I love my Fitbit and my standing desk!

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Saturday is our annual remote broadcast from our 6th Natural HealthFest. It is always a lot of fun because many listeners come early and give us a live audience. There is also some excitement from pulling a variety of exhibitors out of the hall and asking them for […]

Food sensitivities and Leaky Gut

Healthy by Nature radio show this week This week sounds like a lot of fun with useful information in a variety of areas. First we will talk about herbs for seasonal allergies with herbalist Chrystal Lee Cocek of Wishgarden Herbs. Then Crystal Sale, DC, of Animal House Chiropractic explains the benefits of chiropractic for our […]

Wrong tests for supplements, silly health food

Healthy by Nature radio show this week I will ask Andrew Shepherd, DC about the risks of mainstream treatment for a scary structural problem he quickly resolved for me this week and about back pain which is a very common problem. We will then talk with Bobbi Vitality, the president of VitalityFX Healthy Solutions about […]

Three “new” ideas about peanut allergy

Healthy by Nature radio show this week We have interesting guests on a variety of health topics this week. John Young, MD of Young Health discusses a medical myth. Then Drew Taylor founder of Juicer Heroes and Elevate Life (EL) talks about the big benefits of fresh organic juice and about Dr. Boss’s (of EL) […]

News bits on cholesterol, ignored study fraud and shingles

Healthy by Nature radio show this week It is always a treat when Doug Kaufmann comes on the show. He is the host of the popular television program, Know the Cause. We will answer your calls about fungus and yeast-related issues. Then, Robin Bollinger of “Get your head in the game” will tell us how […]

Toenail fungus sham and disease-creep

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Lots of excitement this week…We’ll discuss shingles and the homeopathic shingles vaccine alternative with Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP. Also one of our favorites, pharmacist and brainiac, Jim LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N. will discuss inflammation and its role in heart disease, early aging, obesity, diabetes and autoimmune conditions. He is […]

Heart health – 10 interesting snippets

Healthy by Nature radio show this week We’ve occasionally mentioned telomeres. They are components of our chromosomes which house our genetic memory. Telomeres are visible under a microscope and are considered a measure of our physical (not calendar) aging. Life Extension Researcher, Rob Martin, will explain that telomeres not only affect longevity, but are also […]

Vaccines revisited. More to the measles story.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week We will dive into the medical and political issues surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana. My guest is William Dolphin from Americans for Safe Access.Why is this medicine not legal in Texas for example? What about its use with veterans and the elderly? But, first Kat James, author of The […]

Eggs – Label confusion and the cholesterol question

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Vaccinate? Don’t vaccinate? What if there was a third and better choice? We will ask Homeopath, Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, to explain. She is the author of There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis, subtitled An Appeal to Mothers. Our old friend nutritionist and educator, Tim Mount also joins […]

Will the real QUACK please stand up? / Blood pressure

Healthy by Nature radio show this week Holistic dentist, Dr. Philip Kozlow sheds light on an important question regarding the fluoride controversy. We also discuss gum health, oil-pulling and how to safely remove mercury fillings. Then Dr. Carri Drzyzga DC, ND talks about functional medicine and two of the many causes of fatigue that are […]

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