Sort out and deal with food reactions and seasonal allergies

THE SHOW THIS WEEK: Vegetables are great, but can vegetarianism be taking a good thing too far? I’ll ask author Lierre Keith. Dr. Andrew Shepherd will discuss nature’s original dietary supplement. Call during the show: 1-800-281-8255. Please help me start a grass-roots health revolution—one tiny step: forward this newsletter to friends and family. NEWS and […]

School lunches; snack for health; fingernails talk; rosacea

This week on the show we’ll learn from an in-studio guest about posture as well as how important and easy stretching is. (The first part of the program is an encore discussion of natural relief for prostate problems.) IN THE NEWS There is hope! It’s easy to be discouraged about childhood obesity and sick kids, […]

Seafood to avoid, your pulse and food, panic attacks

This week two expert guests teach us about our ability to focus, our memory and about natural approaches to ADD/ADHS. We’ll take your calls at 1-800-281-8255 during the show. Please help us spread the message. Tell your friends about the show and the newsletter. Thank you. IN THE NEWS There are a lot of good […]

Chocolate & depression, kitchen tip, a baseball to the teeth and a bug cake

NEWS One of my two guests this week on Healthy by Nature is a doctor to the Hollywood stars. He’s an MD that I met after he patiently waited his turn at one of my book-signing events. (Tune in to find out what embarrassing thing I said to the group not knowing there were 2 […]

Hospital infections still an issue; how about a Green Tea Party?

This week on Healthy by Nature we’ll talk with an expert on Homeopathy, a system of safe and effective natural medicines used widely in Europe . NEWS and VIEWS Hospitals have not reduced dangerous hospital-acquired infections according to a US Department of Health and Human Services report this month. In fact, rates of three kinds […]

Our bacterial fingerprints; a new reason to eat cheese

My guest this Saturday on Healthy by Nature is Bill Sardi . He’ll teach us about a substance considered equal to calorie-restriction for its anti-aging benefits. It also powerfully protects our brains, hearts and cardiovascular systems. As if we needed more, scientists also seem to agree it is anti-cancer. Please don’t miss this important show. […]

Selenium cut cancer deaths by 50%; good news about pancreatic cancer

Reader / Listener Questions (there’s another question at the bottom) Q: Ann in Howell , MI asked what kind of selenium recent show guest, Dr. Passwater, mentioned that had cut cancer deaths by 50% in a study. A: In that exciting interview with Dr. Richard Passwater , the researcher discussed a large randomized trial showing […]

Magnesium and Vitamin D for asthma; Vitamin D testing and dosing

News from Research: You may not have an interest in Asthma, but please read the information below about magnesium and Vitamin D because they have so many other applications. There is a TV commercial for an asthma drug that lists as one of its side effects an “increased risk of asthma-related death.” In what upside-down […]

4 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Anyone with high blood pressure worries about it because hypertension increases the risk of stroke. And, it is lesser known that by annoying the arteries, it increases the likelihood that plaque will form arterial blockages. The usual approach is to rely on salt restriction and drugs to lower blood pressure, but here are some other […]

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