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Feel refreshed. Remove airborne bacteria, viruses, odors, dust, pollen and other allergens from your air. ionbox devices are conveniently small. You can even take one to the office and traveling. Much larger units are not as effective as ionbox. Ozone-free. No filters to change. During the holiday season 2022, listeners can save $10 with the coupon code, HBN


HEALING POWER: Increase Collagen Production, Improve Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage, Reduce Blood Pressure,
Speed Wound Healing and Injury Recovery, Decrease Bloating, Lessen Pain and Improve Digestion. Website.  1-800-580-1102 or 214-352-8758






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Infrared SAUNA. Link here to my article on the benefits. There are low quality lookalikes on the web, but the secret to effectiveness is in the coils and the silver reflective interior. I recommend purchasing your sauna from Phil Wilson at Relax Saunas. To save $100, use the code HBN. Also check out the nifty FIR Table Lamp below. If you have questions or would prefer to place your order with Phil, call 626.200.8454.

lamp72 Far Infrared Table Lamp. The links above describe the benefits of far infrared waves for the whole body. But, you can also focus on a target area with the handy lamp. Aim the soothing rays at that sore neck, shoulder, knee, back or even monthly cramps. Support better vision or a healthier complexion. Speed healing or relieve sinus congestion. The list goes on. And on. Save $ with the discount code HBNlamp. Link here. If you have questions or would prefer to place your order with Phil, call 626.200.8454.

Most animals don’t degenerate like humans do as they age. Animals make crucial, healing vitamin C in their bodies out of their blood sugar! They even make greater amounts when they are under physical or mental stress. Humans lost that ability, but with revolutionary Formula 216 they can regain it.


Molecular Multi was formulated by the famous nutrition expert / author Bill Sardi. In nutritionist Martie Whittekin’s experience, it is the most comprehensive multi available. It contains serious amounts of the active form of nutrients. It is a clean product with none of the worrisome manufacturing ingredients in mainstream brands. Also see Bill Sardi’s Longevinex and Garligest.

The way that acid-blocking heartburn drugs are advertised, they sound safe and beneficial. As it turns out, they don’t solve the root cause of the pain and by interfering with digestion, the long term risks are deadly. Martie’s book is based on hundreds of scientific studies, but is an easy read. Buy on Amazon.



We must better appreciate the crucial role that friendly bacteria in our systems play in our health and well being. We can’t live without them and yet we are not told how to protect and help them. There is virtually no health complaint that won’t improve if the gut microbiome is properly supported…Martie tells you how. Buy on Amazon.