January 30, 2020

Because he has so much important health information to share, I have persuaded Bill Sardi to be on our show once a month. This week, the plan was to just answer listener questions. The link from his name goes to his main website where there is a huge number of great articles. There are others […]

January 9, 2020

I asked Bill Sardi to return this week because last week we did not have enough time for listener questions. The 1/14/21 blog is a review of topics covered. Mr. Sardi is our resident answer man about nutrition. He is the formulator of and is commercially involved in the following products that we are delighted […]

December 26, 2020

My first guest was my personal trainer, Renata Duff. She is a certified postural alignment specialist and explained the benefits of the various “tortures” [😊] she puts me through and why you might want to try them. This links to a video she made of a workout to do when the gym closed during the […]

December 19, 2020

Holistic, mercury-safe, environmentally-conscious dentist, Philip Kozlow, DDS was in the studio. I’ve asked him to tell listeners about an amazing natural procedure that can avoid root canal by saving teeth—even ones with very deep decay. I also asked him about how his practice makes it safe to visit during the pandemic. Printable document showing their […]

December 12, 2020

The theme of this week’s show was “You are NOT your diagnosis.” Too often people begin to define themselves by a health condition and lean into the norms for that world rather than being determined to reverse the condition. I talked with Darcy Brunk, DC, an expert in the ultimate smart medicine, stem cells, who […]

December 5, 2020

Mr. Bill Sardi, investigative journalist and passionate truth-seeker is so knowledgeable that we could have discussed any one of hundreds of topics. But, we chose to shake things up with an explanation of his recent article about how the deficiency of one B vitamin can be and has been mistaken for a viral epidemic.Here is […]

November 28, 2020

We followed up on last week’s shocking interview with investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles to answer some of the questions and concerns raised last week. Jeff is the author of several important books and even a peer-reviewed medical journal article. Our discussion last week was about his book, The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention […]

November 21, 2020

BE SURE TO LISTEN TO NEXT WEEK’S SHOW. IT FOLLOWS UP WITH IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT THIS SHOCKING INTERVIEW. Investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles, is the author of several important books and even a peer-reviewed scientific journal article. This week and the next we will discuss his amazing work, The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention […]

November 14, 2020

Tracy Herbert is the author of Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph: Lessons from 40 years of beating the odds and the recent amazing Ride for Hope: One Woman’s 3,527 Mile Solo Bicycle Ride That Inspired the Nation (Kindle edition). Tracy is also a long-time listener to HBN, an impressive teacher, and an uplifting role model not […]

November 7, 2020

Two guests. The Reverend Bob Sweeney was my first guest. He came to the studio to help us understand that homelessness is not just sad, it also generates costs to the community. Giving the homeless a place to live does not permanently solve the problem. Reverend Bob has developed a 90% successful Homeless No More […]

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