Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We will be broadcasting live from Natural HealthFest 2012 at Plano Centre in Plano, tX. I have an exciting lineup of exhibitors each of whom will be asked to offer some wisdom for those who cannot attend the event as well as giving us a preview of what […]

D is for Dramatic – Part 2

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Last week we “went to school” on energy medicine and allergies. This week there will be some useful content but, a whole lot of fun too. My first guest, David DeLorenzo, President of Vetscience, tells us about safer pet treats. Then we talk to Kenneth Wightman, ND about […]

Does the box have more fiber than your cereal?

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Jerald Tennant, MD gives me a fascinating lesson in how pH and illness are related to the voltage of our cells. He wrote: Healing is Voltage: The Handbook and Healing is Voltage: Healing Eye Diseases (Dr. Tennant will give a talk on voltage at Natural HealthFest at 1:00. […]

Before the “baby bump” and even into future generations

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Suzy Cohen, R.Ph., “America’s Pharmacist” explains how drugs deplete and sabotage nutrients as well as the health consequences. She wrote “The 24-Hour Pharmacist,” and “Drug Muggers.” (She will autograph that book at Natural HealthFest courtesy of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.) MS Cohen has been a guest on Dr. Oz, […]

Funny stuff about stairs vs escalator. Important invitation.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We’ll talk with nutrition educator, Stuart Tomc, about the 4 nutritional advances most likely to end heart disease in America. Call with questions during the show at 1-800-281-8255. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and ways to listen nationwide.  STAIRS OR ESCALATOR?We all know that, given the […]

You can detect your own food sensitivities. A “smart” phone can help.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Our topic will be Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses which is also the title of a book by our guest, Sally Pacholok, RN. Sally has gathered some powerful information about the signs of B12 deficiency and how routine testing misleads us. (I suspect I’ll be […]

Yogurt, olive oil and lipstick…No, not a yucky recipe.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: I know the show is G-rated, but we are going to talk about sex. I’ll ask Hugh Woodward about this interesting article in The Atlantic. Another guest, Dr. Cass Ingram is always interesting. He is the author of a number of books, including Natural Cures for Diabetes: Reverse […]

Stink Pee

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Constantine Kotsanis, MD will be in the studio to talk about innovative approaches to cancer treatment. Annie Brandt will join us by phone from Austin, TX. She is a 10-year cancer survivor and Executive Director of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation. We’ll take listener calls at on […]

Giant food fight

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We discuss the hidden causes of diabetes, obesity and heart disease with one of my favorite guests, James B. LaValle, RPh, ND, CCN, MS. I also talk to an expert on drinking water about how to buy a truly clean bottle of water, made from rain water. David […]

Paula Deen. Carbs: weight gain, diabetes, breast cancer, and PCOS

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Doctor of Natural Medicine, John Hache, is a pioneering expert in the use of micro-current therapy for health. This area of energy medicine is fascinating and holds so much promise, not only for relief of pain and symptoms, but actual correction of problems. Non-toxic, non-invasive, highly effective and […]

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