ll talk about natural approaches to aches, pains and inflammation with John Young, MD who practices integrative medicine in the Tampa / Clearwater / St. Pete area. He is also the author of the book, Beyond Treatment about building health from the cellular level up. Then Daniel Crisafi, […]

Thermography vs mammograms

Healthy by Nature radio show this week We are delighted to have Gus Kotsanis, MD join us to discuss 10 things you can do before, during & after cancer treatment to make sure you thrive while you survive. In the last half of the show we get to discuss pets! Specifically Healthy Pet Coach Jodi […]

New October PINK ideas

Healthy by Nature radio show this week As you will see in the blog this week, I want to tweak the October focus on breast cancer to cover all cancers and alternate ways to approach the topic. Please consider forwarding this newsletter to anyone you know who has an interest in cancer. My first guest […]

New blood pressure study

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Health guru Bill Sardi has been studying the causes of heartburn, indigestion, bloating and acid reflux. He will share with us a shortcut to natural remedies that get to the root of those problems. Magnet therapy is a form of energy medicine that is quite therapeutic if used […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if a vitamin could replace exercise?

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Don’t miss this show if you or someone you know would like a serious shortcut to solving carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, frozen shoulder or other chronic pain. Darcy Brunk, DC will explain how micro-current therapy can perform those wonders. And who doesn’t need more energy and help filling […]

What’s brewing in coffee science?

Healthy by Nature radio show this week The show will feature whatever you call in and ask about. Being a holiday weekend, we thought we’d make it fun for us and those of you who aren’t out in a boat without a radio. One of our favorite guests, Certified Nutritionist Tim Mount (also an educator […]

Quick trip to the ground, long road back

Healthy by Nature radio show this week I am so excited about her work that I invited Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN back and into the studio for the whole show so you can ask her your questions about artificial sweeteners. Dr. Hull is the author of Sweet Poison: How the World’s Most Popular […]

Inside Out Sunscreen

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Sports nutritionist registered dietitian and nutrition consultant Christopher Mohr, PhD will talk to us about foods and types of exercise that rev up our metabolism. I will also ask him about fats. Then Naturopathic Physician Heather Manley, ND  discusses how to get children to eat better in part […]

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