Does supplement-bashing sell magazines? / Air fresheners may cause cancer

On Healthy by Nature this week: Popular guest, author Bill Sardi will talk about eye health (e.g. macular degeneration, dry eye, cataracts, age-related decline, etc.) 1-800-281-8255 IN THE NEWS Consumer Reports (CR) September 2010 issue: Features 3 stories on dietary supplements. My 2 cents: CR is great when it ranks toasters and automobiles because the […]

Stinky cereal / Cartoon characters / Time saver

On Healthy by Nature this week: My guest is a surprise. (Not just for you but for me! I had a guest cancel at the last minute and so at the moment I’m scrambling. Tune in to see if I just have to have our producer Andy sing or read from my book or just […]

Robot Cars / Fries with that Smoothie? / Fiber and Heart Disease

On Healthy by Nature this week: Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H), of the Gordon Research Institute will answer calls as we talk about the 90,000 women treated for breast cancer that they did NOT have; about his 10-year study of 10,000 patients who experienced no cancer deaths; and about how in 20 years, no […]

Types of links and info on

This week on Healthy by Nature : We talk with the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett about practical ways to avoid toxins around the house—for example, pesticides indoors and outside. His website is a wonderful resource. For some extra motivation, check the effects of common chemicals at this non-profit site . Call with your questions, because […]

It’s too hot to cook. Now what?

On the Healthy by Nature Show this week: Dr. Allen Sprinkle exposes some of dentistry’s dirty little secrets and opens our minds to how much benefit we can get from a different kind of dentist. By Sunday it should be in the archives. I’m sorry to be late and that the e-Note isn’t very sciency […]

Alzheimer’s and Vitamin E. Is macaroni and cheese a vegetable?

On Healthy by Nature this week : Learn about an amazing rejuvenating product for weary old dogs and cats. Also a round table discussion with Andy Hopkins and Gayle Pruitt on weight loss products. VITAMIN E / ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE STUDY :Recently 232 subjects 80+ in age and free of dementia had their blood levels of […]

Life-saving Vitamin D—How much is enough/too much? Kitchen tip.

This edition is slightly later and a little longer than usual. The subject of Vitamin D is so critically important that I just got a little wound up. News and Views It turns out that Vitamin D is much, much more than just the bone nutrient. Researchers seem to agree that it helps prevent several […]

Reader feedback: Asthma/sniffles/ears; Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, uninformed doctors

THE RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK: More new information about the important benefits of omega33 fats. We’ll hear the latest from a conference of world experts in Holland. READER FEEDBACK Reader Comments : In response to an earlier Health e-Note about magnesium and Vitamin D for asthma, I received an email from Janie who described herself […]

Vacation tips and travel tricks

This week on Healthy by Nature I interview an expert in drinking water. Learn what to do about the 2,000 thousand toxins that have been documented in drinking water and how to avoid health problems created by bottled water. You can get clean water for just 9 cents a gallon. STRESSED? Do you suspect that […]

BPA in the news (no, NOT the British Petroleum Accident), kill roaches

THE RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK: Open phones! This is always one of the favorite shows, especially when the expert is Fred Pescatore, MD. Call in your question during the show: 1-800-281-8255. News and Views THE NEWS: Bisphenol A (BPA) is an ingredient in polycarbonate plastics used for bottles and the lining in virtually all food […]

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