Crucial Vitamin—the Rodney Dangerfield of nutrition

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test We will take a brief break from the nearly incessant coronavirus talk. My guest, Jim LaValle, RPH, CCN, will discuss ways to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. (To be fair, those two conditions are risk factors for a more serious case of covid-19.) Mr. Lavalle […]

Would you like some food with the plastic you eat?

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Our fan favorite, Bill Sardi, is back for his monthly download of important health information. For one thing, it seems that there is a whole lot we do not know about how vitamin C works. His article on that topic. Of course, we will also at […]

Sherry Rogers, MD – Interview Review

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, DC will be my first guest. Surprise, surprise, we will take a break from coronavirus talk! I will select questions from among some of her special interests: polycystic ovary syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, gut problems, hormone issues, sleep trouble, neurotransmitters and mold exposure. Call in […]

Bill Sardi’s Covid-19 SUMMARY

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test The amazing Sherry Rogers, MD will give us some disturbing new coronavirus information that I didn’t know until I talked with her. We will also likely discuss how gut health is related to immunity. Dr. Rogers has written 16 books and an untold number of scientific […]

Taming Allergies

Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Your questions! That is our main topic this week. My guest, Louis Torres, MD, is my conventionally-trained award-winning physician who is at the least open to safe alternatives and is certainly more knowledgeable about them than the average doc. He will start us out with an interesting […]

BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 2

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test This week, Bill Sardi will add some much-needed excitement to this dreary chapter of history. He will introduce us to a very inexpensive supplement available in all health food stores that has important benefits in maintaining wellness during the covid-19 epidemic. Its effects include moderating inflammation […]

BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 1

Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Homeopathic medicines have a long and strikingly impressive history of fighting epidemics, safely. Unfortunately, we should hear about that in the daily covid-19 briefings. However, we won’t because the CDC and other powerful voices only care about vaccines and drugs. They won’t even look at and are […]

Sardi Answers (#2) and More

Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test Longtime friend of the show (and mine), Fred Pescatore, MD, is one of the most sought-after “natural” physicians in the country. (You would recognize the names of some of his high-profile patients.) In February when we first had him scheduled, I planned to mainly discuss the trending Keto Diet, […]

Coronavirus—Bill Sardi Answers Listener Questions #1

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK test It has been too long since our shows health scout, Bobbi Vitality, has visited us. He will join us this week to share what the studies and track record show about how stem cell therapy can revitalize the immune system’s ability to combat the coronavirus and […]

Coronavirus, what to do naturally-Part3

  Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK It feels like the world is holding its collective breath waiting for a miracle to come from the pharmaceutical industry. Happily, HBN listeners don’t have to wait for them. My guest, Bill Sardi, has big news about exciting natural approaches that mainstream medicine has ignored or even […]

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