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The stresses of life can often manifest on our skin. As such, it is pretty common for people to have breakouts when they are under a lot of stress. While skin aging is an inevitable process, there are many ways that you can influence the degree to which your skin shows its age. You will come to a stage in your life when you will start to see visible lines on your face. Some may notice that their skin becomes thin and dry over time. Often, genes play a massive role in the aging process of our bodies — our skin included.

However, there is one significant factor that can cause our skin to age prematurely. Sometimes our actions and lifestyle can play a significant role in the process, and this extrinsic aging is what we can control.

Avoid Smoking and Drink Fewer Alcoholic Beverages

If you are a smoker and you want to prevent premature skin aging, you better quit smoking now. Several studies have shown that smoking is notorious for causing wrinkles and giving a sallow cast to the complexion. Similarly, drinking alcohol can cause your skin to dry up. Dehydration can then cause permanent damage to the skin, making you look older than your actual age.

Keep in mind that the harsh UV rays of the sun are one of the most significant factors that can hasten your skin aging. That said, most dermatologists would recommend these following tips to prevent premature aging the natural way:

Limit Sun Exposure

Whenever you are going out during the day, make sure that your skin has ample protection from the sun. As much as possible, protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, with at least an SPF of 30. Ideally, your sunscreen should be water-resistant, and you should apply it to all areas of your body exposed to the sun. If you are out on the beach, re-apply sunscreen at least every two hours. Wear protective gear such as a wide-brimmed hat or better yet, stay in the shade. Be sure to take vitamin D supplements to compensate for getting less sun.

Self-tanner Over Tanning Beds

When you tan your skin, you expose as much of it to the sun as possible. This sun exposure will make your skin age faster than it usually would. If getting a tan is necessary, apply self-tanner instead. Note that tanning beds also emit harmful UV rays and can also rapidly age your skin.

Limit Doing Repetitive Facial Movements

Repeated contraction of the same muscles over and over again can cause it to produce permanent lines. For example, constant squinting can cause you to develop fine lines around your eyes. You can help prevent this by wearing glasses.

Eat Fewer Sweets

Studies have shown that foods with high sugar content and refined carbohydrates can cause premature aging. Ideally, your diet should contain healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

Do Regular Exercises

Aside from eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, engaging in regular moderate exercise can help prevent premature aging as it helps improve the blood flow and boosts your immune system, which can give your skin that natural glow.

Adopt a Skincare Routine

Make sure that you always clean your face before going to sleep. Remove makeup and let your skin breathe. Make sure, however, that you gently clean your face and avoid scrubbing, which can cause skin irritation that would only hasten the aging process. Make sure to wash your face after each workout or when you sweat heavily to prevent skin irritation. It would also be advisable to use facial moisturizers that help trap in water and give your skin a healthy glow. If the damage to your skin is significant, you can make regular visits to a skincare clinic like Pure Radiance Laser for treatments that will make your skincare products more effective in the long run. Lastly, if your skincare products burn your skin, stop using them as soon as possible.

Follow these tips, and you’ll no longer have to worry about prematurely aging your skin. Click here to read about lips.

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